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I can agree that it doesn't do the Wii and justice, especially seeing as from what I've heard around it doesn't really use many of the Wii's special functions to an exciting level. But, I still plan on at least renting it just to check it out, for 7 dollars it really couldn't hurt.
True renting really couldnt hurt. i was planing to, until i changed my mine a day later and just bought it.

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wii is a new revolution of console, i agree with that. but, i think wii is design to be a team console not for individual player only. it's exciting when you played it wif ur friend but kinda bored when you're playing it alone...
I can also agree with that. Thats why if your a hardcore kinda of gamer but wanted to try something new, or just really wanted the "Wii" it probaly would be best if you got a "XBOX360" or "PS3" as well like some of my friends.

PS2 woundnt hurt if you still have, alot games coming out for it still.