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    Default TWG #2 Day 11- The miracle!

    Remember... ignore last game and any last game sterotypes/connotations if you want to win. =D

    It's a new scenario
    a new atmosphere
    a new crowd of people

    Anything goes!

    Everyone, remember to contact some people or else you'll get lonely... no allies.. and probably.. bored. Pming people, getting each other's MSN/AIM sn, getting other people's e-mails are great ways. Don't forget, you can try IRC also on If you don't know how IRC works and would like to learn, I'm more than happy to teach you how. (I'm sure lots of others will want to help too).

    Everything was random. Apologies to those who didn't get a role. Nevertheless, still have fun. =D You still got a very important role in the game!

    forgot the rules?

    Alive and playing:
    4. silverwmoon
    7 pentaelemental
    10 aallx
    19 sperm worm
    24 true_panda
    25 iron skull
    27 animarum
    28 kazechrno
    30 Idiothunter

    In the graveyard:
    31 aya_chan1- killed by townies
    17 Quiraikotsu- eaten by wolves
    26 Relf- strangled by the townies
    12 martyr3810- devoured by the wolves
    23 MonkeyDLuffysj- sacrificed by townies
    2. char siu bao- chewed by the wolves
    3. DigitalDragon- lynched by the townies
    18 |)4|2K Regulus- killed by wolves
    13 child_of_serenity- tripple lynched by townies
    16 kayangelus
    - tripple lynched by townies
    21 Aikido
    - tripple lynched by townies
    14 Chizabubble- burned by wolves
    9 mangaguy- lynched by townies
    29 Volvogga- assasinated by wolves
    1. AkofC- double lynched by townies
    11 Stealdragon- double lynched by townies
    22 nazihater- betrayed by the wolves

    8 Spurgu- shot by the townies

    6 luckythirteen- murdered by the wolves

    32 digital_eon- gang banged by townies
    5. Csutibea- deleted by the wolves
    15 Aurora86- double lynched by townies.
    20 MojoMunkeez- double lynched by townies

    If you are the cleric, seer, or guardian please drop me the message of who you want to scrye, save, become buddies, via pm only on ST. When the Day is over, you will get a pm with the response/answer.

    If you are a wolf, please send me a unified message about who to kill via pm only on ST.

    If you are a seer, you cannot ping yourself to find out what type of seer you are.

    To MR./MS. INSANE SEER: All wolves shows as townies. The exception is the Godfather (Because he/she does a flip in itself). The Godfather will be pinged correctly as a mafia. All Townies/special human shows as mafia. You will NOT be able to tell if people are psychics/guardians/seers/governor/ect.

    There will be no Night times. (cause, I hate the Night Times) In other words, I will not be locking the game for a full day. It'll be a quick announcement at midnight. Seers gets the answer to their pms. The psychic will receive his/her news. The cleric will get to have his/her response sent out. The wolves will get their kill (if the guardian does mess up.). THAT MEANS ALL YOU SPECIAL PEOPLE WITH AN ABILITY THAT REQUIRES TO PM ME--- SEND ME IT BY 12:00 midnight, my time. If you don't, you fuck up and miss your opportunity to get data.

    This has been brought up to my attention:
    If you're playing the game, at all times you may not do any impersonation techniques to collect information. This includes, but is not limited to, impersonating anyone on IRC, AIM, MSN, ect.
    You may not use other people not playing the game as your spies.
    Furthermore, when you're dead-- you shut up. You cannot tell people still in the game who've you talked to in your life, who may have betrayed you, ect. Anything said with you is taken to your grave. Failure to comply with these rules will mean indefinate temporary bans from ST and/or HS depending on how serious the offense is.

    Day one=
    Day two =
    Day three =
    Day four =
    Day five =
    Day six =
    Day seven =
    Day eight =
    Day nine=
    Day ten =

    DAY Eleven
    Start: Sunday May 21, 2006 12 pm EST.
    End: Tuesday May 23, 2006 12 pm EST

    The STORY:
    Aurora86 and Mojomunkeez did it! They were caught red handed. Well... it's more like gun-handed.

    They killed Csutibea! The townies slaughtered them right on the spot.

    And then, the townies went to beddy by.

    And guess who died the next day?


    Nobody died in the night!.
    Amazing. NEW RECORD!

    so yea... nobody died...


    no story? For today at least... *Cackles evily*

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    I vote for Iron Skull due to his wolfish voting patterns.

    -Thanks to ApocalypticArk for the new siggy~!

    ^...I'm Silverwmoon's puppy! ^-^ =3

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    Some island in Grand Line...


    Daijoubu! Saa, mae ni susumou taiyou wo itsumo mune ni...

    Tsunaida te tsutawaru Power negai wo tsukamaeyouyo!

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    in my bed, sleeping


    My vote is a plceholder mostly...
    Vote: Animarum

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    Hi where can i find direct downloads of black cat volumes 19 and 20?

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    I know I am not supposed to post here, but can someone please ban "Alphinse Elric2003?" He made a post like this on day 10 as well. He was told not to post here on this page, and has done it again. He obviously has not read the rules, and was already given fair warning, and needs to be given at least a temporary ban, if only so he can learn not to make another idiotic post like this.

    Also, so as not to be a hypocrite, I will make a vote count, as Digital Dragon does:

    4. silverwmoon - Voted for animarum
    7 pentaelemental
    10 aallx - Voted for Aallx
    19 sperm worm - Banned
    24 true_panda
    25 iron skull
    27 animarum - Voted for Silverwmoon
    28 kazechrno
    30 Idiothunter - Voted for Iron_Skull

    Silverwmoon - 1 vote
    Aallx - 1 vote
    Animarum - 1 vote
    Idiothunter - 1 vote

    Total Votes: 4/8 <--Since spermworm/arkonel is banned, I am not including him in the list.

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    Look for smoke...


    i'm not completely banned. vote kazechrno. reeeaaaly stron gut feeling here. JOIN THE BANDWAGON!

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    I vote Kazechrono because she's a cool mod.

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    Some island in Grand Line...


    Jakko, there's no vote count for me, I didn't vote for myself, I just placed a placeholder to let others know I'm still alive. And due to the spirit of bandwagoning, I would also like to vote for Kazechrono.
    Daijoubu! Saa, mae ni susumou taiyou wo itsumo mune ni...

    Tsunaida te tsutawaru Power negai wo tsukamaeyouyo!


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