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Thread: Fuck Sony

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    Quote Originally Posted by 360degrees View Post
    Personally i found the cube controller to be the most comfortable, sure it looks weird, but it fits the hands better....unless you have weird hands.
    Also i've never had any nintendo hardware die on me. Ever. Unlike two of my ps1 control pads, and one of my ps2 control pads.
    Well I don't have funky hands...
    They just feel better IMO and like neekz said i feel like its a more all around controller, especially for fighting games.

    Quote Originally Posted by neekz0009 View Post
    Sony's 1st party games are big time. Don't get it twisted just look at what GOW 2 and the reverence team ICO holds.

    As for the GC controller I didn't like it, I mean the d-pad is super tiny like it was made for the finger of a 3 year old. The buttons on the face are over simplistic I mean they are horrible if the game was a tad more complicated and needed 2 buttons pressed simultaneously. It's just my opinion.

    I think the 360 has the best racing/fps controller but the PS3 has the best all around controller. 3 generations of the same design is really a testament to it.
    I'd have to agree with everything except I still prefer playing all types of games with my ps2 controller, I've even bought the ps2 controller adapter for both my xbox and gamecubes so i can use the ps2 controllers.

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    The only Genre of games where controls truely matter are Fighting Games. As far as fighting games go I do prefer the PS2 pad over 360 and cubes, but above that I prefer the Sega Saturn Pad (or Arcade Stick) over the PS2 Pad.

    I remember playing Metroid Prime at my friends house and not having problems playing it with the cube controller once, I am not even used to holding a cube controller.

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    ^And racing i tend to get frustrated when playing a racing game and i hit the wrong button in all the confusion.

    I love the ps2 contoller, i have absolutley no problem with the 360controller and the wii's contoler is kinda fun to use....i hated the 64's contoller and the GC's contoller.

    I spelled Controller wrong like 4 times lol.

    "Let my ears hear not but the most sinful of lyrics"


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