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Thread: RISK: Fall 1908

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    Why aren't people saying this now?
    Because this is not complaining, this is negotiating, since the rule is not really clear enough for everybody.
    You in the other hand complaining about this negotiation.

    Quote Originally Posted by coolpuprocks View Post
    Let's see. I was half awake when I did this one.

    Front One: Russia & Turkey
    Okay, so I stared at the Russia vs. Turkey front for a longgggggggg while again.

    Well, I was looking at this rule scenario:

    So, for a fact, when Turkey Livonia attacked St. Petersburg who was supporting the attack against Livonia, it becomes St. Petersburg attacks Livonia. The support is not canceled.

    So.. before we throw in Moscow it is 3 Russians (St. Peter, Sweden, and Prussia) vs 1 Turkey (Livonia)


    Then, we throw in Moscow into the picture.

    2 are attacking St. Petersburg.
    3 are attacking Livonia.

    Livonia & St. PEtersburg are attacking each other.

    Looking at the math... 2 vs 3.

    Russia wins.

    so.. Livonia should retreat...

    (oops. I forgot that Warsaw is open.)

    Livonia will be re-added to the map and retreating into Warsaw.
    Okay that make sense, if you think it that way,
    Thanks CPR for clearing this up.

    Quote Originally Posted by coolpuprocks View Post
    Field 2: Italy & France
    So.. we have 3 Italian units (Tunisia, rome, napoli) attacking France.

    always gotta win by one. remember?

    France gots Tuscany, Spain, & N. Africa.

    Tuscany is friggin occupying the place. It counts!


    No dislodgement.


    Marseilles can convoy over.
    Hmm if you see it that way, it does make sense,
    but how do you explain having 2 actions/orders in one turn?
    is this a new rule/concept? because that is not what what Turkey and Italy have been using.

    After this game, we should define the rules more precise, that's if anybody wants to play again, unless you think this kind of conversation is exciting or fun.

    AND Russia....Go bite the Dust...or snow
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    hahaha i love you guys

    so much flame and petty arguements over move that doesnt go in your favor

    and i dont mean just this turn, but its general rule that it will happen
    and i dont mean just you guys either, last few rounds i was whining too

    and dude
    it doesnt actually move the unit performing anywhere
    it doesnt actually attack a new land
    its not allowed to support another

    convoy for all intents and purpose is - fleet hold, army 2 moves

    thats all it is, simple no?

    I wont Lie - and even if it doesnt matter my view on Livonia/StPete

    Since Turkey attacked with Livonia they dont have to stop to face other attackers (thats only supporters)
    Also since moves happen same time they would just press forward

    Livonia + Moscow = 2vs1 on St-Pete

    StPete doesnt have any support itself, nor is Moscow cut

    Turkey takes StPete, leaving Livonia completly opened
    Giving Russia a free entry into Livonia, or a 2vs0 on it

    StPete Retreats into Finland

    Moves happen same time right?
    Livonia attack StPete
    Prussia attacks Livonia

    see how the first moves Livonia and the second enters it?

    thats the same as a common move of
    Picardy moves Belgium
    Breast moves Picardy
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    Quote Originally Posted by sperm worm View Post
    ho hum. let's talk about... WAFFLES! either that or something ELSE that's happy! HAPPY THOUGHTS! HAPPY THOUGHTS! PUT AWAY THAT RAZORBLADE!
    flash's comment about russia bitting the dust was funny in itself, but to give you another happy thought : my Xsar appreciated your prayer for happyness, and thus is willing to spare you in the end, unlike the other infidels walking in our lands

    edit : you should be very happy, as terrorists usually deserve this : ;p
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    lock? maybe?

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    I forgot. XD


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