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    Quote Originally Posted by morten View Post

    Just as Red said another troll wanted to enter the pawn shop, but as he saw the huge chimera and the blood pulps of his three comerads he fled...
    Red receives 100 credits.
    The gnome looked happy for his shop was a slaughterhouse of splattered troll guts. Well done, here you get your 300 credits. I doubt that they'll ever gonna bother me again. Now out, I have to clean this shop for the next customers.
    As red stepped outside, he saw that daylight was already over the city.

    [mort: You're now in dayphase for a short time. With the next phase, you're in nightphase again. Should use your bed to reload your health...]
    [so give me a status on my char]

    As he walks home with his hand in his pockets.
    thinking on what he have done today.

    well maybe after I catch a few Z
    I should kill off some of those pesky rodent-trolls in the sewer before they are changing the sewer layouts again.

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    In your pants. OO BOY


    Sprugsug squeezes three mexican asses and heads out back to the dwarf inn.

    "Hi fugly! I heard what you said last time!"

    If sprgutsts succeeded in geting some new slaves = the slaves will hold the receptionist still.

    Sprugsug smashes the receptionists head in with the exploding bola (with or without slaves).

    Sprugsg takes the credits and flees.

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    10) Dingo. 140 credits
    11) Robocopper. 160 credits
    12) Cobra. 190 credits
    13) Vertigo. 220 credits
    14) Roller MP. 280 credits
    15) Desperate Housewife MP 350 credits
    16) UZI. Ammo 370 credits
    17) Bengal Tiger 390 credits
    1 Sawed Shotgun 420 credits

    10) Small Katana or Katar 90 credits
    11) Long Katana with sawed edge 120 credits
    12) Taser Club 140 credits
    14) Nunchaku! 160 credits
    15) Hand Scythe with chain 180 credits
    16-1 Vampire Scythes 200 - 260 credits

    + 1 armour 200 credits
    "I'll trade my poison gun injector for the bengal Tiger, and my rusty katana for a cobra. And I'd like some ammo with them.
    Oh, and one armour. How much to I owe you?"Boxxy said.
    "And...about the disease. How much time do I have?"
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    an overpacked prison


    Zia entered the courtyard of Slaughterhouse 7 again and saw a vampire investigating the scene. But it wasn't the same as the one Zia fighted with against the Butcher Ogre before...
    It seemded like someone came before Zia to raid the house...
    "I think it'd be best if you left here, and drop whatever you've picked up," Zia said as he entered the courtyard. He pulled back one side of his trenchcoat to reveal his detective's badge and his robocopper to dissuade the vampire. "Things might get uglier than necessary if you don't comply."

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    Henchy says "Dude, chill. I tell you what, I'll give 20 credits and buy each of you a beer."

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    Stu couldn't find anymore ammo on the ground. The bullets rolled away as the crowd panic and ran into different directions. The remaing enemy with a gun got a good chance as Stu was distracted looking for ammo and shot one of his bullets into Stu's back... 93/100HP
    Stu turned around and shot the Bugger as a counter and landed a clear hit into his opponent... 9/15HP

    *Stu here. Checked the numbers of thugs...oops*

    Stuyvesant sighed. That was the last of them. He'd taken out the two that approached him at the beginning, he'd taken out the leader and now one last one was disabled. There was something that he'd forgotten though. A shot rang out. Ah, that was it. The other gang member that was with the leader at the beginning.

    "Well, time to end this. Again" thought Stuyvesant. 4 down, 1 to go. With the corpse cooling the bathroom, this made for an eventful evening, and he had yet to go and see his contact about that job...

    Blow the last damned thug away.

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    Vlad went around,hopping to find some thug,in order to ease him of some blood and money.
    He put his shades on and went off walking in a random direction,awaiting the dawn of the Night.

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    Why do you want to know? Wutz wit U? Joo wanna R0X0RZ MY B0X0RZ?


    (OOC: Taking too long? Hey, i'm not the one who put 24+ enemies to fight in one quest...)

    Chris paused to think - closing in wasn't sure a good idea after all. He had hoped they'd have taken out another two-three as they closed in, but at this rate... The burning barricade, with the all the smoke making it hard to breathe and aim, not to mention the risk of burning, was a bad place to be. He decided to hold his ground there and then. Either they ran of bullets, or the enemy ran out of men.

    (OOC: Correct me if i'm wrong, but are presently 3 enemies on the ground/incapacitated)

    Action1: Fires Ladybugs at fresh targets (Should be his last rounds on the ladybugs)
    Action2: Bodyguard picks a fresh target
    Quote Originally Posted by Popothepenguin View Post
    its kinda pathetic how much time people (including me) on this thread spend thinking about every little thing that goes on in Gantz
    Quote Originally Posted by Shin_Igami View Post
    I suppose it comes from not having any new Gantz to talk about... I feel like a Junkie... o.O

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    "Ok thanks Diego I will head over to go buy some armor I will be back to meet this shaman"
    Mose head to Kalinka's shop to buy some armor.
    "He Kalinka, I'm Mouse Van Troll, Diego told me you have some armor. Could I please see it."

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    Rumple tells the lady that he would indeed be interested, for the 2000 credits could possibly help him on future business ventures.


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