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    Default Pok'emon/Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle Tourney!

    Now I know some of you out there still play/have played the Poke'mon games or Yu-Gi-Oh card games. Well here's your chance to put your skills to the test! VBALink is an Emulator that makes it possible to play GBA roms with trade link compatibility over the Computer. So what better way to use it, than a tournament. All day today, simply post in this thread that you would like to enter the tournament and I will take your name down. At 9:00 (or in 9 more hours from the time this was posted, for those of you in a different timezone) tonight I will then put up a link to download the VBALink, Poke'mon Ruby or Sapphire (your choice), and Yu-Gi-Oh! (Not sure which game yet) for those who do not have them yet. Then you will have seven days to train your best Poke'mon and compile your best deck for a tournament to be held next week Saturday. And NO, I do not have an advantage. I have not even started playing either game yet.

    Tournament Style (Poke'mon):
    -The tournament will begin with a series of two-on-two battles, until the number is dwindled down a certain extent, and then will branch off to one-on-one.
    -You may chose a partner for the two-on-two session but you must FIRST tell me at least a day before the tournament (Beware that even though you and your partner may make it to the next round, you may still have to face them in the end! So be able to rely on your own skills)
    -The match-ups will all be randomly chosen and those who do not have a desired partner will be paired randomly for the match-ups.\
    -You will only be allowed six Pok'emon BUT you will be allowed to have three extra registered Poke'mon that will be allowed to switch out with during the break between the two-on-two matches and the one-on-one matches.
    -The Level cap is 65, no higher, if you wish to be lower, that is your decision.
    -YES, Latios, Latias, Regirock, Registeel, and Regice are ALL permitted.
    -You CAN not HAVE two of the same of any Poke'mon (Plusle and Minum, and Latios and Latios are not the SAME Poke'mon and thus you are allowed to have the pair.)
    -*EDIT* Trades are allowed between competitors as well but beware you are letting a potential opponent know what Poke'mon you have
    -And finally use whatever sources, FAQS, and guides you need to get the best team together! (Notice I didn't say cheats. I don't know all that there are out there but as long as it doesn't interfere with the battle process, GO FOR IT!)

    Tournament (YU-Gi-Oh):
    -The battles will be one-on-one the entire time.
    -You are out of the tournament when you lose two matches (that means even if you lose once, you are still in the running)
    -I do not know what version of the game I'll use yet but when I figure it out, I'll let you know. If you have a suggestion, it has to be a version for the GBA

    The tournament registration begins NOW! So if you are interested, simply post your comment here saying which tournament you would like to enter (you can enter both) and I will take your name down.


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    Discussion threads only.
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