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    All characters

    Pulp the Thief
    Species: Human
    Job: Thief
    Character/ Personality: Grew up in an orphanage until she broke out with 14 yrs. Living on the streets she learned to steal. After a few years she became a respectable thief who can get into every protected building and fools every security. She has a calm calculating personality and only prefers professional people working with her. She rather fools enemies than killing them.
    Now she looks to get as much money to retire from criminal business and get out of town.
    Weapons - Gun: Bugger (6) + 10 rounds ; Melee weapon: Knife (1)
    Apartment - 10
    Items: Pink Diamant, 4 Health Patches (5)
    Ability: Shadow Cat. Pulp can fool any security or enemy with her lurking appearance and can use it for surprise attacks. Depends on dice.

    Anon the Darkelf Princess
    Species: Darkelf
    Job: Gogo dancer
    Character/ Personality: Anon lost her memory about everything. She came out of the deep forest to explore the city but got enchanted somehow, so she has amnesia. Anon is kind and random. She likes do dance in clubs for money, but she's also a tough streetsamurai if it's getting dangerous. She likes warrior types xD
    Weapons - Gun: Stinger (3) + 5 rounds ; Melee weapon: Rusty Katana (3)
    Apartment - 11
    Item: Tiara of Darkelf princess, 1 Health Patch (5)
    Ability: Anon's sexy dance. Like trolling, the enemy gets stunned and drops his guns xD 25% effectiveness... [mort: Needs more than four for activation. Dice number rules about effectiveness]
    Not effective on women xD

    Oriri Dolce far Niente Lingo (The Merchant)
    Race - Vampire
    Job - Black Market Salesman
    Character - Very sharp, has foresight. Selfish. Amoral. Switches sides like a six sided dice as long as he gets a bigger piece of the cake...
    Bio - Born to a most affluent family, his father being one of the greatest researchers of his time (cured AIDS) made sure that Oriri Dolce far Niente never had to know what ugliness the world around him allowed into life outside of the system. He grew spoilt, not even a shadow of what his father once was, only tolerated because a higher hand prevented his premature demise. It was a rave, one like any other, it seemed, where Oriri would find the unlife he was always to belong for...
    The vampire was not the man. Oriri took active interest in his father's work and gave the system everything it had truly desired from Dr. Dolce far Niente, a manner of control over it's surroundings. Oriri helped market a drug for those not of the militia, which produced antibodies to all prevelant diseases and rendered the person who consumed them immune to disease. The catch? the immunity was not permanent, the drug was addictive and once consumed eroded the immune system to a specific degree making sure that the drug would remain in demand permanently. The crčme benefitted, never to feel the effects of the corrosive 'vaccine' and Oriri's name was en route to being that of an aristocrat within the system. This made the vampire happy. His kind would soon rule, the man was worthless enough to never really rebel.But there was a rebellion...
    The vampire had enough vision to know where his allegiance would be of benefit...
    The factory had plans. The system was done. He was an asset and he quite liked how the factory worked. He might have been born to the system, but he would be it's bane. The Vaccine program was shut down, the only person having any, now in hiding. The supply now went to the hands of the factory, the name Oriri soon forgotten, now known only as the Merchant. The vaccine still sold, even though the system had begun to worm the 'infected' ones out and the factory continued to benefit...
    weapons - Gun: Bugger (6) + 11 rounds ; Melee weapon: Steel batton (2)
    apartment - 12
    Items: Book of vampires, 4 health patches.
    Character ability - preternatural foresight (passive). has 50% chance to counter any attack thrown at him... [mort: Needs more than three for activation.]

    Boxxy Sak.
    Species: Vampire
    Job: Bartender
    Character/ Personality: Arrogant and deceiving. Loyal to very few, cruel to the rest. Loves the sight of blood being spilled. Cares for her little brother more than she cares of the System or the Factory.
    If not driven by her own motivations, her services can easily be bought for a proper price.
    Background: Related to Vlad the Impaler, Boxxy is one of the few remaining pure vampires. She has the appearance of an 18 year old girl but in reality she has lived hundreds of years. She hates the "low-lifes" of the branch family who had had their blood spoiled by marrying mortals although she herself is tied with one.
    During all these years of life she managed to establish an entire system of attaining blood for her uncontrollable needs. (she even tried being a vagatarian for a couple of times but the best she managed was 3 days of retain).
    The bar she owns is actually the headquarters of a secret production web spred under the city. There are secret places in every part of the town from which a "storage room" can be accessed, always equipped with containers filled with fresh blood or a special melange of tequila & blood. slices of oranges and cinnamon always ready to go.
    Weapons - Gun: Poison Injektor (4) + 6 rounds ; Melee weapon: Throwstars (4)
    Apartment - 14 (Nephrolit Bar).
    Items : Batleatherjacket, 5 Health Patches
    Character Ability:
    Time Freeze.
    Basically, exactly what it says. The ability to freeze time (on a set radius) and thus, movement and sound. The effect is cancelled on whoever she touches. The time of usage is inversly proportional to the radius. Needs more than 4 to activate, time (1-6 seconds), radius (1-6 metres)

