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Thread: TWG #3 day 1!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CsuTiBea
    Quote Originally Posted by kayaangelus
    Judging from how happy this collapsed person is, she probably has a role.
    i thought it obvious from the begining that shouting out ur rolls was idiotic.
    thats like saying "hey wolf come eat me i have a role!"
    hahaha >_>
    NOW SLEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!
    no, not really, if you're a non-Townie.
    You might be the wolf or the berserker wolf.

    but then again I have no solid feeling yet
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    Hm... DigitalDragon because I promised ^_^

    Seriously, I'm just a little suspicious of... hm. CsuTiBea because her sig's too pretty (:P). CPR because I know she's right but I can't help but think that it might not be a good idea... I'm worried. Quira for being wrong. :P Luckythirteen who actually voted for someone. Anyone else who said they were a townie. Spurgu...

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    Dammit I dont like CPR now her PM made me think I got a role =( ahhh well... I vote aura because shes a total evil spaz!

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    So, I'm gonna go on a gut feeling on this.

    kayangelus has my vote.


    I saw him and IH talking about roles. IH responded exactly like last game. IH spoke something along the lines of "NO ROLE!? AGAIN?! DIE DD!!" Meanwhile, kayangelus was extremely... calm about the whole affair. I believe kayangelus probably has some sort of role.
    [10:30] <IdiotHunter> You're in it kaya?
    [10:30] <Kayangelus> For some reason, my nick was un-registered, so anytime I try to private message, it says I need to register first
    [10:30] <Kayangelus> IH - yes.
    [10:30] <Kayangelus> What role do you have?
    [10:30] <IdiotHunter> what role?
    [10:31] <IdiotHunter> ...
    [10:31] <Kayangelus> Are you playing the game?
    [10:31] <Kayangelus> TWG?


    For somebody who has been in the game (twice)

    Kayangelus should know that telling roles are a death trap. That is how we lose.

    Again, I ask, WHY WOULD HE ASK??

    Furthermore, for some more suspicions...

    it has been a long while since I saw Kayangelus in the channel. A long while. (So long that he claims his nick has been de-registered. That is a period of at least 21 days). Why the sudden interest in the #holysentinels?


    Also, Kayangelus kept questioning why I wanted to avoid all alliances.

    Actually, in retrospect of reading the log, we are all suspicious people. Me, Jakko, and Kayangelus. Make a note of that =D

    Here is the log:

