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    Default Twg #2 Rules/sign Up Now

    As promised, I'm back... so we can begin =D

    copying and pasting... with a few added features...


    The Goal.
    There are two sides, humans and wolves. The goal of the wolves is to kill all the humans, if there is an equal amount of wolves and humans, the wolves win. The goal of the humans is to kill all the wolves off.

    The Means.
    Regular humans and wolves can only do one thing in common. Each 'day', they each cast a vote. When night hits, the guy with the most votes against him is killed or lynched and is then out of the game.

    The Difference.
    There's only 5 wolves, whereas everyone else is human. The only way the wolves can avoid being voted off is to pretend to be humans. So naturally, none of the humans know who the wolves are. Every day they try to figure out who the wolves are and vote one off, working together.

    The Wolves. (five total)
    To achieve their goal, they get one special ability. Each 'night', they get together and choose one human, that night, that human dies and is out of the game. The main way the humans figure out who the wolves are is by who the wolves choose to kill. Did that one human hit too close to home when he called out a wolf? He died that night? Hmmmm...

    Godfather-This is the leader of the wolves. The Godfather will turn up as innocent when pinged

    - there are four of them.

    The Roles.
    Humans have an ace up their sleeve. 4 of them are special humans, each of which gets a unique ability. These 4 special humans have roles that, if used properly, can lead to the defeat of the wolves. Here are the roles;

    Guardian - Every night, he chooses 1 person, it can be anyone, to 'protect', this person will be saved if the wolves try to kill him.
    Psychic - Every night, the psychic is notified on whether or not the guy who died was a human or a wolf, and if he was a human, whether he had a role or not.

    Cleric - Every night, the cleric chooses one player. That player, regardless of whether they are human or wolf, is notified by me that the cleric is definitely a human and that he is the cleric.

    Normal Seer - Every night, he chooses 1 person, again anyone, to 'scry', he then is told by me whether that person is human or wolf and if the guy is human, whether he has a role.
    There are 4 seers. (each of them will think they are the normal seer though and they do not know who are their fellow seers.)

    Paranoid seer-
    Thinks everyone is mafia

    Naive seer-
    Thinks everyone is innocent gets the same result: Townie

    Insane seer-
    gets opposite results, for example he pinged a mafia, he gets the result townie.

    Governor- this person can call off a lynching

    Bulletproof townie- this person cannot die from the wolves.

    2 masons- these two know each other are regularly townies. This is very powerful to form alliances.

    The Vote.
    Assuming more than one person is tied for the highest vote, they both will die. If one guy gets voted for by more than 50% of the players, he's killed INSTANTLY and the day ends, leading into the night phase. Let's just get one thing straight though, you HAVE TO VOTE. That's right, every day! So put a placeholder vote down when you don't know, and then change it when you think you do, but hurry, don't let night hit before you make that change.

    The Day/Night Cycle.
    Nights are 24 hour periods in which the game thread is LOCKED and cannot be posted in. During this time, the wolves choose who dies, and the guy who got voted out of the game dies. Days last 48 hours, so you have 2 real days to get your vote in and discuss in the thread. At the beginning of each day, you find out who the wolves killed, at the beginning of each night, the guy who got voted off is officially off the game.

    The night cycle is tentative to being changed. I might destroy it entirely--depending on what the wolves want. Personally, I want the night cycle gone cause it takes too long. =P

    Common Sense
    1. Keep your pm box open.
    2. If you are not playing do not use the game thread. If you want to be involved then by all means, play the game with us, otherwise don't bug us.
    3. You are free to ask questions even after the game has started.
    4. As a human, it's your duty to find out who the guys with roles are and cover for them and vote with them. Once people start figuring out who the wolves are, the game gets real easy for you.
    5. As a wolf, you want to hide yourself quickly and immediately. Impersonating a human with a role is fun, but be smart, once they figure it out, your out in the open.
    6. Don't ask me who the wolves and humans are and which humans have roles, I'm not playing the game, I'm moderating, thus I can't tell you.

    Quick Note: My IRC Channel #HolySentinels is open and available for all discussion on The Werewolf Game. For information on how to use IRC, go HERE. Thanks. - Cold.

    TWG Sign-up List
    addendum: I don't like noobs signing up, but I will let you play provided you don't disappear on me. If you miss 3 consecutive voting ceremonies without giving a pre-warning to your absence, I will have you killed.

    Also, if you're a regular member making a 2nd account because you want to hide yourself, that's fine by me. (in fact, i would encourage this since people tend to have strong associations with their regular usernames) Just, do me a favor, and PM me and tell me that this is your 2nd account so I don't have to worry too much about you disappearing on me.

    Register by either pming me on IRC, ST, or just simply posting a reply message.

    1. AkofC
    2. char siu bao
    3. DigitalDragon

    4. silverwmoon
    5. Csutibea
    6 luckythirteen
    7 pentaelemental

    8 Spurgu
    9 mangaguy
    10 aallx
    11 Stealdragon
    12 martyr3810
    13 child_of_serenity
    14 Chizabubble
    15 Aurora86
    16 kayangelus

    17 Quiraikotsu
    18 |)4|2K Regulus
    19 sperm worm
    20 MojoMunkeez
    21 Aikido
    22 nazihater
    23 MonkeyDLuffysj
    24 true_panda
    25 iron skull
    26 Relf
    27 animarum
    28 kazechrno
    29 Volvogga
    30 Idiothunter
    31 aya_chan1
    32 digital_eon

    P.S. This game is only as fun as you make it. PM/MSN/IM/IRC/ect each other. the more you do, the more fun you'll have =D

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    in my bed, sleeping


    May I join please?
    Welcome back CPR
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    in a corner of some room


    haai XD add me too ~

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    A swivel chair.


    This newbie was allowed to join? Yay! Thankies ^^
    In honour of DigitalDragon, for hosting TWG#3:
    Quote Originally Posted by Holysentinels2
    <+Israfel777> DD has formulated the first and only XD Syndrome. Contagious to all computer users. Abandon all internet use to save yourself. XD

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    Sign me up please

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    In your pants. OO BOY


    CPR, give me a role!

    I sign up.


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    Also, is there a possibility of there being only 3 seers and an extra doctor or something?
    Dang, so the days willl be only 2 days.
    That's bad for the humans.

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    Some island in Grand Line...


    Hey, I missed the first one so I'm definitely not going to miss this one XD
    Daijoubu! Saa, mae ni susumou taiyou wo itsumo mune ni...

    Tsunaida te tsutawaru Power negai wo tsukamaeyouyo!

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    aight im in

    I'd like to die with the songs I love stuck in my head. I hope to make the most of these hollow bones we become.
    I raise a toast to the the souls that sang all along. I've been gathering friends to just to make some sounds,
    before the ship goes down, I've been making amends by making the rounds before the whole world ends

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