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    I followed the game and even I could tell easily by the end that adonai was a monster even without the last breaths. He's too smart, a monster would've killed him...unless he is a monster.

    And to pick adonai's word over Sirusboon's and Urameshi's...

    adonai - uncomfirmed role/race
    Sirusboon- Confirmed- unconvertable
    Urameshi - He went to kill the head wolf. He is trustworthy for that.

    Whilst I agree adonai didn't break the rules as such by using a fake pm as proof, if only you'd re-read the rules on seeing that posting pm's confirming roles from Chaoswind was forbidden, then you could call bullshit on him.
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    ^ Which is why I choose to the people I killed in that order, el bisko was someone I could have relied on to vote as I want with a little pressure.

    And the point was that everyone posted the screencaps, why did you think chaos proposed giving out multiple PMs in future games?

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    Behind you... BWHAHAHAH


    Ahh... the wolves won...
    I KNEW someone like adonai would end up being a baddie... :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by adonai View Post
    ^ There's two other games starting in the near future, you might get your chance if we happen to be on different sides.

    It's linked to my fake role. Wouldn't make too much sense without that. And I might need to do something similar in the future, so you'll have to figure it out yourself.

    The point of it was this, I knew about the mercenary role and the mind control ability, and chaos affirmed this. It doesn't say anything about how much I know or if I relayed the information correctly to others. Basically, I can say whatever I want and there's no reason for them to doubt me (unless they examine what was said very closely), just like that time SD confirmed that I was telling the truth (about not getting a reverse ping), while people never bothered to actually examine what I said.

    I said the truth

    I mean compjort probably told adonai about the mercs and the fact that the Wolves and vamps seemed to have an alliance...

    well I didn't say a lie, adonai asked me if he knew about the mercs and the vampire special power and taking into account that compjort probably told him and El gus had an alliance with the wolves, it was a pretty obvious that he had told the wolves about his power >_>

    OK lets post an item list:

    This is important, having an item doesn't add the effect to you, is like having something without use it >_>

    Some items had no effect at all and some had only an effect in a lynch (using a Silver sword to kill a werewolf and etc)

    Detective: could get most items
    Thief: Could get the rare items
    Fisherman: could get junk in their fishing trips.

    Winner: Adonai Werewolf: Items: None

    Dead Order:

    1- Chaoswind-Mayor: Items: Silver sword, Death note
    2- Digital_Eon-Mason: Items: underwear, Card set(Thief only)
    3- Jakko-Vampire: Items: None
    4- Kolox-Seer: Mirror(Thief only)
    5- Compjort-Thief/Merc: Thief Hat
    6- Sensimilija-Drunkard: None
    7- Talamare-Detective: Any item he haves collected
    8- Chizabubble-Fisherman/Gio: Fishing rod(Thief only), mariner's compass (Thief only)
    9- Richthofen-Priest: (Holy bible)
    10- Quiraikotsu-Mason: underwear, Card set (Thief only)
    11- Yoda-Fisherman: Fishing Rod (Thief only)
    12- El Gus-Vampire/Leader: None
    13- Evail691-Vampire: None
    14- _Vincent_-Guardian: Luck Charm (Thief only)
    15- Sirusboon-Bartender: Booze
    16- Kiamnenieh-Werewolf/Leader: None
    17- Urameshi-sama-Hunter/Merc: None
    18- Flash-Werewolf: None
    19- Bipolargraph-Mason: Sister underwear, Card set (thief only)
    20- Mystic Guard sinoel-Fisherman: Fishing rod (Thief only)
    21- El bisko-Mason: Gun, Card set (Thief only)


    Silver Sword: could be used in a lynch, either by chooice or by random selection

    Effect: History telling only

    Death Note: had the rants of a crazy mayor and the numbers of monsters in game.

    Effect: Reveals the total number of Monsters in the game.

    Underwear: If you managed to collect all 3 pairs your role would have changed to undies thief.

    Effect: Change in the Name of the role, everything remains the same, just a change in the name.

    Card Set: You and your team mates are allowed to go to play poker outside their homes for one whole night and thus avoid any attack made in that night

    Effect: Poker friends without the downsides

    Uses: 1

    Thief Hat: Smells funny.

    Effect: None

    Mirror: Reflects the true identity of a player of choice.

    Effect: Reveals race of target, not Cards or Role, just race.

    Uses: 2

    Fishing Rod: counts as the Fisherman special.

    Effect: Allows you to stay fishing one whole night and thus avoid any attack made that night

    Uses: 1

    Mariner's compass: Rare item, could only be stolen after steal from gio a second time

    Effect: Gives you also the ability to unlock the Good ending for the townies, and the ultras for the monsters, if you are alive.

    Holy bible: Allows you to pray for the soul of one person, even yourself

    Effect: same as priest special

    Uses: 1

    Luck Charm: Is a luck charm….

    Effect: Gives you a 75% chance of protection for 2 days straight.

    Uses: 2 days, activates immediately.

    Booze: XXX alcohol with some Secret herbs? POT!!!!

    Effect: 60% chance of reveal the race of your target.

    Uses: 1

    Fishing Items

    Gold nugget: be lucky and Rich!!!

    Effect: None

    Fish: Tasty Fish!!!