    [12:29] <DigitalDragon> well done, cpr
    [12:29] <DigitalDragon> nice post
    [12:29] <cprr> thankies =D
    [12:29] <cprr> this is why i wanna be a townie
    [12:29] <cprr> =D
    [12:29] <DigitalDragon> XD
    [12:29] <cprr> now, i don't care if they lynch me
    [12:30] <cprr> i got what i wanted to sayout
    [12:30] <cprr> all is happy =D
    [12:30] <IdiotHunter> lolz
    [12:30] <cprr> (of course, i would love to keep playing though. don't count that as a need to want to be lynched off)
    [12:30] <IdiotHunter> ahahahaha
    [12:31] <IdiotHunter> I like that last message of cpr's
    [12:31] <IdiotHunter> Cpr was the one in the alliance betraying everyone :P
    [12:31] <IdiotHunter> first TWG, that is
    [12:32] <cprr> me? i did shit in the first TWG
    [12:32] <cprr> we won because of COS and kaom
    [12:32] * Relf ( Quit
    [12:32] <cprr> they knew the most
    [12:32] <cprr> but yea... every alliance the wolves WILL know
    [12:32] <cprr> one wolf will be stationed everywhere
    [12:32] <cprr> and SOME TOWNIE will INVITE the wolf in
    [12:33] <cprr> that's a fact
    [12:33] <martyr3810> wait
    [12:33] <martyr3810> whered the rule list and stuff go for twg this time?
    [12:33] <martyr3810> lol
    [12:33] <Jakko2> CPR has inspired me, I will also make a warning post.
    [12:33] <martyr3810> nvm just unstickied
    [12:33] <martyr3810> OK, now I'm off.
    [12:33] <Jakko2> There is also a link to it on the TWG page.
    [12:34] <DigitalDragon> yeah
    [12:34] <martyr3810> shush, I'm not currently smart enough to think of that
    [12:34] <martyr3810> ... ok, so its not JUST temporary
    [12:34] <martyr3810> XD
    [12:36] <Kayangelus> CPR, how are townies supposed to win without alliances?
    [12:36] <Kayangelus> How are they supposed to find the wolves?
    [12:36] <Jakko2> That sounds very wolfish, kaya
    [12:37] <Kayangelus> I know
    [12:37] <Kayangelus> But I'm not asking to make alliances
    [12:37] <Jakko2> Small groups. The seer confirms a person, adds them to a group, and it continues in that way.
    [12:38] <Kayangelus> That would mean, that by the time they had the same number as the wolves, 16 people would be dead at most
    [12:38] <Jakko2> The confirmed people then make more groups to have a voting pool, but keep silent about who the roled people are. At least, that is what I would do, and I am sure it will not be done that way.
    [12:39] <Kayangelus> Jakko, but if the seer recieves the result "townie" or wolf", than they can't do anything for that round
    [12:39] <Kayangelus> So most rounds, they can't add to the group
    [12:39] <Jakko2> The seer, as I said, does not add to the group, the way I see it.
    [12:40] <Kayangelus> I mean the group of confirmed people
    [12:40] <Jakko2> The confirmed person makes a group of unconfirmed people, making no reference of the seer, other than that they know them, and can make a ping request to prove that they know them.
    [12:40] <Kayangelus> Most rounds, they won't be able to confirm people at the beginning
    [12:40] * Relf ( has joined #Holysentinels
    [12:40] * DigitalDragon sets mode: +v Relf
    [12:40] <Kayangelus> How long would it take to set up such a group?
    [12:41] <Jakko2> That way, in two rounds, if 4 humans are confirmed, and they each make a group of 4 people, that is 16 people.
    [12:41] <Kayangelus> In the currunt game, it is set for a free for all, with 4 deaths per turn
    [12:41] <Jakko2> 3 deaths
    [12:41] <Kayangelus> Humans, wolves, berserk, hunter
    [12:41] <Jakko2> wolf, berserker, wolfhunter
    [12:41] <Kayangelus> those add up to 4
    [12:41] <Jakko2> and the wolfhunter is a maybe
    [12:41] <Kayangelus> you forgot human
    [12:42] <Jakko2> so he is not included
    [12:42] <Kayangelus> Anyway, how can you confirm 4 people in 2 turns?
    [12:42] <Jakko2> The wolfhunter, I am betting, would not risk killing
    [12:42] <Jakko2> seer and insane seer, of course.
