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Thread: Red Steel

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    *sorry by even after living in an english environment for more than 70% of my life, my english still sucks so badly, please excuse any bad grammar*

    Quote Originally Posted by mr popo
    Umm, whole point of Wii controller is that it is wireless. So, the controller was probably linked/hooked up to console for security purposes and to prevent people from stealing it. After all, Nintendo is banking on Wii's innovative features to offset its weak graphics/processing powers. So, they cant afford to have rival companies steal their idea and implement it into their own consoles, though Sony kind of already did that when they added their own motion sensor things to their new PS3 controller. !!DIE SONY DIE!!
    thank god for clearing that up...i guess they didn't want to cause a commotion of people stealing the controllers....cause i knew billions would have.
    Personally i don't mind how the graphics are looking, because they looked as good as some of the early games on the xbox360, with the counter balance of the wii controller, hell i wouldn't mind if they repackaged the gamecube (though i would hate them for it)

    and yes DIE SONY DIE!!!!

    maybe we should have a "Wii Propaganda" sigi

    Quote Originally Posted by Jyuu
    Oh come on, it's just Virtua Cop except that it's you who controls the movement. They should have used the centered crosshair aiming solution.
    I completely agree...AND I LOVE THE IDEA! NEVER PAY TO PLAY ARCADE GAMES ANYMORE!!! and i totally agree that they should have used the centered crosshair aiming system. If they don't let us change the sensitivity they will....err...suck

    Quote Originally Posted by mr popo
    o god, are u serious!?!??!

    First of all, how the hell do you know that red steel is crappy? NIntendo decided to take a risk and forsook super high quality graphics for an innovative controller, whihc would give more precision/aiming, which in turn will allow NIntendo to make some crazy AI, becuase gamers wont have such hard time aiming with their two analog sticks anymore. And besides, the graphics arent that bad, and the remote's sensitivity can easily be tweeked. So dont diss the game until it actually comes out.

    But undoubtedly, your most retarded comment came when you said that the Wii's only selling point is that classic games will be playable.
    ..... Are you blind??! Have you not seen the hype for Zelda:TP/Super Mario Galaxy/SSBB/Metroid Prime??? Have you not noticed the fact that the new SSBB video was one of the most popular videos of E3? Have you not seen the huge lines of people waiting to play Wii's games @E3?

    Learn to either contain your negative bias, or try to incorporate facts into your posts next time.
    [refer to what i said when replied to Jyuu about the contoller]

    Lol, no offence RockLee but you seriously suck at being optimistic,

    but i for one will think that the controls (just the bit for looking around) for red stell will suck, and the game itself has a high chance of being ...sucky (JUST LOOK AT IT!!! I MEAN SERIOUSLY HAVE YOU SEEN THE [lack of] PLOT THEY GAVE US?!!?!?), Sorry but i'm gona take my chance of dissing the game, but f that, the contoller is worth it and i'm still getting it :P

    and in my mind nintendo made the right choice of not keeping up with high spec quality graphics, have you guys seen Crysis on PC. they can't compete with that. at least they didn't make SHITTY choices like the [PS3]

    Quote Originally Posted by Sensimilija
    Its not like the game is finnished yet... They can still add things to it and shit. But I think its going to kick ass especially the sword fighting part.

    Im gonna buy Wii fuck the ps 3

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