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you know saying that the PS3 has a chance of winning is like saying this site should host manga by request, immediate flaming and asskicking is basically ensured. never mind none of these anti-ps3 people know what the hell will happen, the ps3 will survive without VF5 but everyone is acting like this is the first of every major title jumping ship to 360. development costs are up and titles HAVE to go multiplatform to turn a profit. never mind the system has only been out for a month... but NOOOOO everyone KNOWS whats gonna happen because weve all mysteriously time traveled five years ahead to when the console generation is over and its abundatnly clear that the 30 million ps3s sold are naught compared to th 70 million 360s and the asskicking lineup of Final Fantasy 15, Kingdom Hearts 5, Grand Theft Auto 6, Tekken 8, and Metal Gear Solid 6 exclusive on the Xbox 720 to finally put Sony on the road of Sega.

because one month of being on the market totally denotes the entire future of a console. >_________>
I've agreed with this point of view since before the dawn of time.


Way I see it, all consoles are strong this generation. I have faith PS3 will pull through, not because of Sony but because of the games.