    [12:43] <Kayangelus> The insane seer won't be able to make a group
    [12:43] * Relf ( Quit
    [12:43] <DigitalDragon> why not?
    [12:43] <Jakko2> The way I see it, with the berserker mixed in, the game will be more fast paced. The insane seer will have to make a group.
    [12:43] <Kayangelus> If they get a result of "wolf" or "townie", they won't be able to tell whether the seer is real or insane
    [12:44] <Kayangelus> It would take at least 5 turns for insane to realize that he is insane
    [12:44] <Kayangelus> can take up to 9
    [12:44] <Kayangelus> Until than, he can be certain whether he is organizing a group of confirmed wolves or humans
    [12:44] <Jakko2> But with the berserker added in, the seers will have to take the risk and make the connection. The odds are too stacked against them not to.
    [12:45] <Kayangelus> Also, if you tell a human "I'm the insane seer, I know you aren't a wolf", the insane will be suspected as a wolf
    [12:45] <Kayangelus> most people wouldn't trust someone like that
    [12:45] <Jakko2> The insane seer thinks he is the normal seer
    [12:45] <Kayangelus> He doesn't know for sure
    [12:46] <Kayangelus> Also, if he tells a roled townie that he got "townie" result on him, insane seer will be most likely voted off next round
    [12:46] <Jakko2> Humans, wolves, the berserker, and possibly the wh. That is a lot of stray rounds being fired into a crowd. Regardless of the uncertainty of which seer they are, they simply cannot waste the time being cautious at first this game.
    [12:46] <Kayangelus> Or, if he tells that to a wolf, wolves will manipulate him
    [12:47] <Jakko2> Caution can come later in the game. For now, he needs to make a group before he dies.
    [12:47] <Jakko2> What I am saying, last game you could "turtle." Make small steps, establish a beach-head slowly.
    [12:48] <Kayangelus> I know what you are saying
    [12:48] <Jakko2> With the two extra people able to kill, double the possible amount of death, I just think it is not feasible this game to work it the way you are saying.
    [12:49] <Kayangelus> However, if insane tries to make a group right away, there is a 50% chance that he will talk to a non-townie, in which case the person will know insane isn't real, and have him killed
    [12:49] <Kayangelus> I'm not saying we should take small steps
    [12:50] <Kayangelus> I'm asking for a way for the townies to pick up the pace of the game, without risking everything on a very shaky chance
    [12:50] <Kayangelus> Also, if a seer gets the result "wolf", should that seer talk to the "wolf", as if that person is a townie and try to form a group?
    [12:50] <Jakko2> When the 50% is weighed agianst the number that can die each round, and compare that to the likelihood of it being one of the guys that the seer contacted, or the seer himself, I think that is a risk the seers will have to take.
    [12:51] <Jakko2> I do not like it.
    [12:51] <Jakko2> But that is how I see it.
    [12:51] <cprr> 4 is too lazy to read all that. but, bottom line is this: DO NOT FORM GROUPS!
    [12:51] <Jakko2> I was against the berserker and wh being added, but didn't think i should share that with all the people for it.
    [12:51] <Kayangelus> cpr, than how are we supposed to have a chance?
    [12:51] <DigitalDragon> you were, Jakko?
    [12:51] <cprr> Kay, you have seen 2 games. have groups ever prove to be good?
    [12:52] <cprr> ANSWER!
    [12:52] <DigitalDragon> you should have told me, then
    [12:52] <Jakko2> Sorry.
    [12:52] <Kayangelus> no
    [12:52] <cprr> there
    [12:52] <hellcreator-stoned> rr
    [12:52] <cprr> so, why repeat history?
    [12:52] <Kayangelus> But, is there anything that works better?
    [12:52] <cprr> yea
    [12:52] <cprr> SILENCE!
    [12:52] <cprr> silence is golden
    [12:52] <cprr> that's what the wolves do
    [12:52] <cprr> did you suspect... kaze?
    [12:52] <Kayangelus> No
