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    Default ST RPG: System vs. Factory - Rules and OOC Chat


    The RPG rules:

    You post your actions, I will decide your consequences by the dice...

    __________________________________________________ _____
    Post1, Location1, Action: A attempts to poison B's drink in a nightclub.

    Post2, Location2, Action: C tries to run from monster.

    (For whatever reason, Mort has yet to post results of actions, and you're itching to make a post)
    Post3, Location1, Description: The DJ was inspired that night. The music blasting off the loud speakers had almost everybody on the dance floor. Would B fall for it?
    __________________________________________________ _____

    BTW, you don't have to specifically write "A tries to do this". It can be in the form
    That was it. A could no longer take the noise. He picked up his phone and called the police."

    However, since this is dice based, make sure you limit yourself to only one "action" at a time, and, if the action is "hidden" in some convoluted narrative, just put an extra line in the form
    Action: A tries to do this.

    This is a Mafia RPG but lynching is not possible... But you can group up against one member of the other side and try to kill him...

    Example : F1 belongs to Factory and teams up with S, who belongs to System. They both attack F2 who belongs to Factory. F1 uses weapons on F2.

    Who dies? F2

    Also random killing is forbidden (NPC and Players). The militia will come for you if you randomly start a bloodbath... Then you have no other choice but flee... And you have to change from legal job to illegal job...

    In the beginning there is an independant seer (as well as shaman and witch) who you can pay for. But the information cost money and depends on the dice (1-6). Later, the Cyclop can gain seer abilities with his Special ability...

    Each side will have equal players. That means if we have 12 players there will be six on the System side (townies) and six on the Factory side (mafia). But none side has advantages over the other... And no one knows each others side in the beginning...

    To defeat a dragon you need three persons, that's right. But you can pay independant mercenaries (which lower your chance) or team up with members of your side on every quest with enemies that need more than one person...

    As Ziazca mentioned the old mafia rule is intact that you can fool others about your role. So you can team up with System agents though you're in reality a Factory agent... Until they find out... ANd of course, that's a very dangerous game...

    Of course you can communicate in a normal way, like saying 'Hello' to each other and so on... Only if you want to ask the other one about his side (you wisper him into the ear, lol) then it will be through PM... Every other dialogue is open to everyone...

    And don't worry, I'll spend some hours since I got nothing special to do right now... Just writing some stuff...

    You can lie of course, but I won't reveal your roles. I'm independent and won't tell if you lie... If someone is revealed by anyone, I will mention it at the beginning of each round like in the Mafia game... Of course, you can openly say that 'Person A' is a System agent and then let the others investigate... That's a possibility, too...

    Private conference and telephone talk:

    Normal conversations can be seen by anyone, written on the board...
    If Player A meets Player B for the first time and wants to know what side he's on, he writes me a PM, like this for example:

    Quote:Originally Posted by Player A
    Hey, I would like to know if you're system or factory.

    I'll post this quote to Player B... Then he can reply to Player B by sending another conversation...

    Quote:Originally Posted by Player B
    I tell you if you do this and this for trust.

    After both know each other (or not), Player A can reveal Player B's identity when he meets Player C, and so on... Until everyone knows the position of each other...

    The apartment will depend on the job you chose... And you will find some items in that apartment too... Btw, you can heal yourself by five health points for each night of sleep in your apartment...
    I will tell tomorrow about items and weapons, but not all because some will stay a secret till you find them...

    Everything will be decided by the gamemasters dice:

    1 - fail
    2 - unlucky
    3 - close
    4 - effective
    5 - lucky
    6 - epic win


    Character Board Images

    Every character has 100 Lifepoints aka 100% Health...
    You can't be a magician but you can make use of magic items...
    If you find something funny then tell me... The numbers refer to every dice roll and will be added or removed... The other abilities ones just define your actions. The Special abilities have to be found in side-quests later in the game...

    Human: Normal appearence. Can vary in skin color.
    +1 on conversations and secrets
    -1 on grudges and poison
    Positive attribute: Can repair and find stuff easily
    Negative attribute: Can't use magic weapons or artefacts
    Special ability: Can resurrect one team-memberper round or battle. Dice rules about effectiveness.

