The reason I voted for bamboozler was because they kept telling me not to. It seemed like Aikido, Kaya, Jakko, etc. were lynching Ishman for no reason at all so I thought they were wolves. If they were wolves, they would have no reason to do that so early unless they were trying to protect someone which meant that bamboozler was a wolf if they were.

For future reference.

"Vote for Ishman"


"Just because. Do it."

That was really really bad.It made me really really suspicious. Of course the suspicion was unfounded since they just really really thought Ishman was a wolf. XD

I don't think there was much bamboozler could have done to survive that round. He could have told people he was the guardian (which he did) but that might've made more people think otherwise.

Just really REALLY sucky luck for the humans.