    Twoface Knight
    Species : Cyclops
    Character/Personality: Lazy, Oblivious, Easily Distracted by shiny things, (whatever the opposite as risk taker is lol)
    Alternate Personanlity: Loyal, Naive, Stuburn, Dilligent, Risk taker
    Job: Pimp
    Background: His Split personality occured recently, it is an evenl caused but his future self attempting to control his persent self's body in order to to change the future. Reasons for why his future self is doing this are still unknown.
    Weapons - Gun: Bugger (6) + 12 rounds ; Melee weapon : Butterfly (4)
    Apartment - 13
    Items: Helmet of the cyclop, 5 Health Patches (5)
    Ability: Dying Will: Takes a gamble with a Coin in stead a dice, May only have either epic win or epic fail. [mort: The dice will rule on that ability. Needs a four, five or six...
    After that, it's activated four one time only. Head is fail, number is epic win...
    If it's succesful, you can try again to activate it after it ran out...]

    Anton d’Arklus
    Species: Human
    Job: Bouncer
    Character/ Personality: The bleak look in his clear eyes hides the cheerfulness that this man’s soul emanates. At times arrogant and at times humble, Anton’s deceiving traits and persona are hard to read by most. Those who meet d’Arklus can testify that their lives are not the same after the encounter.
    Not necessarily a doer of good deeds, he will be driven to his goals as long as he can have a good chuckle along the way.
    Background: “Forged in the void of night, he is risen up out of the blackness and chaos.”
    Much like the mythos of Rome, Anton’s destiny had the mark of misfortune and splendor written all over. The early loss of his parents and subsequent adoption by an unlikely horde of trolls let to a bizarre, fulgurous and yet somewhat colorful childhood, cut short by the constant convulsion of his surroundings. The anarchic situation in which he lived brought death upon his ‘loved’ ones once again. However, fate’s ways are unpredictable, and so was the life saving intervention of a band of marauder dark elves, which whom he would spend the rest of his upbringing into adulthood.
    After many journeys and mischievous ventures, Anton looks forward on settling down with a curious family of immortal lineage with whom he remembers the many voices and laughter’s of his past…
    Weapons - Gun: Poison Injektor (4) + 9 rounds ; Melee weapon: Crowbar (6)
    Apartment - 15
    Items: Darkelf Facetattoo, 4 Health Patches
    Character Ability: Diamondo Dusto…. no no jk....Ninja trolling - a more subtle and refined way of trolling learnt during the troll-elven upbringing. This subtlety has it’s drawdowns though, 25% effectiveness. [mort: Needs more than four for activation. Dice number rules about effectiveness]

    Rumple "Penguin" Dickens
    Species: Gnome
    Job : Merchant
    Character/ Personality: Rumple was never the sharpest gnome in the shed. But he makes up for his lack of smarts with an expertise in business (or at least he thinks he's an expert.) He has had over 9 failed businesses in the last 30 years of his life. He is easy to frustrate and generally looks down on other people even though he is incredibly small and useless.
    Weapons - Gun: Bugger (6) + 10 rounds ; Melee weapon: Special Ops Knife (7) - (dice 6 + 1)
    Items: Meteoroid stone ; 3 health patches
    Apartment - 16
    Ability: Rumble's ability to run 50% faster when in trouble.[mort: Needs more than two for activation]