    Elf: Thin and slender, mostly higher than the average human. There are Nightelves and Bloodeleves.
    +1 on speed and movement
    -1 on fightin several enemies
    Positive attribute: Can heal other members with singing.
    Negative attribute: Elfs are narcissistic. If they are bothered with dirt, blood or anything else ugly they get negative attributes (belongs to the situation)
    Special ability: Can transform into Banshee and learn Death scream. Your enemy will die in an instant if it hears the scream. Not effective at monsters, gargoyles, robots and dragons but can harm them...
    Dice will rule about effectiveness...

    Dwarf: Small but bigger and tougher than gnomes.
    +1 on axe fights
    -1 on being hit with magic.
    Positive attribute: Can repair magic artefacts.
    Negative attribute: Can't be very fast.
    Special ability: Can make himself invisible. Dice rules about time and effective.

    Ogre: Ugly face and very fat. Has green skin, sharp ears and teeth.
    +1 on close combats
    -1 on fighting elfs
    Positive attribute: Can be fearful.
    Negative attribute: Can't see very good at daylight
    Special ability: Can shock enemies and stun them. Dice rules.

    Cyclop: Like a normal human only with one eye.
    +1 on hitting the enemy far away.
    -1 on close combat.
    Positive attribute: Has Nightsight.
    Negative attribute: Is pretty useless when stunned or hurt in the eye.
    Special ability: Can see into the future. Dice rules about effectiveness.

    Werewolf: A normal human who can transform into a werewolf.
    +1 on close combat when in werewolf mode
    -1 on being hit by a maschine gun.
    Positive attribute: Can transform into a werewolf for several hours.
    Negative attribute: As a wolf you can't ask others for team up... The 'lonely wolf'...
    Special ability: Can transform into an invincible Uber-Werewolf. Dice rules about time and effectiveness.

    Vampire: Pale skin, red eyes and gotic clothes. Wearing shades during daylight.
    +1 on close combats with swords.
    -1 on every action during daylight or crossing water.
    Positive attribute: Can jump very high. Also jumping off high buildings.
    Negative attribute: Is always thirsty for blood. -20 hp per round if not drinking blood.
    Special Ability: Vampires can convert every enemy NPC or Player... Dice rules about effective.
    The converted stays the slave of the vampire for one round. After that he leaves again but will stay a mutant (double species) with all positive as negative abilities...

    Gnome: Very small and shriveled. A salers type.
    +1 on sale deals
    -1 on fighting trolls
    Positive attribute: Has lucky days.
    Negative attribute: Can't stand the smell of orks, orgres and trolls.
    Special Ability: Can have Uber-Luck in battles. Dice rules.

    Ork: Has scaly skin and small tusks. The same size as a human but tougher.
    +1 in defense
    -1 in fighting elfs and dwarfes
    Positive attribute: Is very protective in battles.
    Negative attribute: Can't stand the smell of dwarfes and elfs.
    Special Ability: Can transform into an invincible Berserker. Dice rules about time and power.

    Troll: Very very high. Has large tusks and ears. Often has to crouch in smaller areas.
    +1 in combats
    -1 in every other action
    Positive attribute: Trolls can carry more than two weapons.
    Negative attribute: Trolls don't fit everywhere.
    Special Ability: Trolling. Every NPC gives up or tells you everything he knows. Dice ruled

    Rednight only:
    Crocodile Chimera: Very high and big. A mix off Crocodile and Human. Chimeras are animals that can merge into human form.
    +2 in combats
    -2 in every other action
    Positive atrribute: Can change his form from human to crocodile
    Negative attribute : Is a total stranger in the human world.
    Special Ability: Uber Crocodile, double the size of normal appearence. Dice rules about time and power.

    The Jobs

    The legal jobs give you regular money and it's safe, but you won't earn that much.
    The illegal jobs will get you more money (if you are lucky), but you have to look out for the danger that come within.
    You don't need to make those jobs, they will be automatically and only place you into the environment. But each job offers little side-quests for extra money you can attend to or not...