    Effect: None

    Bag: what the hell is this doing in the river?

    Effect: has a 50% chance of contain an Item of the following list:

    This were the locked ability(s)
    Luck Charm?: 50% chance of protection until game end.
    Wet Bible: Allows you to pray to god (erases miss vote count)
    Money: -_-
    Bottles of wine: just like booze, but with a 40% chance also for eva

    As a Fisherman you could only have one of them.

    However not even one of the fishermen tried their abilities… what a shame…

    but that did save me lots of time and typing o.o

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    -adonai as a wolf: I told sirus to ping adonai on the 2nd or 3rd day.
    -comp's PM: comp thought I was a vamp. it revealed that everyone in sirus list includes all the wolves. they were getting desperate so they tried to contact a vamp to form an alliance.
    -jakko as a vampire: I wanted to contact him secretly to form an alliance. everyone knows what happened next
    -kolox as a seer: kolox sent me a PM asking about the seers. he didn't tell me he was the seer but its kinda obvious at that point that he is. I wanted to protect him that night cause I have a feeling that he contacted other players regarding his role. he died that night. me stupid -_-

    I gave sirus a lot of advice but he never followed any of them. He actually thought I was converted by the wolves. agh he even almost got me lynched and worst he even revealed that I was the guardian. I thought I could bluff my way out of it by trying to make it look like we were trying to hard to show that I'm a guardian. >_<

    this is the only game that I had barely had anything to do. Being a normal townie is better :P

    the night I was killed. I was actually thinking of protecting myself but.... T^T

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    Under a rock, behind a tree, just outside the road, moving at low speed.


    Day One:

    Mayor Chaoswind is found dead
    Wolves decide to convert compjort
    Vamps Decide to Kill Digital_Eon

    Night One:

    Talamare The detective goes to the Mayors house and finds the Death Note and the Silver Sword
    Vincent covers Sirusboon
    Kolox haves a vision of Vincent
    Sirusboon gets Kolox drunk
    Compjort goes out
    Digital_Eon is killed, Compjort witness the attack and escapes knowing that Jakko is a vampire
    Kiam converts Compjort

    Day Two

    Jakko the Vampire is lynched
    Wolves decide to kill Kolox
    Vamps decide to convert Adonai

    Night Two

    Talamare goes to Digital_Eon home and grabs her underwear
    Vincent covers Sirusboon
    Sirusboon gets Compjort Drunk
    Wolves Kill kolox, Adonai haves an attack of Diarrhea and runs back to his home
    El Gus sees adonai in his wolf form, conversion fails.

    Day Three

    Compjort The Ex Thief/now Werewolf is Lynched
    Vamps decide to kill Sensimilija
    Wolves Decide to attack both Talamare and Chizabubble that night
    Wolf’s Special is used.

    Night Three

    Sirusboon tries to get Kiam Drunk, but fails
    Vincent covers Sirusboon
    Richthofen prays for bipolargraph soul.
    Vamps attack and Kill Sensimilija
    Wolves attack Talamare and Chizabubble

    Day Fourth

    Yoda the poor bastard was lynched
    Vamps Decide to kill Richthofen
    Wolves decide to kill Quiraikotsu

    Night Fourth

    Vincent covers Sirusboon
    El gus the vampire decides to use his special in Sirusboon
    Urameshi-sama decides to attack El Gus
    Wolves kill Quiraikotsu
    Urameshi the Merc haves a fight with El gus and manages to kill him
    Evail691 the lone vamp kills Richthofen

    Day fifth

    Evail691 the vamp is lynched (vamp team eliminated)
    Wolves decide to kill Vincent

    Night fifth

    Sirusboon gets kiam drunk (he doesn’t read the whole PM, right at the end says KIAM the werewolf….)
    Vincent covers Sirusboon
    Wolves kill Vincent.

    Day sixth

    Kiamnenieh the white werewolf is lynched and uses his special to kill Sirusboon
    Sirusboon the bartender is dead
    Wolves decide to kill urameshi-sama so I make him a hero

    Night Sixth

    Flash assassinates a wounded Urameshi-sama

    Day seventh

    Flash the werewolf is lynched
    Adonai the lone wolf decides to kill bipolargraph

    Night Seventh

    Bipolargraph is killed
    El bisko dreams with Bipolargraph?

    Day eighth

    MGS the poor fisherman is killed
    Adonai the lone wolf decides to kill el bisko the poor last townie

    Night eighth

    Adonai kills El bisko and wins the game

    Day ninth

    Game over, so so werewolf ending unlocked

    and that is all... I guess it was a bad game for many of you, but I promice to try harder next time o.o

    Now the first post is a lot longer
    Last edited by Chaoswind; 09-25-2007 at 08:16 AM.

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    With all these items I had the most versatile role out there ...

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    Under a rock, behind a tree, just outside the road, moving at low speed.


    but you got converted :P

    and I limmited your activities to every 3 days, so even if you manage to live till the end you could only get a top of 2 of those

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    I know but if I didn't fail stealing booze and didn't get converted, I would have PMed Sirus to team up with him. That would have helped the townies a lot ...

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    So out of curiousity what purpose did the "cards" play? I never got that. I mean whenever we killed someone overnight nothing was mentioned about getting the cards or whatever. =/


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