    [12:52] <cprr> or SDG?
    [12:52] <Kayangelus> But, there is no time
    [12:52] <Jakko2> CPR, his point is this: there are 2x the killers in this game.
    [12:53] <Jakko2> Also, I suspected kaze from the beginning, told her so several times.
    [12:53] <cprr> Well... it is true that people will die faster, BUT if you make groups, it will be SOOOOOOOOO much faster
    [12:53] <Jakko2> And less people, less bodies to take the fall for the roled people.
    [12:53] * Nogard_Laets is now known as StealDragon
    [12:53] <cprr> Knowledge spreads like wildfire here
    [12:53] <cprr> no joke
    [12:53] <StealDragon> is digital dragon around?
    [12:53] <Kayangelus> Than what do we do?
    [12:54] <cprr> as a townie, you cannot do much
    [12:54] <DigitalDragon> I'm around
    [12:54] <DigitalDragon> what's up, SD?
    [12:54] <nazihater> hai
    [12:54] <cprr> you can guess and point
    [12:54] <nazihater> hes around
    [12:54] <nazihater> XP
    [12:54] <StealDragon> pm.
    [12:54] <cprr> you rreally gotta trust your peers
    [12:54] <nazihater> trust
    [12:54] <nazihater> ^^
    [12:54] <Kayangelus> So, now the townies are up in a guessing game, hoping that a large part of them will guess correctly, and not be killed?
    [12:54] <nazihater> hai
    [12:54] <Kayangelus> Sounds like fun
    [12:54] <nazihater> we are
    [12:54] <nazihater> ^^
    [12:55] <Kayangelus> hi nazi
    [12:55] <Jakko2> What I am saying, CPR, is that when the seer's ping two people, 12 people can possibly have have died. What are the chances that it will be one of the pinged people, or the seers themeselves?
    [12:55] * hellcreator-stoned is now known as hellcreator-no_so_high
    [12:55] * hellcreator-no_so_high is now known as hellcreator-not_so_high
    [12:55] <nazihater> hihi
    [12:55] <Kayangelus> Actually, Jakko that is for 3 people, but yeah
    [12:55] <cprr> The object is to make the wolves seek out the special abilities.
    [12:55] <nazihater> hai
    [12:55] <nazihater> objecto
    [12:55] <Kayangelus> How?
    [12:55] <cprr> they had it easy for the last two games
    [12:55] <nazihater> how?
    [12:55] <nazihater> easy
    [12:55] <nazihater> haihai
    [12:56] <cprr> in the last two games, people wore big signs screaming "I AM THE PSYCHIC!"
    [12:56] <cprr> or "I AM A SEER!"
    [12:56] <nazihater> haihai
    [12:56] <nazihater> haihai
    [12:56] <nazihater> who?
    [12:56] <StealDragon> hey all
    [12:56] <Jakko2> That is true, cpr, but there are now 3 wolf sets, you could say, a lot less need to make a reasoned guess.
    [12:56] <StealDragon> ill miss you.
    [12:56] <nazihater> hi^^
    [12:56] <StealDragon> bye.
    [12:56] * StealDragon ( Quit
    [12:56] <hellcreator-not_so_high> o-o
    [12:56] <nazihater> eh?
    [12:56] <nazihater> aw..
    [12:56] <cprr> I do not understand why you think it is a rushed game. In reality, it's not
    [12:57] <cprr> you have some time
    [12:57] <cprr> so, relax
    [12:57] <cprr> watch
    [12:57] <cprr> spectate
    [12:57] <nazihater> hai
    [12:57] <cprr> 4 TRUST THOSE DD HAVE CONFIRMED
    [12:57] <Jakko2> The wolfhunter is useless as a human. Think about it, he can only kill once safely. With the amount of people dieing, it is really to his benefit to become a wolf and win that way.
    [12:57] <nazihater> wakarimasu
    [12:58] <Jakko2> The berserker also will kill indiscriminately.
    [12:58] <nazihater> haihai
    [12:58] <Jakko2> The wolves will, I think, be more scared than the humans, b/c of those two.
    [12:58] <Kayangelus> Cpr, you sound like a wolf who is trying to confuse the townies so that they don't know what to do
    [12:58] <Jakko2> So they will kill anything that moves.
    [12:58] <cprr> Jakko and Kay. are you advocating to create a secret allaince?
    [12:58] <Jakko2> No, just the opposite.
    [12:59] <cprr> good. then me and you are on the same page
    [12:59] <Kayangelus> Know, I'm asking for how to get humans to win

