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    Default TMGX Day 1 - A taste of things to come


    Urameshi and Rasagal surveyed their surroundings. The moon was full, illuminating the night with its cream light. The night was mild and light wind blew. The village of StopTazmo looked peaceful, serene, ripe for the taking.

    “We could own this place” Urameshi said to Razzy, “They’re nothing but a bunch of small town hicks”

    “Dodgy pictures, that’s where we should start” said Razzy, getting excited, “Once they’re hooked, they’re ours. I’ve got some experience, leave it to me.”

    “Yeah,” Ura smiled, “First we take StopTazmo, then Manhatten”

    “What, all by yourselves?” The voice like sounded from behind them. It was a smooth voice, controlled. The sound chilled Ura and Razzy to the bone. Turning around they saw a figure in the shadows.

    “Who the hell are you?” Ura asked, his voice louder than he intended. His nerves were getting to him.

    “Kill them” the voice from the shadows whispered. “This town is ours. It’s about time we send a message. It’s important for people to know who’s in charge here”.

    Another shape stepped out of the shadows. Razzy and Ura stared at the hard face in front of them. This was no small time crook, but a cold blooded killer. They had made a terrible mistake.

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Day 1

    The sun had risen on another beautiful day in happy village of StopTazmo. Birds were singing, bees were, um, buzzing or something, all was right with the world. Mele and Adonai were out for a walk, enjoying the crisp morning air.

    “And I half a mind to put my foot in hi...” Mele halted mid sentence

    “What is it? Why'd you, aaaahhhh” shrieked Adonai, spotting the corpse. The scream brought most of the town running.

    “What? What? Did I miss something?” exclaimed Bisko - the first to arrive.

    Ura and Razzy's bodies had been hung from a tree. Some body parts appeared to be missing. A note was pinned to Ura's chest - 'This town is ours'

    “What in the name of Spam happened here?” said R3d. A group was now beginning to gather.

    “I've seen this kind of thing before, a long time ago” Vince murmured in a low voice.

    “Yeah, the mafia are back” said Kiam

    “Assuming they ever left,” Comp said, staring around furiously. “They could be right here, right now!”

    “Him,” shouted Be0wulf, pointing to GmG. “What kinda name is Gunmetal anyway? Sounds mafia to me, lynch him!”

    “No, it must be Darkus - this only happened after he came back.” GmG proclaimed.

    “Yeah, him and that other one – Kniteowl. I haven't seen this ‘Owl guy’ around here before” Ziazca joined in.

    “No - this must be someone who's well established,” Sakura said thoughtfully, “Lynch Digi!”

    “Yeah, lynch them all!” Henchy smiled manically.

    “Lynch the mafia!” The call resounded.

    “Enough!” shouted Infamouse. “This is getting us nowhere. If we're going to do this, let's do this together”.

    And so the people of StopTazmo came together to rid themselves of the mafia for once and for all. They would do this democratically - 1 vote per person and majority rules. They wouldn't stop until they were sure that the town was their's again.

    “This is perfect,” the Godfather whispered to his Underling. “We'll get them to do our work for us”.

    “But why not just kill them all now?” the Underling asked.

    “Idiot, we don’t know what skills they have. We'll just weed out the trouble makers. Also, we move in the shadows”. The Godfather smiled to himself. This wasn't part of his original plan, but that didn't matter. He always found a way to come out on top.
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    Time order of events: Lynch (Everyone), Conversion (Godfather), Present Arms (Sniper), Signal Flare (Medic), Heroism (Townie), Save (Med), Perfect Kill (Manipulator), Mafia Hit, Sniper/Vigilant Kill, Dawn Kill (Underling), Deception (Manipulator), Investigate, Detailed Review (Investigator), the next day.

    Please put your lynch targets in bold in your post for ease of reading. ‘No lynch’ may only be voted on the first day. Thereafter majority of votes means lynch. In the case of a tie, whoever got the votes first, gets lynched.

    For rules please check here Link
    If you need to contact me, either pm me here, or mail me at Please don’t sign me up for pr0n or anything.

    Players still standing

    1) Henchy432
    2) sakura_hana
    3) be0wulf
    4) infamouse
    5) darkus-s6
    6) R3dknight
    7) _Vincent_
    9) Digital_Eon
    10) Kiamnenieh
    11) el bisko
    12) Ziazca
    13) Gunmetal Grey
    14) Compjotr
    15) mele-3-4
    16) kniteowl

    8 votes required for a lynch.

    Townies win when all the mafia (4) are dead.
    Mafia win when they and the Townies have equal numbers.

    At the end of each day I will give the names of the three lowest posters, regardless of whether or not the sniper conditions have been met.
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    Game on. Let ping Digi, she could either save us or kill us.

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    Ping her...
    if she's mafia
    we'll roll her down the hill.

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    over there!


    “No - this must be someone who's well established,” Sakura said thoughtfully, “Lynch Digi!”
    lol, I completely agree with myself. xD

    A recommendation rather than a rule, would be for people to use non ST accounts for pm’s.

    This would reduce the change of mails accidentally going to the wrong person.
    oh lol. But that would kill all the fun now wouldn't it ? ^__^

    ...but all in all it seems the mafia really has the upper hand here.. O__O
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    errr Don't expect much from me today I am a bit sick. I should be back tomorrow...

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    i have no idea whats going on.

    but YAY!

    i got a mention!!

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    Attention please townie-scum

    After analysing our (most importantly my) situation the mafia community has decided that I should do something usefull before getting pinged tonight and killed tomorrow.
    Therefore I will act as a messenger and tell you this: You are all going to die. Horribly.

    Secondy: sniper, PM me before I die. Your desperation ability "Present Arms" is stupid and should not be used ... also, we need you more than we need me.
    (You will met some friends and get your first kill tomorow, isn't that great? :D)

    btw, I'm doing this because I won't be active this game. At all.
    I have hoped to become a normal townie so that the mafia has someone to kill on day one, so this is realy unfortunate because being mafia is actually pretty cool ...

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    ...Well, it's definitely true that the sniper can't kill me... Not sure what's up with Comp's message, though. Definitely sounds like he's part of the Mafia. Um...

    Sorry, it's been so long my skills are a bit rusty.

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    What? What? Did I miss something?


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