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Thread: TMG/Day4/Whyme?

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    Bisko, I know that my militancy is suspicious, but I have basically been trading words with Evail since yesterday when I initially voted him to see whether he was legit in his claim of being the seer. Unfortunately, he slipped up when he tried to fly this logic past me:

    Considering who is left Mafia suspects have been narrowed down quite a bit.

    confirmed roles
    You: *******
    Infa: *******
    me [Evail]: seer


    Kaim: role?
    DE: ....if we go by what bipolar wrote there was at least the attempt by mafia so that rules her out. But leaves her with few roles to fill.
    ElBisko: ?
    Razzy: ? (on a side note i dont even know who this person is..)
    Adonai: ...[more on him later]


    Jakko: ...?
    Comp: ...teleporter/stalker/ psycho lover??
    ziazca:...dont know
    r3d:CONFIRMED martyer

    Remaining roles confirmed:
    mafia x2

    Unaccounted for roles
    Clam leader - can wait to find out if they are around still tonight since their role works every 3 nights..i think?
    Stalker <- might be good to call on this person to help?
    Psycho lover x2
    Notice anything wrong with this? Oh, wait, why hasn't the seer have the identities of the people he pinged in the last 2 days (since Evail admitted being inactive on day 1)?

    It doesn't add up, so I vote Evail691.

    Bisko, and others reading this thread, I urge you to vote Evail for not proving his innocence and pulling crap when we gave him the chance to yesterday.

    P. S. Think about what I just did. If I was a mafia, would I vote against a person who could easily swing the vote against me? Wouldn't voting another townie and having an epic multilynch make more sense in this scenario?
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    Evail=evil....(i just got his name)

    can't have a four way lynch

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    Well, if he pinged infamouse (who seems to be confirmed somehow) and R3d, then I suppose... but it does look a little weird to me. :/ Four roled townies are currently dead, and Ziazca was known to Light, it seems. For all we know, the seer could have died days ago.

    On another note, I wasn't contacted by the other psycho, which means he's either dead (which I hope - that'd mean the better roles are alive) or he's just smart enough to know that it's better to split up and lose the extra kill. Alternatively, he's a moron.

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    I'm not one to go with the masses on lynching unless I need to... However since it's not like you are going to get lynched anyway, I'm changing my vote to placeholder.

    EDIT: on a side note, don't a lot of the wierdest of the mafia game events happen to or have to do with me? O_o (this has nothing to do with this game.)
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    Right, Time to lynch evail....


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