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    Day 5 The Town of Wolves

    Evail and el bisko's bickering might be infectous as the sun has just barely risen and we could already see that Sirus and Kolox were arguing in the town plaza. It seems that they found out that the explosion last night did kill a wolf. Sirus is now eager in killing more and Kolox fits Sirus image of a wolf. The others tired of trying to stop arguments from growing and has decided that they'll just lynch by voting. A Ballot box was place in the Ex-mayor's manor and people can only vote once. Finally even though this was going to end with another person's death. It was moving forward in a civilised manner.

    And the votes were in. SIRUS gets the majority votes.

    Sirus was shocked. He's senses only came back when he was already in the gallows and Kolox's had already tied him up tightly. He wanted to yell but Kolox's had slit his throat and kicked him on the ground. He was constantly kicking him to pump his blood out of his body. seconds later ... he was dead.

    The Townspeople just wondered how can the votes end up in Kolox's favour but it was an anonymous voting so they wouldn't know who voted who...

    Everyone was puzzled yet they have decided to call it a day

    As the sun set. Two people were walking hand in hand towards Kolox's house.

    "So the party's at Kolox's house eh Kiam"

    "Sure is. You were pretty drunk last night Celestial. y'sure you'll handle another sleepless night"

    "pfft. the question is will you?"

    As they got nearer. They notice that people in hoods were entering Kolox's house all of them seem to walk awkwardly. The two simply look at each other and asked "A Costume Party? Why weren't we informed?". They definitely have a lot of questions to ask but it seems more and more questions were popping up. As they looked through Kolox's window. The Hooded people were all chanting and praying in a circle.

    Chiza went and smack them at the back with a "Yo! Not going in?". Before they could say anything. She dragged them both with out any effort, her strength wasn't human. When they've reached the middle of the house. They can see Kolox's in the middle of the hooded crowd kneeling in front of Bipolar.

    "Ah guest" Bipolar smiled "Perfect! we just finish the ritual. Do come in and join the celebration"

    it finally dawned on them. Bipolar and the others are ... WOLVES

    "Do not worry. I don't plan on killing you two. I will need as much helping hand as I can get. My army will grow and with this. I could hunt Vincent down. Heh The Hunter will now be the hunted".

    The night went slowly as the two were binded and branded to become wolves.

    "Tomorrow. We shall subdue this town. Then we will collect the Mystical balls and bring Adonai and Comp back. Then In a week I would be able to build my army ... and my 4 Generals will lead it" Bipolar muttered " and then I'll be able save my brother Mojo"

    ... years has passby

    The News of a mass murder from a nearby town was soon to be forgotten. You could see an old newspaper to be thrown away with a picture of a couple of young men in a pub [20 People murdered. Names starting from left: Vincent, El bisko, Reinard, Rikem ...] The date of the article was 2 weeks after Tazmo the former Mayor has left Town.

    The townspeople were walking around with a happy face. This town appears to be as normal as it can be but they know that you'll never find a more peaceful town than this. Bank Robbers will mysteriously disappear after trying to rob a bank, Bandits never reaches they're town and seems to have accidents along the road. The only difference anyone would notice is that everyone follows a curfew at night. Children and adults alike.

    For at night. You will see the sillhoute of two wolves standing in a Hill howling with 4 smaller wolves following them...

    Game Over
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