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    I do not monitor this section so I was not aware there were spam issues. We did take other steps to reduce the number of bots visiting and I think for the most part they did a great job. There is no way to fully prevent them as I know other larger forums also have spam issues. If there are spam issues I miss, let me know by PMing me and I will take care of it.

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    over there!


    Okay deleting? no locking section away?

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    Wow, this forum became alive again. o_O

    Yes, I'm definitely an inactive mod. I haven't resigned for a number of reasons, including pride (hey, I'm human, I have it), but also because I do come back here and really want to become more effective at what I do. (Incidentally, it's not the reports that make me return. I'm not that bad. =/ I've been a bit busy and distracted this past month, but usually, it's because I want to see what's going on and do my job. The emails make me frustrated that I have to delete pages and pages of spam, which would be annoying for anyone.)

    And the reason I considered such a drastic option was not because I'm tired of this forum. I don't hate it. It was because the Games forum had become little more than a haven for spambots. Yeah, it was dead. It isn't anymore, and if you guys are going to be using it, that's great - I'll be more than happy to take the suggestion of locking old games when you guys are done with it, as long as everyone's aware that that will be the new policy.

    Just so people know, I don't have the power on my own to create or delete subforums - I'd have gone to Kane once a decision had been made to ask. So please don't bring up stuff about other inactive subforums, because frankly, I have nothing to do with that. This forum was dead, except for the occasional spambot posts. Now it's not, and I see no spambots. Problem solved.

    I'll leave this thread open for further discussion, though. I also apologize for being an inactive and therefore ineffective moderator.

    But I ask that you consider my side, too: should I just have left a subforum that needed constant moderation despite having zero active members alone and continuing to fester? Heck, making this thread made something happen, didn't it? =P


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