After a month of waiting, Full Metal Alchemist's Chapter 85 has finally come out!

In chapter 85, Major General Armstrong has vacated her house, as a place to station troops. Lieutenant general Grumman utilized Major-General Hakuro to cheat Bradley and beguile him into returning the central successfully. Then the ambuscade bombed out the train to block the road in half according to the plan.

All appear to be very smooth. But almost everyone of the Homunculus took action. In the center, they control the army. And Pride even direct control Ar’s body. Although the president is the only Homunculus who can grow as a normal man, he has Philosopher's Stone in his body, he can not be killed. It seems that a fierce battle is about to start in Chapter 86.

From the story development, this is the battle should be the final confrontation. Ed has learned from his father the truth of the Philosopher's Stone. “Promised day” is also approaching. Can Elric brothers find ways to restore their bodies Let us look forward to the outcome of this battle!