    Species: Ogre
    Job: gogo dancer. I hope it's what I think it is. XD
    Personality: Flirty 'n Dirty.
    Background: Spurgu the gogo dancer was dancing around happily under a rainbow. Then suddenly a pimp comes by and says it's "go time!" so spruggu goes.
    Weapons - Gun: Bugger (6) + 10 rounds ; Melee weapon : Club (5)
    Apartment - 17
    Items: Book of farts, 5 Health Patches (5).
    Ability: Ass grab. Grabs the opponents ass, leading into a hot, sweaty make out. Makes the opponent fall in love and unable to hurt spruggu on the next round. 100% accuracy.[mort: Needs more than four for activation. Dice number rules about effectiveness]

    Species: Dwarf
    Job: Bounty hunter
    Character/ Personality: smily, cheeky, usually level headed, but agressive when annoyed, grumpy at least twice a week, and not really fond of taking showers or baths.
    Background: As a child, he lived in a small nomad group of dwarves, by the time living in the outskirts of a town. His camp was raided by rogue trolls and orcs. Along with the few survivors, he headed to the town, where they tried to make a living. He tried being a thief, but was easily caught. Reproached by his fellow dwarves, he left the group and tried to get around on his own. He committed petty crimes, and among other things, he irritated the local thugs.
    He's been roughed up by ogre bodyguards almost to the death, so he's not particularly fond of the members of that race, and is usually wary around them. As a repayment for his actions, he was used as a not really good jack of all trades taking care of obscure assignments such as assassination - but nothing really big or complex, often being in charge of the cleaning the witnesses and disposal of the corpses.
    As one of his when part of the underworld, perhaps the most important mission given to him, he had to take down a lab which specialized in genetic engeneering. A bit too interested in the subject, he failed and upon not accomplishing the task, he was used as test subject by the enemy and later released into a gutter, seeing as the cientists were displeased with the results - a temporary human transformation, so to speak, which also made him a bit disfigured. His employers couldn't care less about him and so they made no moves to help him and left him to die as punishment for his failure.//
    That illegal and unappealing way of life made his childhood and teenage days lack the naive thoughts of infant innocence.
    Having lived through so much, he finally decided to take it easy. He spent 10 years learning about various kinds of craftsmanship, living with a gentle blacksmith dwarf, who happened to take him in after finding him in the gutter. That isolation made him mild. And whenever dealing with clients for his landlord, he'd learn the ways of sympathy, smiling and acting nicely. Finally, he decided to leave and get a job of his own. Another ten years passed by as he met and dealt with people in various areas, studying their actions while trying to figure something out for himself. One day, by chance, he discovered his blacksmith friend had been arrested and killed. It turns out the man was actually wanted for quite a number of crimes in days of old. As he learned that, he felt anger and vented it off on the bounty hunter who aprehended his friend. He recalled a certain excitement he only felt when executing his missions back in his youth. Having nothing better to do, he decided to become a bounty hunter himself. Current age, 43 years old.
    Weapons - Gun: Snake (5) + 8 rounds ; Melee weapon : Army Knife (6)
    Apartment - 18
    Items: Crimson vampire seal, 6 Health Patches (5).
    5. Shapeshift - during (Dice x 5 minutes) he can rearrange his mass and adjust his skin to a more slender form, resembling an average human adult (equipment and cloth must be taken off beforehand); such form allows him to negate the dwarf usual slowness, but also makes his flesh more vulnerable (in case he engages into a fight, for instance) due to the strain on the body. There's also a delay of (dice x 2 minutes) till the transformation is complete.
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    Species: Werewolf.
    Job : Bouncer.
    Character/ Personality: lone wolf(duh), but likes kids and small animals. Is slow to anger, but once his is pissed all hell breaks loose .
    Background: Henchy was normal human working in the seediest club in town, until he heard a woman's scream. After following the sounds he finds himself in front of a 8 foot tall white werewolf. To this day, Henchy hunts the one who turned him.
    Weapons - Gun: Mosquito (1) + 9 rounds ; Melee weapon: Crowbar (6)
    Apartment - 1
    Item: Necklace with Wolftooth, 1 Health Patch (5).
    Henchy's ability: Ricochet shot, double the damage of a shot that you think misses you. 25% chance of success .[mort: Needs more then a three for activation.]

    Mouse van Troll
    Species: Troll
    Job: Black market seller
    Character/ Personality: Greedy cunning bastard. He will always try to get what he wants and will resort to violence to get it.
    Background: Travels from city to city always staying with the new flow information. Due to being able to supply information to big wig he often gets greedy when it come to prices. Will sell any information for a price. Even willing to keep quite about information if paid enough....
    Weapons - Gun: Mosquito (1) + 6 rounds ; Melee weapon: Hidden dagger (2)
    Apartment - 2
    Items: Collection of Shrunken Heads, 2 Health Patches (5)
    Ability: Packpack: Hold 6 items in it.[mort: Alright with heavy items and weapons, makes eight weapons maximum. Requires more the three for weapon change during battle.]