    [12:59] <cprr> time will tell
    [12:59] <cprr> for now
    [12:59] <cprr> the smart thing to do is DO NOT MAKE A SECRET ALLIANCE
    [12:59] <cprr> THEY ALL FAIL
    [12:59] <cprr> you know that, I know that
    [12:59] <cprr> history shows that
    [12:59] <cprr> so. stop questioning that part of my opinion
    [12:59] <Jakko2> The seers come out fast and hard, then hunker down and do nothing. But at first, they have to take the risk to be found out by their pingie to make an alliance, then he can take all the risks.
    [01:00] <cprr> The seers learn fast what type they are
    [01:00] <cprr> Char learned in.. 3 pings
    [01:00] <cprr> So did lucky thirteen
    [01:00] <cprr> we have time
    [01:00] <cprr> so
    [01:00] <cprr> chill
    [01:00] <cprr> relax
    [01:00] <cprr> wait
    [01:01] <Jakko2> But in three pings, that is 12 possible dead out of 26, I am saying.
    [01:01] <cprr> would you prefer dead seers?
    [01:01] <Jakko2> Also, char didn't learn his role, I think, until he died. He mixed his role up with mart's.
    [01:01] <cprr> no. he knew
    [01:01] <Jakko2> No, but the odds are stacked against them this game, I am saying.
    [01:01] <cprr> he thanked me a lot
    [01:01] <cprr> as soon as he knew
    [01:02] <cprr> his role
    [01:02] <Kayangelus> Real seer has 1/3 chance of knowing his/her role after 2 turns
    [01:02] <Kayangelus> or pings
    [01:02] <cprr> screw probability. Answer my question. WOULD YOU PREFER DEAD SEERS? CAUSE THAT IS GONNA BE THE RESULT OF ALLIANCES
    [01:02] <Kayangelus> insane seer needs 5 to 9 to know for certain
    [01:02] <Kayangelus> no
    [01:02] <Jakko2> So, I think that the seer will have to make a blind alliance with the person they pinged, without knowing if they are reel or insane. That is what I am saying,
    [01:03] <cprr> alliances will screw us over
    [01:03] <Jakko2> THe game will be won in the first two rounds, I think.
    [01:03] <Kayangelus> Jakko, but if a seer gets a "wolf" result, should they form an alliance?
    [01:03] <cprr> Gees.. Kay.. i know your smart. Listen. Wait. make alliances after you know who you are
    [01:04] <cprr> and who you can trust from DD's pms
    [01:04] <Jakko2> Look, I am just a townie. Nothing I can say will change the seer's minds. So I will just wait and see what they do.
    [01:05] <Kayangelus> I just did the math. Assuming wh turns into berserk on purpose, which is the smart choice, than even if townies manage to kill both berserks, by than it will be 4 wolves vs. 7 townies.
    [01:05] <Kayangelus> That is, assuming townies kill 2 berserks first 2 turns.
    [01:05] <Jakko2> All three of us seem to have different ideas of what is the best course of action. CPR says one extreme. I am saying a mix of hers, with risk at the beginning. I don't know what Kaya wants.
    [01:06] <Kayangelus> I want to see a plan that gives the townies a chance
    [01:06] <cprr> you do know it is that risk in the beginning that screwed people in the last game?
    [01:06] <cprr> vol told DD his role
    [01:06] <cprr> poof
    [01:06] <cprr> bye bye =P
    [01:06] <DigitalDragon> XD
    [01:06] <Jakko2> But, now we have 2x the amount of death this game.
    [01:07] <DigitalDragon> I deliberately held off a couple rounds, though
    [01:07] <cprr> [01:06] <Kayangelus> I want to see a plan that gives the townies a chance <--4, fine, tell me one that does not injure the safety of the seers
    [01:07] <cprr> I know that DD.
    [01:07] <cprr> We did that too
    [01:07] <Kayangelus> I don't have one
    [01:07] <cprr> Then, why do you assume i have one? =P
    [01:07] <Kayangelus> I didn't
    [01:07] <cprr> this, is the safetest route. Do not form alliances. Period.
    [01:07] <Kayangelus> I'm just asking, cause you seemed so certain
    [01:08] <Kayangelus> okay, I will stay with that
    [01:08] <cprr> Do not form alliances until you get some proof from DD who to trust
    [01:08] <Jakko2> I want what you say, what I am saying is that we need the seers to make a voting base early this game, otherwise it is just a war of attrition. The odds are REALLY stacked against humans this game.
    [01:08] <cprr> odds are always stacked against humans
    [01:08] <cprr> the only reason why humans won last game is lazy wolves
    [01:08] <cprr> who DIDN't EVEN VOTE SOME NIGHTS!
    [01:08] <cprr> =P
    [01:08] <Jakko2> CPR, what Kaya and I am saying is: more people die per round, less people this game.
    [01:09] <cprr> i recognize that jakko
    [01:09] <Jakko2> Bad combination for moving slowly and carfully.
    [01:09] <cprr> but, i see no better alternatives
    [01:09] <cprr> i see rushed alliances as ultra risky.
    [01:09] <nazihater> ah dammmit..
    [01:09] <cprr> i see alliances as not working
    [01:09] <nazihater> lucky just read my msn logs..
    [01:09] <nazihater> she hates me now.
    [01:09] <nazihater> T_T
    [01:09] <nazihater> *in my mind*
    [01:09] <nazihater> however..
    [01:10] <nazihater> she still likes me *friendly*
    [01:10] <nazihater> irl..
    [01:10] <nazihater> ...
    [01:10] <nazihater> T_T
    [01:10] <Kayangelus> dammit, I can'
    [01:10] <Kayangelus> t read ST threads while reading here too
    [01:10] * Arkie ( has joined #Holysentinels
    [01:10] <Jakko2> I think that if they do my plan, one seer will probably die. But the other can make a group, where they are not mentioned, that does the voting.
    [01:10] <beavisrules> 06*WB07(Arkie07)06WB* - * Arkie has 2 soft pads and one hard
    [01:11] <cprr> lol jakko.
    [01:11] <cprr> people. cannot. shut up
    [01:11] <cprr> they will blab
    [01:11] <cprr> you saw it last game
    [01:11] <cprr> you saw it the first game
    [01:11] <cprr> nothing can ever be secret
    [01:11] <cprr> you don't even NEED too look hard to find stuff
    [01:11] <cprr> people will WILLINGLY spill the beans
    [01:11] <cprr> in the hope of some info in return
    [01:12] <cprr> in the hope that they will get something better
    [01:12] <Jakko2> Yeah. Ok, my prediction: Beserker Wolf win.
    [01:12] <cprr> fine =D
    [01:12] <cprr> townies are always the underdog
    [01:12] <cprr> which is why it's fun to be one!
    [01:12] <cprr> =D
    [01:12] <Kayangelus> Jakko, the wh has also a chance to win
    [01:13] <Jakko2> I really want humans to win though, but the odds just seem too great to me.
    [01:13] <Kayangelus> after becoming berserk
    [01:13] <Jakko2> I am counting wh as berserker as well
    [01:13] <Kayangelus> Actually, thinking about it, reg. wolves have higher chance than berserk or wh seperately

