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Thread: TTG Game over

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    Default TTG Game over

    Day 8 The rise of the new Order

    After the whole street massacre was finally cleared up. The people of the town grew suspicious of each other. The days when the mafias were around were nothing compared to the paranoia that was sweeping the whole town. "A lynching is in order" That was the first step made by the townies suggested by Sakura. She claimed that they have to start lynching people to catch these murderers. Drop was the first person to be suspected by her. Drop just nodded and accepted it as it was a majority vote by everyone.

    Drop gets the royal suite prison. an obvious favoritism by the sheriff

    When the sun finally sets. Mouse was horrified when he went out of his toilet. He found that he's... um Human size female doll that he left in his bed was shot a couple of times and there are traces that it was attacked twice in that night. He found himself lucky as he accidentally fell asleep in the toilet when the two attackers came for him. "It was a good thing that I left my lights off or they would have noticed that it wasn't me"

    Mouse, seeing the situation, was left but no choice to contact his leader directly. It was forbidden for them to make contact but this was an emergency and should be forgiven.

    A phone call was made and soon after more calls were made through the town. It was for a meeting

    The three leaders have decided to hold a gathering as they have seen that the results were clear.

    "This truly is unexpected. Everyone in my group is either in jail or dead. I suspect that you two lot had a lot to do with this."

    "It is a competition. Don't be a sore loser. Look at me. I only have one supporter left and I have decided to fold and give the title to him"

    "Yes. This little game is over and I have some spare time before the start of the candidacy"

    Then a toast. To our new leader and for the rise of our organization. Today we will conquer this pitiable town and make it our own utopia


    1. Stuyvesant : Dead. Smoking in hell while playing poker with devil
    2. Kiamnenieh : Dead and has decided to visit Gum on heaven
    3. Raszagal : In Prison with Ziazca <3
    4. sakura_hana: alive and well ... with her pet cat ^^
    5. R3DKnight: Gun crazy murderer and yet no one suspected him
    6. Ziazca: in prison and still loving it
    7. Gunmetal Gray : bored to death in heaven
    8. Infamouse: Alive and well. Survival specialist
    9. dropkerplop: In prison and enjoying the sauna at the moment
    10. el bisko: Alive and might end up in prison again
    11. Henchy : Dead and has met Kiam on the way to heaven
    12. Compjotr : dead and losing in poker


    day 1
    Comp and Kiam went on a death match
    Ziazca goes to jail

    items bought
    Knife: Kiam, Comp and Ziazca
    body double: Infamouse
    mask: R3d

    day 2
    Comp and Kiam's death match continues
    Raszagal pings sakura
    el bisko pings R3d

    items bought
    Seer sphere: Razzy, el bisko, Gunmetal gray

    day 3
    Comp and Kiam ends up killing each other
    Raszagal pings el bisko
    el bisko sends 1G to R3d
    sakura sends 2G to R3d
    Gum pings Raz
    el bisko pings Stuy
    Stuy pings sakura

    R3d will receive 4G instead of 1 at the start of day 4

    Items bought:
    Seer sphere: Stuy

    day 4
    R3d shoots Mouse while wearing a mask but Mouse has a body double
    Razzy pings Henchy
    el bisko pings Razzy
    Gunmetal pings Henchy
    el bisko sends 1G to sakura
    Stuy pings Razzy

    items bought
    Gun: R3d

    day 5
    Stuy pings Henchy
    Razzy pings Stuy
    Stuy transfers 3G to sakura
    Gunmetal pings Drop
    R3d shoots Gum with a mickey mouse mask well he wanted to but he doesn't have a mask like that

    items bought:
    body double: infamouse
    Gun: sakura

    day 6
    sakura shoots Henchy while wearing a mask
    R3d shoots Stuy while wearing a mask
    sakura transfers 2G to R3d
    Henchy attacks R3d with a knife and mask

    Bisko is freed with a bribery bag and will be free on day 7

    items bought:
    mask: sakura, Henchy
    Knife: Henchy

    day 7
    bisko is freeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!
    sakura shoots mouse with a mask but mouse has another body double. he just won't die doesn't he
    R3d also tries to kill mouse... you know the results

    Groups and items:
    Group A:
    1. Stuyvesant-seer sphere
    2. Kiamnenieh-knife
    3. Raszagal - seer sphere
    7. Gunmetal Gray - seer sphere

    Group B:
    4. sakura_hana-gun-mask
    5. R3Dknight -mask-gun
    6. Ziazca -Knife
    10. el bisko -seer sphere

    Group C:
    8. Infamouse-body double
    9. Dropkerplop
    11. Henchy432-knife-mask
    12. Compjotr-knife

    I have decided to end the game earlier on as the only living players that are not in prison are mouse and the whole group B. Even if they do transfer money to him. He wouldn't have received it on time and he would have ended up getting lynched. sorry about the delay on the new day. I hate this interference that we get on our internet. I'm switching to cable as soon as we can. >_<

    Game over!
    Congrats Group B!

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    Fun game^

    Congrats sakura, R3d, Zia & Bisko

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    Things went so well, it was almost exactly as I planned it! ^^
    I'm going to get revenge on Zia though... I told you guys It was an option... I agreed that it kinda sucked. Who knew it actually was a good one...
    I give the plan's execution credit to r3d and sakura since I went to jail. They made the plan go MUCH better than I imagined.
    But I'm proud that we had three of our group by day 3.
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    Boobs? What the hell are those?

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    the dumbest mistake in the history of ST turned out to be a blessing. Sorry Stuy to have deceived you.I wouldn't have resumed to such methods normally.

    Also, bisko I hope you realize I did all of this for your sake. My death was all nicely planned out and all until you ruined it. Lawl.
    So I guess we can be allies after all.^__^

    @bisko: no you didn't. We all agreed it was not worth it.
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    Well, I didn't mean it like that, so I edited it. Sorry.

    EDIT: I read the description on the body double. It said protect from one attack for one knight. He got attacked twice. This sucks... I wanted him to die at least. Guess I just have to go after him in the next game.
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    Boobs? What the hell are those?

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    LOL. And I didn't mean it like that. XD
    I had nothing against your post whatsoever.

    I'm just really happy we were allies this time, that's all.

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    Oh LOL.
    victory again.

    We should have freed Zia from Jail.
    and it Henchy who tried to Kill me?
    I thought it was Mouse

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    Quote Originally Posted by R3dKnight View Post

    We should have freed Zia from Jail.
    ... Hell. No. He did something dumb, let him rot and pay for it. >,>

    @Sakura: I'm glad we turned out to be in the same group too. It made the plan go way better than what I had it set out to be. I thought it would have to be a 2-way tie thing.

    On a side note, group C did quite bad...
    Boobs? What the hell are those?

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    nice game!^^
    @comp nice duel!
    since we just killed eachother means that we have to decide our war in another game...

    so who is going to host the next one?

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    I was planing on killing sakura tonight.

    and sakura you tried to kill me and you red you tried twice >:{

    Damn you people damn you


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