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    Default Rainbow Six Vegas - A gaming experience to be enjoyed on the 360?

    So I picked up a copy of Rainbow Six Vegas for the PC yesterday. As I fired it up after patching to version 1.01 and used the widescreen hacked bin file, I was pleasantly surprised that the graphics are better than on the 360.
    However there are some points that I would like to bring:

    The default controls on keyboard and mouse are really good. I plugged in an Xbox 360 controller and tried it and found out that the whole game is so much more enjoyable using a fucking gamepad. That really surprised me since I am a hardcore PC FPS fan and I am usually vehement on the fact that every FPS should be played on KB+Mouse only.

    The cover system is much better than in Gears of War and I would NOT recommend anyone to use KB+Mouse for it. Come on, pulling the left trigger to quickly back onto a cover object FEELS better than clicking and holding the right mouse button where it feels so artificial and unexciting.

    Online gameplay is very solid on the PC but Xbox Live is so much better. Heck, I would like some Achievement Points while I am playing, right?

    If I had to choose between PC, 360 and PS3 (when it comes out in January on the latter), I would recommend the 360 version. While it lacks the better graphics of the PC and probably some gimmicky tilt controls on the PS3, the 360 delivers a truly amazing experience. That's, in my opinion, the selling point of the 360; the gaming experience. The PS3's online service isn't as immersive as Xbox Live and the graphics will most likely be inferior.

    There it is, a first-person shooting game that I think is better on a console than on the PC. I would never think that I would say something like that. >.>
    Hats off to Microsoft for making a console and an online service that delivers such an immersive gaming experience.

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    After playin Vegas quite a bit, its a solid game for sure. Haven't played it on the PC yet, since i'm not much a PC gamer. Umm..for me i'd give it a 8/10. Solid game, definently, but i wish there were a few things they should add. Like a short sprint button or something.

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    I agree I just bought the game and played it both online and single player and i must say its way better than the crap Lockdown was. I mean Black Arrow was ok so they try to change it to make it easier and thus came Lockdown and what was made was actually a fricking arcade shooter the way it was. I love how this game was made its awesome and i recommend it to anyone if you are fan of the series or just afraid to buy it because you didn't like Lockdown.




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