    Note: This log may not prove to have any value at all. For all I know, I may be going completely wrong on this.

    I am not here to argue this to death.
    I have stated my observations, and I don't care if you agree or don't agree with me.

    When I die, please be on the lookout of Jakko & Kayangelus.

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    Wow, I actually read the whole thing.

    I found it suspicious (almost) that there was so much emphasis on the wolves and winning - perhaps it's just me, but it really did seem like at least one person was a hidden wolf possibly hoping one of the other roles (wolf hunter, perhaps?) would see and convert to their side. The seers aren't the only roled humans, right? And even they weren't mentioned as much as they could be if it really was a discussion on how to get the humans to win.

    Perhaps there were even two wolves staging a talk and trying to convince the humans in the channel of something. I am looking at you, too, CPR... no offence, but your posts about not forming alliances are a little suspicious, what with the idea of "the best way to get someone to do something is to tell them not to"...

    Though I don't know. I'm biding my time...

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    Behind you... BWHAHAHAH


    ah... completely confused by that conversation. and youre really observant cpr 0.0 p.s. digi what was a wrong about?? o.O

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    all I can say CPR is so ScaryyyXD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quiraikotsu
    ah... completely confused by that conversation. and youre really observant cpr 0.0 p.s. digi what was a wrong about?? o.O
    It seemed to me like there was something weird, and an actual motive to the conversation - I was throwing up ideas, like wolves trying to convince the wolf hunter to do something, staging the conversation so people in the channel would believe the innocence of some, or something else. CPR posting that conversation makes me a little suspicious of her.

    Overall, though, I'm going to wait a bit and see. Maybe something else will come up that will give bigger hints as to the wolves among us.

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    everyone just seems suspicious... im so paranoid... i always get out of the bath to check the lock on the door 0.0

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    Quira-chaan you can trust me!
    I'm no wolf wearing on a cheap sheep clothes.


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