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    lots of excellent titles mentioned. no point in me being repetitive, so i'll mention a few titles that haven't been mentioned yet...

    megaman x
    megaman x2
    megaman x3
    separation anxiety
    maximum carnage (pretty sure this was on the snes... ^^; )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aikido
    what a comprehensive list... o.o

    I'll tack on Demon Crest.
    Yes Aikido, I amused,
    finally there is someone who actualy played this game,
    capcom did a good job with this as they did with rockman original.

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    What about Star Ocean?
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    Try Tales of Phantasia. If you like Gundams, then I suggest Cross Dimension 0079 and Gundam Z, and definitely Super Robot Wars 1-4. Final Fantasies 4 and 5 are also alright. Seiken Densetsu 3 is entitled Secret of Mana 2 in the US. And definitely Terranigma, probably the best game Enix has made on the SNES. Also try Fire Emblem, it's a good turn-based strategy game.
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    Since my obvious choices (ie chrono trigger, earthbound, FF 3/6, Secret of Mana, etc. etc.) have already been repeated ad infinitum no doubt, i'd recommend one of the early titles, pilotwings.

    REALLY hard, but so innovative for the times. Check it out (if you have the patience of course)..haha

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    Woah 0_0 Isn't SNES really, really old? Unless you know your places or you've got connections (or you've kept those retro games), I'd think it'd be hard to find SNES games right now. I do think that Nintendo still sells them---but you'd have to order online or something. Anyway---

    if I recall, I had a lot a fun with the following (even though I was about maybe 4-6 years old playing these XD):

    *Super Mario World
    *Mario is Missing (which would probably be much more fun now, since I won't have to guess so hard on the locations XD)
    *Mario Kart
    *Street Fighters
    *the Donkey Kong series
    *Wonderball (something like that...?)

    It's pretty much some of the classics...I believe you can find some of these on the GBA platform now, if you've got a hard time finding the SNES versions. Good luck on that! ^-^
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxsin
    *Mario is Missing (which would probably be much more fun now, since I won't have to guess so hard on the locations XD)
    Mario is Missing is one of the worst videogames created for any system. That game completely stunk. I couldn't believe Nintendo actually whored the Super Mario series to those vile bastards who actually produced this and its follow-up, Mario's Time Machine.
    I actually tried to break my copy when I was younger, but never managed to. That game must have been co-produced by Satan himself.

    Oh, and I don't think many people buy Snes games anymore. They're too difficult to find nowadays. Downloading an emulator and the roms is much more practical.
    But I do applaud that the Wii will have many old school Snes games available for download, and hopefully, Mario is Missing and Mario's Time Machine won't be among them.
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    You can try these games which I did not see on others lists
    I have played them all and like them all for the most part

    *the shooting games are all the type of game that R-type is
    +indicates my favorites my #1 here is tetris battle gaiden so try it

    Alien vs. Predator- this game is just mediocre, but you can play a predator

    Axelay- a great shooting game

    +Battle Dodgeball I & II- these are both nice games like fighting with balls you throw at each other with a set of heros on each side

    Bust-a-move- title says it all

    Doraemon Series- its not bad at all its like mario meets doraemon

    +Front Mission- you can get a mech or person and shoot its nice...related to current front missions kinda with mechs

    Gradius III- a good shooter in space with planes with vs and bosses

    King of the Monsters I & II- big monsters fight

    Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse- a decent disney game before Kingdom Hearts series

    Ninja Warriors- kinda like Final Fight, but no moving up and down

    Ogre Battle- if you like slow paced strategy games

    Parodius- shooter with cartoonish characters

    There are so many series and games with the name super in it just look it up

    Super Bomberman Series- bomberman...

    +Tetris Battle Gaiden- a tetris game where you have powers...every person I know has prefered this over tetris attack 10 to 1 and 1 person never played it

    Twinbee- another decent adventure game with 3 bees to pick from

    U.N. Squadron- a good shooting game

    Ys- an rpg game, which may have a current incarnation possible Ys or Arc the Lad

    There are lots of other good games.. but it seems not that many people have played them or had not bothered with
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    When talking about SNES Chrono Trigger is a must... it's gotta be the best game i've ever played... i'd die for a Gamecube remake... but it probably won't happen... maybe for Wii!!!... *living an illusion*

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    I don't know much about SNES games, but Final Fantasy VI was really great.
    I was beginning to play the GBA version of Tales Of Phantasia recently and it seems good (its original version was for the SNES).


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