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Thread: Is FMA good?

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    Quote Originally Posted by limetime View Post
    well OVERALL i thought it was an excellent anime/manga.
    The great thing about FMA is that it's actually deeper in meaning than most other manga, meaning that FMA actually explores the flaws in society and moral boundaries, instead of charading silly characters like other manga/anime do.
    I like the depth of meaning in the FMA. Only when it has some real meaning does a manga become great.

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    i loved it.
    so in a word yes.
    By: Karl

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    The Fullmetal Alchemist anime is, thematically speaking, one of the greatest stories I have ever experienced. The concept of Equivalent Exchange is a very powerful one, and also one very closely tied in with human experience. Equivalent Exchange as it is presented in FMA is essentially the First Law of Thermodynamics, which states that there is a finite amount of energy in the universe. Everything that we as humans do requires energy, and when many people are trying to draw from the finite energy present in the universe, that creates competition for a limited resource, the base of nearly every human conflict in existence.

    EE is a metaphysical law in the same way that it is a physical law, and it explains why we are taught from birth that every gain we make in life must be muted with a corresponding loss (and similarly that the pain of loss will be dulled by corresponding gain - "THERE are gains for all our losses, / There are balms for all our pain" - Richard Henry Stoddard, The Flight of Youth). The fact that Fullmetal Alchemist, from the very begining of the first (and every) episode with Alphonse's opening lines, makes Equivalent Exchange its topic is why FMA has the opportunity to speak volumes about the human condition.

    And the ending! The last three episodes of FMA, from "On the Other Side of the Gate" onwards, are in my opinion some of the best television ever made. The overall message of the show about its subject of Equivalent Exchange, that the writers have been building up to for the 48 episodes previous, is revealed when [spoiler]

    the result of Alphonse and Edward's mutual self-sacrifices to save the other is that both of them live! The law of Equivalent Exchange dictates that one of the two should be dead, yet both live (on different planets, yes, but both still live).


    This is the core of the message - that the oppressive law of Equivalent Exchange, which keeps humanity from gaining anything more than what it already has, can be violated. With sufficient effort, humanity can triumph over the laws of the universe itself. That is a powerful and genuinely hopeful message.

    So yes, I do think that FMA is good
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    I must say that FMA is great! I really liked it , is really original and it keeps you thinking n_n
    I saw all the anime and I have the movie , I have to read the manga , but first I have to end reading the mangas I'm reading right now n_nU


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    i have read the 5 firsts volumes and it is really good indeed... i am waiting to see how things turn out as it still follows the animes and the anime became lamer afterwards ^^

    ps : i like the cow :3

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    I watched anime first but didnt like it. i did watch all episodes but that was nothing more than a way to kill time. like watching full metal panic(i didnt finish it i dont regret). but after i started to read the manga i became really interested and impatient about chapters i wish it starts to release more often

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    This is the first manga where I actually felt that the main characters were in a hopeless situation. They have other people controlling what they are doing and have absolutely no control over their lives.

    Just for that reason, I say read it.

    I have read the 5 firsts volumes and it is really good indeed... i am waiting to see how things turn out as it still follows the animes and the anime became lamer afterwards ^^
    The storylines start diverging around the time of the introduction of Greed's gang.

    And while I liked the anime (will hold a special place within me seeing as it was the first anime that I really watched and liked while understanding it is anime), the story pales in comparison to the manga's story.
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    FMA is really good
    its one of my favourites

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    I might check this out too.

    I went trough 2 series of the anime and was pleasantly surprised. I slowly drifted away from it though out of lack of interest.

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    ur asking on FMA subforum here.. hmm

    ok IMO FMA's good. one of my faves


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