    Example: Player A is a detective. At the end of each round he will get his regular money without doing anything. But if he takes a side-quest he can earn something extra.
    Player B is a drug dealer. He depends on the dice. At the end of each round the dice will rule how much he earned and if the police or other criminals are after them.
    And he can play side-quests too to earn extra...

    Legal jobs:
    - Militia
    - Detective
    - Gogo Dancer
    - Street worker
    - Journalist
    - Photographer
    - Merchant
    - Bouncer
    - Barman
    - Bounty Hunter

    - Drug Dealer
    - Terrorist
    - Robber
    - Mercenary
    - Pimp
    - Pocket Thief
    - Black Market Salesman
    - Assasin
    - Thug
    - Gang member

    Every job will run automatically, you don't need to fullfill them only side-quests if you want.
    At the end of each round you will receive auto money, the illegal jobs depend on the dice but will receive more than the legal if lucky...

    On Money
    The currency is called credit. The standard is 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 credit. The bigger the enemy the more credit, up to 10 000 credit...
    You can pay cash or with your creditkey. You can upload infinite money on your creditkey and it's protected but you need to do at in a bank. When you run around with cash money you can be robbed and then lose all. That is a risk...

    On Enemies
    As said there will be some categories of enemies.
    NPC enemies and Ghouls: Can be everything, divided in three classes.

    Easy: Ratdigger the Streetrobber comes with a knife and a weak pistol. You can kill him as rookie
    Normal: Golgot the Killerelf comes with a MP and a sword. You need to upgrade with bigger weapons and armour to kill this one. Or you team up.
    Hard: Brutalkowski the Trollvampire Mutant comes with a Gatling Gun and Chainsaw. You need to be pro to kill him or several team members.

    The fighting options: Attack Defend Item Run. You have to specifically write your actions btw... Of course you can talk during fights...
    You can either rent a mercenary that will accompany for several hours (1-6) and that will be as strong as much as he/she costs... Or you can team up with a member player that you found out belongs to your side...

    Other enemies:
    Monsters, Robots, Gargoyles and Players of the Other Side: You need at least two players to kill one od these.
    Dragons: You need at least three players to kill them.


    Guns (Number stands for damage, Ammo for Max. Load of magazine):
    1) Mosquito. Ammo 5
    2) Ladybug. Ammo 4
    3) Stinger. Ammo 2
    4) Poison Injektor. Ammo 4
    5) Snake. Ammo 6
    6) Bugger. Ammo 7 + Laser Pointer (+1 on target)
    7) Infini. Ammo 8
    Baraka. Ammo 12
    9) Colbert. Ammo 13
    10) Dingo. Ammo 14
    11) Robocopper. Ammo 16 + Laser Pointer (+1 on target)
    12) Cobra. Ammo 15 + Laser Pointer (+1)
    13) Vertigo. Ammo 6 (+2 in close combat)
    14) Roller MP. Ammo 18 + stock (+1 on target, +1 on fire rate)
    15) Desperate Housewife MP. Ammo 18 + silencer (+ on fire rate, +1 on silence attack)
    16) UZI. Ammo 30 + stock (+1 on target)
    17) Bengal Tiger. Ammo 25 + Laser pointer (+1 on target)
    1 Sawed Shotgun. Ammo 8 (+2 in close combat)
    19) Automatic Shotgun. Ammo 10 (+2 ic close combat, +1 in fire rate)
    20) Niko Light MG. Ammo 30 (+1 on target)
    21) Fabric Panther MG. Ammo 35 + stock and laser pointer (+1 on target, + on silence attack)
    22) Street Custom Panther MG. Ammo 40 + stock (+1 on target)
    Sniper Rifles:
    13) Danube Sniper. Ammo 8 + lens (+2 on target from far away)
    23) Piker Special Sniper MG. Ammo 12 (+3 on target from far away)
    Assault Rifles:
    24) FN Scar: Ammo 30 + stock (+ 1 on target)
    25) TDI Kiss: Ammo 50 + stock (+ 1 on target)
    26) M4 : Ammo 30 + stock + lens (+ 1 on target, + 2 from far away)
    27) Steyr Auge: Ammo 35 + stock + lens (+ 1 on target, + 2 from far away)
    2 XM8: Ammo 35 + stock + nightvision lens (+ 1 on target, + 2 from far away, +1 in night)
    29) SMG 90: Ammo 50 + lens + stock (+ 1 on target, + 2 from far away)
    30) AK-47: Ammo 45 + stock (+1 on target)
    31) M16 with Grenate launcher: Ammo 30 + 5 grenades + stock (+1 on target)
    32) AK-107: Ammo 45 + stock + 4 grenade launcher (+1 on target)
    33) Fin 2000: Ammo 30 + nightvision lens + stock (+ 1 on target, + 2 from far away, +1 in night)
    34) Dragonov Sniper MG. Ammo 20 + lens + stock (+3 on target from far away)
    35) M4 Ultra: Ammo 30 + 5 grenades + nightvision lens (+ 1 on target, + 2 from far away, +1 in night)
    36) M16. Ammo 40 + stock (+1 on traget)
    Heavy & Special weapons
    3 Tunguska Heavy MG. Ammo 80 (+1 on target)
    Special weapons:
    40) Multi grenade launcher. Ammo 6
    42) Rocket launcher + lens (+2 from far away, Ammo max 3)
    44) Harpune Ammo 80 (ammo can be recollected)
    46) Minigun. Ammo 800
    4 Flamethrower. Ammo 60
    50) FBFG. Ammo 100 (+1 on target)

