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    an overpacked prison


    [I'm sorry for doing that to you morten. <3]

    Zia took one more hit of his cigarette and exhaled. The cigarette smoke drifted upwards and mingled with the smoke rising from his guns. After reloading and holstering the guns back within his trenchcoat, Zia casually walked over and kneeled next to the remaining orc. He took the cigarette out of his mouth and burned it into the orc's right eye (hopefully killing him so that Zia could surpass Henchy in badassery points). Zia then went to the vampire girl and began untying her, "You all right, gorgeous? Want a smoke?" He offered a fresh cigarette up to her lips.

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    As Blue aproached the courtyard of Slaughterhouse 7 someone called him from his back. He turned around and saw an elf with a chainsaw on his back approaching him...
    He went in the Slaughterhouse,being very carefull.He saw that Zia had a chainsaw,and he didnt want to end up as mincemeat....
    He saw him fighting and then he shouted "You need any help?"

    [OOC : Drag me with ya if ya want - but dont kill me please .Im out....->school -.-")

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    Why do you want to know? Wutz wit U? Joo wanna R0X0RZ MY B0X0RZ?


    "This is endless", Chris muttered underneath his breath.
    He aimed for the head of the wounded dwarf (bugger), hoping the wounds had slowed him enough. Next to him, the other bodyguard aimed and fired, animated by a quiet rage.
    "So you see how he treats those who works for him? how long before he betrays you?", he called at the guards. He didn't expect them to turn on the gnome, but at least, that could make them stop to think.
    Action1: Aims for the head of the wounded dwarf.
    Action2: Bodyguard fires at wounded dwarf.
    Action3: Tries to make the dwarves give a second thought to working for the gnome.
    Quote Originally Posted by Popothepenguin View Post
    its kinda pathetic how much time people (including me) on this thread spend thinking about every little thing that goes on in Gantz
    Quote Originally Posted by Shin_Igami View Post
    I suppose it comes from not having any new Gantz to talk about... I feel like a Junkie... o.O

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    In your pants. OO BOY


    4!4! and 2!
    All ass grabbing was ineffective and no one responded to Spurggu's magic [mort: Only one time per round Spurggu...]
    Spurggu killed off the receptionist with his exploding bola...
    He receives 60 credits.

    [mort: Spurggu, you have your own apartment too. It's Blue 17 on the map...]
    Sprugsug drags the corpse to the streets and leaves the bastard dwarf rot in the streets.
    Sprugsu runs to his appartment, hides all his credits well so nobody could find them from there and takes a nap.

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    third world country


    Red woke up from his sleep.
    took a bath and ate some homemade pancakes.
    he then check at the sewer map
    "Hmmm I should go south from my hide out, maybe I could find some treasure"
    and then re equip himself with the equipment he bought at the local "pawn-shop"

    and then he goes into the darker deeper sewer like dungeon
    where most people don't dare to go into.
    a rare place where mutants rats and sewer Unicrons, Yetis and Bigfoots wanders

    And then suddenly he bump into a sewer trolls hideout.
    4 sewer trolls sitting at a camp fire roasting giant mutant rat
    and then the biggest of the sewer troll said:..........

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    over there!


    The next salve of the UZI sprayed other the ground and only hit the car where the dwarf was hidding...
    He shot back at Anton and hit him running in the air... 85/100HP
    Anton fell and thought of his next turn...
    But Eric was close. While shooting the enemies with one hand, he managed to pull Anton away from the fire range.
    "Hahaha, you truly are the Anton I know. What were you thinking? Put your armour on, man", he said, helping him putting it on.
    In the meantime, Boxxy (who already had the armour on, mind! xD) was beginning to wonder if there was another way to get the money. Without killing all the dwarfs.

    The shooting stopped.
    The dwarfs couldn't see them since the three of them were well hidden. She threw one health patch to Anton and glanced at the box containing the desired money, which lay on the ground, right next to the limo.

    The virus was slowly beginning to spread through her body. She could feel the side effects and it could have been that they would actually prove to be a bonus in the fight. Although she felt a slight sensation of hunger (she opened her bag and took a sip from the bottle of blood she had taken from the bar), she was also feeling much stronger and agile.Even her eyesight had improved. Moreover, it was night, so her general abilities were better.

    "With this...we can finish the business faster and get the cure. The disease will help us in the fight but I musn't let it control me."

    She considered the situattion. Most of the dwarfs were hiding behind the limo, preparing to shoot them at sight. The box was on the ground, beside the limo, unguarded. They had dropped it when the ambush had started and now they couldn't put their hand on it since they'd be shot. They may have had guns , but they were still slow creatures.

    With 2 guns in her hands and protected by the night, Boxxy jumped on top of the building near her unseen and continued her way from one building to the other until she reached the one just behind the limo. She was feeling like a true vampire now;ready to strike the unprepared victims in the darkness.
    .....She was right behind them...she could see their little backs from the top of the building , even hear their whispering....

    Boxxy jumped directly on top of the limo, shooting bullets right and left on her way down. The dwarfs' locations were no longer a secret for her and they were still under the shock.

    Now was the right time for Eric and Anton to take the box.

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    Now with anon knowing about the people she just met she decided to go Hurricans Bar.

    She needed a job after she spend all her money on upgrading weapons and to find some people who could be good alliance in fights xD

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    +2 armour 800 credits
    " I'll Buy the Armor +2". Henchys says and leaves to go to 12) Tanky: The small & cheap gun shop. "I needs me some ammo".
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    Pulp decided that before she wouldcheck the location of her next robbery to pay the next cemetary a visit.
    She walked through Predigergasse to Saint Jakob's where some ghould would hunt the graveyards at night. She drew her gun and entered the cemetary there.

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    somewhere but not here


    Boxxy had distracted the dwarfs and so Anton and Eric made their move towards the box, always prepared to shot...

    "sleep with me tonight, sweety" ~sakura_hana~


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