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    Quote Originally Posted by Digital_Eon View Post
    Yeah, I get that feeling too. :/ Honestly, I don't really want to be pinged either... I'm always paranoid of dying to the point where I'd do nearly anything to get out of it. I'd even rather be on the losing side as long as I'm alive at the end of the game. >_<;;

    ...but that's probably not something I should be saying, is it... you've got me really scared...
    nice acting. but urm.....but what are you actually saying?

    I wish I knew what you were thinking.lawl

    Quote Originally Posted by bipolargraph View Post
    Lol@ adonai trying to talk his way out of a ping. :P
    no he didn't.
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    Calm down.

    Hysterics won't help anybody right now.

    Let us see who dies tonight, and let us see what those living(either adonai or bipolar) say in their defence.
    In the meantime, I am curious as to why Vincent, Evail, and Kykashi are so silent.

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    ^hmm who knows...

    as for kykashi, he used to be quite talkative in the last(his first) game...
    vincent made a few post in this game evail too, thay're both suspiciously silent, thats
    true, but maybe they just don't want to participate in the current discussions...

    or maybe they're just inactive...
    let's wait what the night brings...

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    There's not really much I can say in my defense, except that bipolar has a history of really really wanting me dead.

    There's only a couple of things I can think of that can actually prove things definitively, and they all involve a confluence of events that I don't really see happening.

    On example would be either irecinius or urameshi being the seer and the medium happens to pick the right one, then I would be in the clear. I'd hope that that doesn't happen though, for obvious reasons.

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    I definitely wouldn't say this means bipolar is innocent, though. He could still be a mafioso - obviously, he hasn't been pinged - even if the seer did contact him. It could be that adonai is a mafioso that bipolar wants to sacrifice to make himself look innocent - if the coroner confirms it and contacts him, well, coroner's dead, and that's an important role.

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    uhm ... nightphase anyone?

    I knew I would come home ~10 minutes before the start of the new day and send the PMs and results in advance, that didn't mean you can start talking at night now...
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