    Handgreandes (10 damage): Splitter, Napalm, Poison (Stink) Gas and Light

    Melee weapons (only close combat):
    1) Knife or knuckles
    2) Hidden dagger or steel batton
    3) Rusty Katana or Stiletto
    4) Throwstars or Butterfly
    5) Army Knife or Club
    6) Shuriken or Crowbar
    7) Special OPS Knife or 2 Batons
    Unbreakable Army Knife or Machete
    9) Taser or Double Hand Scythe
    10) Small Katana or Katar
    11) Long Katana with sawed edge or Morning Star
    12) Taser Club or Warhammer
    13) Big Warhammer
    14) Nunchaku!
    15) Forget that name...
    16-1 Vampire Scythe
    19) Exploding Bola
    20) Chainsaw or Waraxed
    21) Multi Morning Star
    22) Dwarf Axe
    23) Electric Whip
    24) Future Axe
    25) Future Warhammer
    26) Dwarf Elder Axe
    27) Edged Troll Club
    2 Electric Grinder
    29) Electric Chainsaw Sword
    30) Electric rotating Killeraxe or Damascus Katana
    Mythical Katanas:
    32) Uchigawa
    33) Damascus Uchigawa
    34) Uchigawa Tsabasa
    35) No Tachi
    40) Yagira No Tachi

    Magic weapons:
    41) Legendary Axe
    42) Bat Axe
    43) Elf Axe
    44) Grim Reapers Scythe
    45) Elf Scythe
    46) Legendary Troll Axe
    47) Legendary Ogre Axe
    4 Legendary Cyclop Axe
    49) Blue Gargoyle's Axe
    50) Red Gargoyle's Axe
    51) Green Gargoyle's Axe
    52) Dragon Eater
    53) Red Dragon Sword
    54) Green Dragon Sword
    55) Gold Dragon Sword
    56) Blue Dragon Sword
    5 Grey Dragon Sword
    70) Black Dragon Sword

    Take your time looking through. Number of weapon = Damage.

    Health items (Number = Healing effect):
    5) Health Patch
    20) Health Drink

    Other Items:
    - Have to be found and often have secret abilities...

    Non Player Characters:

    - About 1000 people who can give you information, help, can be rented as mercenaries are have to be fought.
    - Ghouls/ Zombies : At cemetaries. Can be fought for money.
    - Ghosts : Can't be fought. Have to be avoided for grudges.
    - Monsters/ Robots : You need two people to fight one of them. But if they are friendly you can talk to them either. Mostly found in dungeons or abandoned places.
    - Gargoyles : Servants of the dragons. Can be fought only with two people.
    - Dragons : Every flag will be protected by dragons. Dragons are programs who can use cheat-codes during fight. Dragons can only be fought with three people minimum.
    - System/ Factory agent : Can only be fought with two people. It can be NPC or Players.
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    The whole map (Only for oversight): RATBONE CITY

    The west district, a filthy harbour full of dangerous people...


