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hmr... days should be two 24 hour days long, just like last game.

Though, honestly, I want to get rid of the whole night thing. As a wolf, we had people lined up for a while--so much that we didn't need a full 24 hour day to decide who dies and who lives.

So, I think the wolves should decide who they want to kill in the day time. They can give me a pm that's an "If ___ dies, kill ____. But if ___ dies by majority instead, kill _____" kind of statement. [Cause usually, it's pretty obvious who is gonna die by the end of the first 24hours]

I will let the first group of wolves to decide for themselves. They will pm telling me if they want to kill the 24 hour night time.

This will also speed up the game. With 32 people playing, I think it will be a better idea.

Destroying the psychic? No.

There's 8 really good human roles, 3 humans to create confussion, and 5 wolves.

1 out of every 6 people is a wolf.
1 out of every 2 people has an ability. [Though some do not always help people out]

Ooooh. This is going to be interesting!
I REALLY think we should expand the days.
It decreases the times you have to lock the threads (AKA: less work)
It generates more discussion.
We don't have to be restricted in our discussions by time limits.
Increases the chance for humans to win.
In the last game, we were like target practice for the wolves.
I think if we lengthen the days, we have more evidence to go by to vote someone off, so we have a more balanced game and we don't just vote people we THINK they are suspicious, but we have evidence backing us up and the townies could actually win.