SUBJECT: Public Scrimmage Schedule


The 29th Infantry Division is proud to be implementing a weekly public realism scrimmage that will be held every Friday night at 9pm EST

Those of you who don't know what a realism scrimmage is, it's a type of gameplay where once you die you do not respawn until the round is over. This promotes heavy teamwork and coordination of squads. The battles are much more intense and adrenaline pumps much more rapidly than in standard scrimmages. (They are extremely fun. Read more at www.29th.org)

This is not clan vs. clan - it is whomever vs. whomever. Everyone who shows up this Friday will be allowed to participate so long as the follow the rules and behave maturely and decently. This means public players, clan members, realism unit members, and 29th ID members are all welcome to join this Friday and Fridays from here on out.

Other features our scrimmages contain:
-Voice Proximity (mic's are only heard if players are within speaking range)
-No Death Messages (no idea if the other squad has died)
-Corpses and Weapons stay on the ground until the round is over
-No minimap or players showing up on the map (virtually no way of knowing if the other squad is still alive, like in real life)

Show up this Friday, and join the crowd. Trust me, it will be the most intense scrimmage you'll experience (until next week's)

Server IP:
Server Password: 29th
Date & Time: Friday, 15 SEP 2006, 9:00pm EST

This weeks briefing and future briefings can be found at www.29th.org/home

See you there,

PFC Engelbrecht
29th Infantry Division
1/116th Rgt, Charlie Co.
First Platoon, Second Squad