This is an awesome MMORPG! You can choose from Swordsman, Bladesman, spearman, Healer, and archer. You can also choose to be Chaos and order (light/dark) at level 35 and have war between 2 sides. It also have PvP, cash shop with pets, rideable pets, and awesome skills.

This game is not an easy to level game, not easy to get items/rich like other games. and most importantly, its a party based game, meaning that you'll always be having fun with other people; soloing would be very deadly.

However, There isn't an english version for this game until february of 2007. There are many more things about this game i have not mention, so visit for more info of the game and to get to know more of the game. And please do put Apl420 on the referrer if you are signing up for the forum.