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    an overpacked prison


    [Great mouse, just great. morten's going to unleash fucking hell on hopefully just you.]

    "Eh..." Zia looked at Mouse like he was some kind of weirdo, "I guess so... It's 380 creds but you're gonna have to cough up 100 extra for making me feel dirty." He spotted Lingo and beckoned for him to join them.

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    indisposed, stalking adopted father's uncle's son's daughter.....


    [of course, mouse does claim to be the strongest it's fucking hell for him. we get to walk in when it's at pain in the arse]

    'so, i met another vampire willing to join us... didn't get his name though. he claims to have wiped slaughterhouse 7...' he looked at both of them hoping they had heard something ...

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    San Jose


    Mouse gives Zia the money "Thanks, we going to need the Niko, I feel like we are going to be walking in the pits of hell." Mouse waits for Zia to buy the Niko and turn to Lingo. "Wow I just meet a vampire who claim the did that. You think it's him?"

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    over there!


    As Boxxy entered the Druid shop and old man was sitting behind the desk and said a quiet hell to his new customer...
    "Urm...hello!"said Boxxy." I need an antidote for poison. It's supposed to cost me 200 credits. Do you have it in stock?", she continued, putting the money on the desk.

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    third world country


    / Red's Party Trolls:

    // Gunter: Bugger + Club ; 25/30HP
    // Pedro: Poison Injektor + Knuckles ; 51/70HP
    // Isildur: Snake + Hidden dagger ; 50/60HP
    // Blammo: Poison Injektor + Knife ; 15/30HP

    They all Scream as they charge head on the evil BOX
    as Red Continue to attacked the arm of the box

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    The End of the World (NZ)


    Kniteowl asked Amon, "what kind of Elf are you? a blood elf or a night elf?"

    "anywayz since your kind are regconized for their speed, I'd like you do do some recon on the area to look for the enemy targets on the outside and maybe a nice high place lo perch, like on a top of a empty or abandoned building so I can do my stuff with the Sniper Rifle"

    "any other useful information you can provide me is welcomed, especially information about what'd happening inside the hotel, but don't enter the building yet... and try not to notify the guards, I want to catch the enemy by suprise."

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    Nov 2005


    Cali decided to use a taxi. The orc in the cab didn't look all too friendly. And he didn't wash himself for ages ago. But Cali was lucky enough to get to the arena and paid 30 credits...
    There it was a huge chaos. People were running away from the arena and militia men went in to get an assassin who just killed the main act of the rock show...
    "Shit, quite a commotion going on here."
    Cali didn't bother asking civilians about what was happening, he tried finding the comanding officer of the militia operation.

    Action 1: try to find a commanding officer (if there is one)

    *In case there is none to be found:
    Action 2: try talking to any militia man that might be close and not yet engaged in action.

    *If action 1 or 2 is successful:
    Excuse me, I'm sorry to interrupt at such inconvenient time, but please hear me out.
    I'm a bouty hunter and I've been comitioned to take down Baku, which most likely is the one creating the ruckus around here. Therefore I ask permission to also engage into fighting the man.

    *If that also doesnt work:
    Action 3: contrary to the flow of escaping people, Cali ventures into the arena to look for the assassin.

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    The nearest weapon shop was the japanese weapon shop. As he went there, Stu also realized that he was near the Black Market at Death Park... But maybe he should take a nap before he would go there...
    Stuyvesant could feel sleep threatening to sap his strength and wit. The markets could wait, rest could not. Stu headed home to his loft. After a good few hours rest, he was ready to go again. First stop would be the bank. Luckily it was pretty close to his apartment. Once the money was deposited, it was time to head to the Black Market.

    *Check my calc on the credits please - 7210 - 10 initial, 300,400,500,6000, I think*
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    Quote Originally Posted by morten View Post
    3! and 5! + 1 bonus aim
    The ghoul died as he got shot with two bullets in the backhead...
    Pulp receives 600 credits.
    Another ghoul jumped out of his grave and started to walk up to pulp...

    Pulp took aim with her gun at the ghoul again and shot three times at the ghoul.

    Then she activated her cat abilitity to hide at the cemetary before the next ghouls would arise.

    [I think I have 5 bullets left now.]

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    After killing the street samurai, anon decided to change her steps and walk to the Dome graveyard to kill some ghouls for money.
    The head of Spurggu could wait for a while now.


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