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    That's a good point about the transitions, but going from 2D to 3D and setting up gameplay in a 3D environment is a much bigger feat to accomplish than adding a few new moves with the Wiimote. So Jeff had a hard time with the controls, maybe that was his personal experience, and maybe the other reviewers didn't have the same problems. Or maybe they didn't see them as worth reporting. If you're getting this game for the Wii, you'll see for yourself I guess, till then there's no way to know for sure. Actually all the games for the Wii didn't have the best controls on their reviews at Gamespot. There was always a complaint about it, and people saying that it doesn't add anything new to the actual gaming. Like for Red Steel, Greg said it doesn't feel different than other FPS console games because of the new control scheme, and those games end up easier to control.

    At the end jeff does say that all his problems were mainly with the presentation, not with the game's story or characters which are standard Zelda quality (not a bad thing). As for the voice acting, maybe some people don't care if there isn't any (like me), but I can still understand how someone can say that there should be voice acting in a major game of this day and age. Small time RPG's can do without, but this is Zelda we're talking about, and it's a pretty big deal in gaming. Even Mario 64 had the Princess talking at the beginning, and Mario Sunshine had cutscenes with voice acting. Only Zelda is lacking. And believe me, if the VA is done right, it would be completely natural and fitting to the game. Nintendo has the resources to do it.

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    I have to say that there isn't much of new gameplay, except that most of the time you will be using the wii remote to slash for the sword and cast the fishing rod, point and shoot for the bow, and grappling hooks. and you don't have to look like a monkey, swinging your Wii remote in order to have link to play his sword, a little constant jiggle of the remote will do it just fine. The only thing I like from the wii remote is the fishing game, it's like real fishing, your arms can get tired from that.

    and the I have to disagree about the sound, the sound is actually rich and creative, they invent new songs and blend some song from the previous Zelda, like Link to past, OOT, and the sound mechanic is really nice, you hear sounds such as slashing swords, clues from your partner on the wii remote.

    This time they make the universe really big, it's about 3 or 4 times bigger than oot. there are so many new gadgets and the way the set up the boss fight in each dungeon really captivating, you will be amazed, but too bad the boss fight is really easy and the puzzle wasn't that hard.

    probably the only thing you must get Zelda on Wii because of the 16:9 presentation, which is only available on Wii.

    and as for the voice acting, I thnk it's a trade mark, it always has been like that.
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