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    things seemed to have ended quite nicely for the world. the part with ed and winry is very sweet. and who knows. maybe someday in the future there will be something about what the brothers learned in their travels. or maybe side stories..... never know.

    This is definately a collection i will be completing. i think i only need 8 more books? i can't wait. theres just something so different about reading my manga from the book then online.

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    I really liked this manga and I'm satisfied with how it ended. I've got no big questions about what happened to..? There's none of that for me. Although saying that a side-story one-shot of any of the characters is open and very welcome from me.

    The main story however is fully finished and I'm glad it ended where it did instead of being pulled out to last longer or any other crap that I've seen happen. Also the tie up with the romance between Ed and Winry was cute. Just enough to stamp canon on it and no over mushy stuff for the little boys that read to be sick.

    I love Arakawa and I hope she does another series soon. She's an awesome artist and writer. Until then I'll probably re-read FMA or even watch the anime in one long marathon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by echoblaze View Post
    the ending was so-so for me. i think the entire series made me have elevated expectations, so i actually came away disappointed that the ending was mindblowingly awesome.

    man, i will really miss my monthly FMA dosage
    Agreed. Although everything was tied up nicely, there was a slight disappointment due to all that she has previously done. Nicely wrapped up but not astounding enough. The magician breaks his wand and drowns his books; Shakespeare's been there, done that.

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    What can I say... a great end to a great series. Well done, Mrs. Arakawa. Even though some things left me a little disappointed at the end. You could say it was similar to the feeling I had with the last Harry Potter books.

    I'm just nit-picking, but the things I wanted to see done differently:

    1. Another chapter to properly tie up the loose ends, instead of showing a bunch of photos. Maybe we'll still see that as a special oneshot like with Rurouni Kenshin.

    2. Scar's last fight was underwhelming. He seemed to be artificially weakened to make it seem like Bradley was a threat for him with only his swords. He would have been better matched with an alchemist.

    3. Hoenheim and Al, both of whom had their fair share of kickass moments in the past, were mostly reduced to spectators at the end. Al got taken out with barely any fighting while Hoenheim did nothing for the final assault against Father; couldn't he at least have been the one to bring back Al instead of asking Ed to do it?

    4. Ed, Al and Roy got their body parts back but not Izumi?! Now that's just plain unfair! Why shouldn't she finally have a chance to have children and start a family?

    Still, nothing's perfect. But this came damn close. Looking forward to watching it in animated form.

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    ^Mustang( Roy is hist first name IIRC xD) didnīt get his eyes back and Ed only got his arm back ...

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    ^We can assume Mustang got his sight back after using the Philosopher's Stone from Marco. He even said he wouldn't mind using it since what happened in the past is in the past and those souls are better off freed from their current state (the last part is my interpretation).

    Good Times

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    I think the ending is quite satisfying indeed. It a very happy ending, even with Hoinheim (he's able to be with Trisha now).

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    i start reading fma recently and i am looking for chapters 107 and 108 to download but i don't found anywhere individually and i want to know if you are going to post the chapters or know where i can download them. if this is the wrong place for this post sorry this is my first time doing it, thanks for any info.


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