    Species: Ork
    Job: Mercenary
    Character/ Personality: A neutral type in conflicts of all sorts, resolves in holding positions instead of taking the fight to the opposition. A kind of Ork who decides to talk first unless his weapons already drawn on the poor bastard ^^.
    Background: "Most of my life revolved around the oceans & seas for I took up the job of being a guard for a small fishing organization. Being disliked by most of the crew that I worked for, I was generally set aside by being left in the Crow's Nest. When dangers did strike though, no one would hesitate to try warning the one person who could see the threat coming from high above the terrified laborers. This was my life until I realized that I could be payed a lot more for my favorable talents by being security or a solider for various low-life. Now I find myself working for another employer but having to live in an apartment at this new battlefield. Maybe my greed will be quenched at death here? I just hope that mercy comes to give me a chance to eat this ornage hanging from my neck as a last meal (he wears an orange on his necklace ^^)."
    Weapons - Gun: Stinger (3) + 8 rounds ; Melee weapon: Steel batton (2)
    Apartment - 3
    Items: Ork mitten, 3 Health Patches.
    Ability: Calm Mind, allows Gunmetal to have a higher chance of evading/blocking his enemies attack by 15%. [mort: Needs more than two for activation.]

    Zia S. McGavin
    Species: Elf
    Job: Detective
    Character/ Personality: Smooth, sexy, steadfast, swift, and sometimes sensitive. Zia's an elf, but he ain't no pencil-pushing elf, nor is he a prissy-boy elf, he is the elf exception. He's the kind of elf who's got a sharp eye, quick wit, and the voice of a cigarette-smoking angel. He's the kind of elf who can get down and dirty, with crime and with the ladies. Awww yeah.
    Background: Not a lot of people visit this bar, but then again, The Ogre's Teat isn't exactly the best name for an establishment, drinking or otherwise. I was sitting at the counter with a glass of cheap bourbon when this foxy dame comes in through the door. She sat next to me and ordered a margarita. "What brings a fine lady like yourself to a place like this?" I asked her as I lit a smoke. "Oh Zia," she said in a silky voice, "What's the S in your name stand for?" Not one to refuse a lady, I replied, "The S is for Shooter, baby, I'm deadly with a piece." "And why's a good-lookin' like yourself not up topside making big bucks posin' in underwear catalogs?" "Because I was an orphan boy. I grew up around these parts and they're all I know. I was found here, raised here, and I'll probably die around here." The dame smiled and took a sip of her margarita. "Were you sent to kill me?" I asked bluntly. She coughed and set her drink down. "Why would you ever get that idea?" "Because you have a gun in your purse, I can smell it." Silence. She suddenly reached into her purse but I got my firearm out first and pointed it at her head, "Choke on this, baby." Bang.
    Weapons - Gun: Stinger (3) + 8 rounds ; Melee weapon: Shuriken (6)
    Apartment - 4
    Items: Ancient Key, 1 Health Patch (5)
    Character Ability: So what if he's an elf, Zia isn't afraid to get down and dirty. Combined with his detective skills, he's pretty good at stalking people without them knowing it and he sets women straight with a good, HOT DICKING. [mort: More than two for activation. Dice number rules about effectiveness.]

    Egan "Tanker" Vagrantia
    Species: Vampire
    Job: Photographer
    Character: Unusual vampire who’s friendly to everybody, often forgetting his lust for blood :P
    Background: A thousand years old vampire, outcasted from the royal vampire family because of something he didn’t do. Deciding he’s not the type for royal life, he tries his best to blend in well with others by becoming a photographer. *CLICK* To find a sexy model *CLICK* to identify the target *CLICK* to feast on blood…. xD
    Weapons - Gun: Stinger (3) + 4 rounds ; Melee weapon: Stiletto (3)
    Apartement - 5
    Items: Camera, 6 Health Patches (5)
    Ability: Raging Clash, launch a 3 consecutive attack in one blow (activate when life points under 50%). [mort: Needs more than three for activation. Dice number rules about effectivity]

