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    Small things are insanely strong and big things are insanely fast (goes for anime too).

    The villian will ALWAYS reveil his plan to you when he thinks you are most incapable of stopping him.

    Walking into someone elses house and rummaging through all their stuff is perfectly acceptable.

    The power of love is undeniable. All main characters' final weapons should be either Love, Friendship or some other sappy BS.

    The Recoil on a gun is never strong enough to hinder your aim while flying through the air.

    No matter what is going on, a Human is always the mastermind behind the disaster.

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    ジャキー [JLee] is offline Member Frequent Poster
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    Quote Originally Posted by razzlero View Post
    You can die... but you don't have to worry because you'll just respawn a few seconds later.
    Which is why I put die in capital letters.

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    - a good night rest can heal any injuries
    - you can carry all 5 different guns plus the 500 ammo that go with them, and still run around without getting bogged down
    - if the NPC isn't meant to die, you can attack him/her all you want but he/she still won't die
    Today, I got lost on the road of life.

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    That decapitating a person with a spade and then pissing all over her dead body was actually fun
    "Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real" - Tupac Shakur (1971-1996)

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    -Kratos is behind the war in Iraq
    -If you stay in an empty hospital during a world ending ceremony you wont die
    -Having sex results in large amounts of red orbs
    -If you die insert more coins
    Get it?

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    -You fight just as well when you are severely injured as when you are completely healthy.
    -It is okay to die, as long as you have enough tokens to continue again.
    -You don't have to talk at all when you are a hero (main character) because everyone knows what you would say anyway. [[coughcronocough]]

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    RPGs thought me...
    monsters will come out and attack you if you walk outside a town.
    monsters carry valuable items and a wallet.

    Tailors are amazing people! because...
    Bolt of ligthning, meteors and earthquakes can kill but the clothes aren't damaged.
    Pockets can usually carry up to 99 different items, millions of money and all your party members!
    Dirt and stains are a figment of your imagination

    I'll add more later ^__________^

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    Games have taught me:
    -It's perfectly OK to do whatever in your power to smash your opponent's car into other cars or buildings. Not only will they respawn and lose some of their boost, the cops won't do anything either.
    -Doesn't matter if you can carry 99 of any consumable item, plus a bike, 3 fishing rods, etc., you can only ever have 6 pokemon with you at any one time.
    -You can email furniture from the shop to your house and then to your secret base in an instant.
    -A fire type pokemon with flames spouting somewhere on its body can never light a cave, but an electric pokemon has no problem.
    -In ancient china, nameless enemy warriors are willing to stand around you, and wait for you to attack after rushing up to you.
    -You will never die or crash from racing on a mountain pass.
    -No matter where it's used, an escape rope can lead you out of a dungeon without fail.
    -Monkeys have thicker skulls than pigs or birds, since a good whack'll only stun a monkey, but kill damn near everything else roughly the same size or smaller than one.

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    If you get stuck, there's always a walkthrough to dig up somewhere.
    Killing yourself for getting killed by a giant stone penis is acceptable.

    ~ Damned if it isn't true.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvatarST
    And your name's annoying to type; from now on you're sazny.
    Farleen // Number 42

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    common sense believe it or not. and everything i know and love in the technology world.


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