    1) Henchy apartment (Kreuzgasse)
    2) Mouse tent at the Black Market
    3) Gun's room
    4) Zia's elf hideout

    1) The Bum's Bar
    2) Hurricane
    3) Chinese cafe
    4) The Albanian restaurant
    5) The Vampire's club : Trut
    6) Garbo cinema bar & cafe
    7) The Beer underground
    Manolo's filthy mexican bar
    9) The gay club: Hot
    10) Rive droit bar

    1) Health Shop
    2) Magical items Buy&Repair
    3) Japanese weapon shop
    4) Small book store

    1) Militia Prison
    2) Westgate Tower

    1) Black Market at the Death Park
    2) Under the Bridge quarter
    3) St. Jakob cemetary
    4) Slaughterhouse 7
    5) Abondend Theater

    The central place with the islands and the north downtown, a huge amusement complex with mysterious corners...

    14) Egan's place
    6) Jesus dark alley
    7) Bluedemon's poor hideout in an old tobacco factory
    Rednight's underground sewer home
    9) Stu's loft
    12) Lingo's mansion with garden
    5) Boxxy's bar and place
    1 Dwarf Inn

    11) Golden Duck Restaurant
    12) Afterlife bar
    13) Wonder Bar
    14) Peache's Bar
    15) Kopernikus Bar
    16) El Diablo Bar
    17) Dog Bar and Banana Bar
    1 Tango Bar & Cafe
    19) Origo Bar
    20) Last Frontier Bar
    21) Tower restaurant & Theater
    22) The Nephrolit Bar
    23) Old Cinema bar & cafe
    24) Amusement complex (cafe& bar& club& restaurant)
    25) The billiard hideout bar
    26) The magic kettle bar & cafe
    27) Purple Hills bar & cafe
    2 The Irish pub
    29) The indish bar
    30) Shakespeare bar & restaurant
    31) No Name bar
    32) The lime-tree club
    33) The Inferno club
    34) Stali bar & cafe

    5) The scryer
    6) The red armour shop
    7) The dwarf armour shop
    Norbert: The luxury weapon shop
    9) Thursdays: The small melee weapon shop
    10) The druid health shop
    11) The Iron bank
    12) Tanky: The small & cheap gun shop
    13) The pawn
    14) The Gnome bank
    15) The Foxy shop
    16) The witch
    17) Ulf's magic repair
    1 The Deacon armour and weapon shop
    19) Luxury health shop
    20) The mad shaman
    21) Magic armoury

    3) The central gate tower
    4) The holy gate tower
    5) The second militia hq
    6) The evil gate tower

    6) The ship wreck
    7) The troll statue
    The statue of the grey dragon
    9) The dome cemetary
    10) The order of the orks
    11) Free arena & rock concert
    12) The foggy woods
    13) The hotel ruin
    14) Martial arts assembly
    15) Monsters Park
    16) Theme park
    17) St.Ghoul tower & cemetary


    The south central district in a spooky place with lot's of magical creatures hanging around...

    10) Pulp Treehouse
    11) Anon's dancer apartment-sharing community
    13) Twoface Knight's Fortress
    15) Darkus hidden home
    16) Open apartment
    17) Ogre cabin in the park
    1 Dwarfs Inn

    35) Dead End bar
    36) Auntie Troll Bar & Cafe
    37) Angel Bar
    3 Turkish pipe bar & cafe
    39) Gloria Club
    40) The Ogre Bar: Old Fart
    41) Bodega Bar
    42) Evil Gold Bar
    43) Suzy Wong Club
    44) Torture Chamber Club

    22) The Gnome's shop
    23) Elfs apothecary
    24) Army shop 24/7
    25) Luxury Armour shop
    26) Protestant Hospital 24/7
    27) Dolce weapon shop
    29) The Drunken Monkey prophecy and books shop
    30) The underground shopping mall

