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Thread: ATOM: Day 5

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    Default ATOM: Day 5

    It was midday in Eastwood and most of the townies were in cheerful moods making a breakthrough in their investigation. Kiamnenieh was dead, and Compjotr seemed screwed.

    The mastermind behind this breakthrough, however, took no heed to the festivities and was back to work. Bipolar had been trailing Compjotr to try to confront him since Kiam's hanging, and had been unsuccessful for nearly a full day. He finally caught him coming out of the porno store as he attempted to scurry home.

    "You're up next," proclaimed bipolar as he walked towards his victim.
    Compjotr looked white-faced.
    "Wait!" he sputtered.
    "I am the prostitute. And I was trying to work with the mafia.
    Can you please let me go?
    I won't target townies anymore. I'll probably be killed by the mafia now anyways."

    Bipolar stopped in his tracks.
    Comp straightened up and said,
    "Besides, I have information to share. Aurora is definitely one of the other mafia. I found out when I gave her AIDS yesterday."
    Bipolar opened his mouth to speak, then closed it, and then opened it again and said, "Okay, I'll trust you. But you have to give me all the information you have. And if you live, you have to work for the townies."

    And that's how the plot against Aurora was set before the next town meeting convened.

    During this episode, Aurora was sick to the core. Her PHIV had progressed into PAIDS, and forced her to stay in the hospital to receive antiviral cocktails to inhibit the symptoms of PAIDS.

    Despite her poor condition, Aura was determined to have judgment brought on the whore who caused her troubles. The next day she went to the town meeting, wheeled in by a hospital attending, and paid silent attention till bipolar accused her.
    She initially countervoted her accuser, but received a volley of opposition after her incendiary vote. She and bipolar later discussed the situation in private, and took off the charges against each other.

    But the damage was done. Not all of bandwagoners were active to see this reconciliation, and one vote against aurora went unnoticed by many (if not all) of the townies.

    Whether Comp missed the other vote or was just ignorant to the way the townies defined the meeting rules shall never be known. In any case, his vote against bisko tied with Ziazca's vote against aurora. Because there was a tie in the votes, there was no victor in the vote count, as required of the person sentenced for lynching (rule quote: "Executions will require the largest plurality of votes. Once a player..."). The tie resulted in a nullification of the lynch.

    The mafia, undeterred by the death of a comrade, continued working as usual. Digital_Eon was found dead in the shower the next morning. She was naked, wet, and still had a shocked expression when the police found her. The strangest feature of her corpse were the several clumps of missing flesh and incisions that littered her body.

    Her body was sent to a forensic dentist for further examination.

    Digital_Eon was a townie.
    Player List:
    1) infamouse
    4) R3dknight
    5) bipolargraph
    7) Jakko
    10) compjotr
    11) raszagal
    12) ziazca
    13) el bisko
    15) Aurora86-has AIDS

    3) adonai
    6) Evail691
    2) darkus-s6
    9) kiamnenieh
    14) sirusboon
    Digital Eon

    Rules are posted here.

    Day ends in 36 hrs. Night Phase gets 12 hrs after that.
    Stolen Sig Count: 26

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    Drama in towny-land.

    With DE death.
    we just need more clues instead of Aurora and Comp

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    Ewwww... why couldn't I just get shot in the head or something.

    On that note - brains? =)

    Couldn't resist. No, won't talk anymore.

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    ....... so no lynch kill
    Last edited by infamouse; 05-24-2008 at 09:20 PM.

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    No problemo, we just go for what DE wanted, but why did comp go for bisko? He the last mafia?
    I'm afraid that aurora might be a townie, but we'll find out tomorrow.
    Edit: Didn't comp vote on the night phase?
    Ok, lets vote comp, we can't completely trust him, and we don't know if he'll make it harder for us to find the last mafia. (Considering the aurora is a mafia not a townie, but we'll find out tomorrow.)
    @guard: Please contact me now...
    Last edited by bipolargraph; 05-25-2008 at 12:27 AM.

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    I agree, Comp was in allignment with Kiam, and him goin after a random townie can only mean bad news. Vote comp'

    But we dont got that many left..I dont think a mass lynching would be the answer. Lets wait to see what the others say..

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    Yeah you're right, mass lynching is not the way to go.
    Worst case scenario- Aurora is a townie. Which would mean there are going to be three kills today (aurora/comp/someone else), and two mafia left.

    9-3=6 with 2 mafia. 4 townies, two mafia. So tomorrow we can't make a mistake.
    However, I contacted the seer, and the guardian contacted us. So we have 2 confirmed (not putting their names up :P ). Therefore :
    (considering me/aurora/comp die tonight, doesn't matter though, someone else will come out to talk instead of me):
    We have four suspects (excluding seer and guardian) out of those six people. Either one, or two of them are mafia.
    el bisko

    edit:goin for redknight
    Last edited by bipolargraph; 05-25-2008 at 09:26 AM.

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    I gotta notice when new days are up >.>

    I suggest ye either kill comp or Jakko (Even if he is just quiet/inactive it Could be cause he's mafia and laying low being the smart player he is.)

    I'm dying anywho so wasting a vote on me would imo be tragic.
    Sorry I suspected you Digi! (Yes I announced a suspicion! :O I must be mafia!! :O )
    Bipo come onto irc and talk to me we can plot mafia downfall.

    I swear I am a Townie (Ye can have a look at previous games I don't lie when I 'swear' I might mislead but I do not lie. i.e "I'm not a werewolf" when it was the vampire version etc. ehehe)

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    Wasn't redknight made into a clam? Eh whatever... redknight

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    wut you all starting to bandwagon me??

    It wasn't my fault that your CLAM leader starting to go sleeping with the Prostitute
    for false Info.

    I vote Comp
    Last edited by R3dKnight; 05-25-2008 at 10:51 AM.


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