    Chris "Jesus" Tee
    Job: Militia
    Character: Friendly to everyone. Almost disturbingly so. Believes there is no such thing as "evil". "Insane" or "Saintly" depending on how you look at him. A fanatic in anyone's book.
    Background: Through some inexplicable circumstances, Chris wakes up in a strange world filled with monstrocities and darkness. A "living saint" in his own world, he wanders this twisted universe, not seeking a way home, but for a way to "redeem the souls of this world", whatever that means. Perhaps the answer lies with the "order" the goverment has. Or perhaps redemption can only come through sword and fire. "The hand of the Creator guides all".
    Weapons - Gun: Bugger (6) + 10 rounds ; Melee Weapon: Knife (1)
    Appartment - 6
    Items: Holy Cross, 1 Health Patch (5)
    Abilities: Reincarnation - Through the grace of his god, he can come back to life after having been killed. Can only be activated once a day. How much life he has on ressurection depends on a roll - 1 = fail (he stays dead), 2 = 1/5, 3 = 2/5, 4 = 3/5 and so forth.

    Vlad aka BlueDemon
    Species: Vampire
    Job : Barman
    Character/ Personality & Background:
    Height: 1,82 m
    Weight: 85 kg
    Appearance: See my sig
    "Who I am?You....donīt wanna know.Even I donīt know who I am anymore, after 10s,100s or even 1000s of years of existence.The only thing I can tell you, you foolish mortal : Donīt mess with ME!!!!"
    Vlad is a very old vampire,perhaps older than the system itself.After so many years of existence,he made his own path,a path that can be bloody,yet very wise...Although he tries not to underestimate other people and to always be prepared for every situation,he is sometimes arrogant because of his powers and knowledge.He has learned to take advantage of others and can be manipulative at times,but he is dependable when he is needed....
    He surely is gonna end up on the side he thinks is the best....but the question is: The Best for Him,or The World?
    Weapons - Gun: Mosquito (1) + 6 rounds ; Melee weapon: Hidden dagger (2)
    Apartment - 7
    Items: Skull of an elf, 6 Health Patches (5)
    Character ability:Might of the Ancients: Gets the best out of situations & heightened battle ability [donīt have the time to really think what exactly that might be,but itīs something like having a critical hit more often or blocking a heavy hit]. [mort: More than three for activation. Dice number rules about effectivity]

    R3dknight the Chimera
    Job: Thug
    height: 1.80(while standing)
    (he's 3 m long from tail to his mouth)
    He once volunteer to be a new beta tester for MicroScum new OS BSoD 7
    but somehow end up in their Chimera genetics department.
    He's now 50% human and 50% crocodile Chimera
    because of his new bulky croc-like appearance and his desire to stay in wet humid places
    he now spend most of his free time in the sewer, hunting mutants rats as a hobby.
    he's favorite meal are genuine Transylvania BAT-cheese pizza
    weapons - Gun: Stinger (3) + 7 rounds ; Melee weapon: Club (5)
    apartment - 8
    items: map of the sewers, 1 Health Patch (5)
    his special ability: His tick reptilian skin proves to be a good armor against melee attacks.
    and he posses a very strong set of razor sharp teeth(which he brush three times a day).
    [mort: Armour plus added during battle. Dice rules: 4=+1; 5=+2; 6=+3 on defense]

    Species: Elf
    Appearance: Often found sporting a glazed look and slight smile
    Job: Assassin
    Character/ Personality: Arrogant, stand-offish and convinced of superiority of intellect and physical prowess. Sadly there is no basis for this self-belief. Easily offended and easily flattered.
    Background: From a young age, Stuyvesant knew he was destined for greatness. His tutors and weapons masters were simply too narrow minded to see the potential for greatness hidden deep within him. His failure to excel in every field of elven lore convinced him that his village just wasn’t geared for his kind of genius. Stuyvesant now travels looking for some way to show the world the just how amazing he is. Although manual labour is below one of his stature, he has been known to take odd jobs of the homicidal variety. Sadly, he is mediocre at this as well.
    Weapons - Gun: Bugger (6) + 8 rounds ; Melee weapon: Army Knife (5)
    Apartment - 9
    Items: Piece of a broken Elf sword, 2 Health Patches
    Ability: Blind rage – enemy becomes so irritated with Stuyvesant that their chance to hit decreases by 50%. [mort: Needs more than three for activation.]


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