    7) Eastgate Tower
    Southgate Tower
    9) The Black Dragon's labyrinth

    1 The Gnome spook house
    19) The Meta Gang House
    20) St. Lucy & cemetary
    23) The car storage & small black market
    24) The south woods
    25) Chimera Gang corner
    26) Museum of Melee weapons
    27) Corner of the mumbling Ghost

    - Strasse = Street
    - Gasse = Alley
    - Weg = Way
    - Markt = market
    - Platz = Place

    - Cafe's are open daylight
    - Bars and Clubs are open night
    - Restaurants are open 24/7

    Don't panic or get confused, I'll provide you with mini-maps and pictures...

    Btw, the map doesn't contain all the secret places and dungeons yet, you have to find them first.
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    So are there things we have to do stop and plan for like sleeping, eating, restroom....

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    Quote Originally Posted by infamouse View Post
    So are there things we have to do stop and plan for like sleeping, eating, restroom....
    Nah, eating and restrooms is automatic, you don't need to write:

    "And now mouse van troll is taking a huge dump on a dwarf corpse..."

    Except you want to do that...

    You can use the bed in your apartment to take a nap, this will revive you for 10 health points per round...

    Tell me everything I should add to the rules that is missing. I can't edit the first page in a few days anymore...

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    How many turns do you have a day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henchy432 View Post
    How many turns do you have a day?
    You mean, how many times I will reply by day? You can write as much as you want, you are independant of other player's action.


    Henchy decides to walk to the club where he works as a bouncer.

    Egan, Blue and Sakura write their posts...

    Morten throws dice (2: unlucky) : Henchy gets attack by a gangemember with a knife... blah blah

    Darkus and Knite write their posts...

    Henchy decides to use his crowbar (6) to kill the gangmember...

    Pulp, Anon and so on write their posts...

    Morten rolls the dice on Henchy's attack (6: epic win): The gangmember's head gets squashed... Henchy receives 5 credit and one knife...

    I will quote every of your actions of each player and decide on them... As said a member who doesn't post any actions in nine dies will die automatically (except he/ she PM me before...)
    If you group up to parties I have to wait for each reply on actions before I decide...

    The night/ day phase will be announced after 1 and a half day in each round (round = 3 days)...
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    Why do you want to know? Wutz wit U? Joo wanna R0X0RZ MY B0X0RZ?


    ^What are game over rules? My guess is
    Last Side Standing.
    Side with most flags after x days have elapsed.
    Side with most players after x days have elapsed, in the event sides are tied on flags.
    Quote Originally Posted by Popothepenguin View Post
    its kinda pathetic how much time people (including me) on this thread spend thinking about every little thing that goes on in Gantz
    Quote Originally Posted by Shin_Igami View Post
    I suppose it comes from not having any new Gantz to talk about... I feel like a Junkie... o.O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shin_Igami View Post
    ^What are game over rules? My guess is
    Last Side Standing.
    Side with most flags after x days have elapsed.
    Side with most players after x days have elapsed, in the event sides are tied on flags.
    The last side standing has to do a last quest:
    - Factory: Get into the Black Dragon's Lair and kill the Dragon...
    - System: After every Player Factory agent is dead you have to raid the secret Factory HQ and burn it to the ground...

    Factory are the attackers, System the defenders...

    But you're right, we could use a time limit for the game...
    There are five programs (flags) in each black tower, and you need at least a three men team to get into them (Player or NPC mercenary)... After you capture the flag, one of the team members has to (secretly) carry the program and the System agents have to find out who and try to get it back... That will be more and more difficult at the end since the team members can exchange the program under each other (private conference)...

    So, a time limit would be a nice idea...

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    Ah, the loft. That makes sense. I don't see myself staying anywhere else.

    So this thread is used for aimless chat and general game related spam, right? What exactly are we not supposed to post in the main thead? General conversations between characters could still influence the way game progresses.

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    an overpacked prison


    Out of curiosity, what's the dice roll of a hideout? (or more directly, what was my roll for living place?)

    A hideout sounds pretty nifty.


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