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Thread: ATTN: mods

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    Angry ATTN: mods

    Hold on readers, this might be a bit lengthy. But before you act too hastily, read this first.

    Disclaimer: This is copyright of Niccolo Salomanos.

    Foreword, by Kokoro no Kizu (Scar of the Heart): I don't believe in revenge. if someone hurts me, I can often get along with them afterwards. 'Cause they apologised... Hint hint?

    You know guys, I'm probably gonna get banned for this. But you know what? That's called iron-fisted rule.
    Dictators used to rule like that. If anyone contradicted them, the contradictors were removed. If anyone talked back to them, they were removed.
    Okay, presuming you haven't left on account of the seeming randomness, I shall explain my introduction.

    Mods on this site abuse their power.
    I have been on forums on many other sites, and there the mods are friendly, helpful, and don't randomly
    ban people for "Not Reading." Okay, a good chunk of this is going to be a conversation between me and a moderator. You can skip this if you want.
    I was banned. For "Not Reading." Oooh, shock. Look guys, this idiot didn't read the rules! Not so. Of course i did. According to Kevin Shiel, I didn't read his posts.
    Read our conversation below, and tell me that I didn't.

    I entered the help forum, and asked a question. I was trying to find a chapter that is mysteriously missing.

    Someone was kind enough to post back. Their answer:

    "This has nothing to do with us. Contact the scanlators."

    What kind of answer is that? So, I posted back. I said that I had tried to contact the scanlators, but it didn't work.
    i soon got an answer back.

    "This has nothing to do with us. Contact the scanlators."

    So I said, what the hell? here was my reply. I admit, less sarcasm would have helped.

    "Is that like an automated reply or something?
    Didn't I say that I tried to contact whoever did... you know what? screw it.
    Just ignore this HELP TOPIC. I can see that neither help nor support are gonna be forthcoming."

    And, the answer:
    "It's not an automated reply, I just copy and pasted my previous reply to you since you did not seem to read it.

    Once again I will repeat myself

    "This has nothing to do with us. You need to contact whoever translated the series."


    Okay, I find this really insulting. Have I not actually stated, several times, that I had in fact tried to contact them?
    And as I replied to his question, did I not in fact read his post?

    So, i posted:
    You expect me to read your post. Yet clearly, you did not read mine.
    Of my prev. post, line 2: Didn't I say that I tried to contact whoever did... you know what? screw it.

    Translation: I DID TRY TO CONTACT THEM!
    If you're gonna tell me to do something, you should damn well make sure you're doing it too.
    And don't dislike me or kill me for saying this so roughly. I don't hate you, or mods in general... I'm just defending my point here.
    So just... practice what ya preach."

    Okay. So here's the story. The poster told me that I had obviously not read his post, and I pointed out that I had. I pointed out that he expected me to do what he was not.
    Don't worry readers, not much longer.

    And, the final post. This was by the damn poster who decided to do all of this to me. Kevin Shiel.
    "This is the last time I will explain this to you.

    This has nothing to do with us. You need to contact whoever translated the series.

    Do not take up our time. We are not responsible for others work, should you have problems, take it up with them and leave us out of it.

    I did clearly read your post and it showed a complete failure of reading comprehension. I will not use my time to teach children basic reading skills, I would show this thread to your teacher if you need more of an explanation."

    Now, this guy is supposed to be a mod. Moderators have a huge responsibility. Part of it, which this person seems to lack, is called COMPASSION. Somebody get this guy a dictionary so he can look up what it means.
    Just so you know, it's spelt C-O-M-P-A-S-S-I-O-N. Did you get that? I hope so. what was that line of yours?
    "This is the last time I will explain this to you"
    Oh, and you know what? Don't come crying to me asking for a definition. "This has nothing to do with us." Go speak to whoever wrote the dictionary.
    And his final line, where he insults me to no end for my lack of reading ability... which I do not have. (I am sure that I can probably read a sight better than him)
    This is going to come as a surprise to you, Kevin. That was extremely insulting, and I'm not going to let you walk all over me like I'm a doormat.
    Basic reading skills my ass. YOU are the one who did not read my posts. I stated, several times, that I had in fact tried to contact the scanlators.

    Well, guys, this has been a very interesting post. I'm sure that mods are going to look at this post, and toss a coin to see who gets to ban this crazy newbie who is standing up to them.
    Mods, you are supposed to be role models in this forum. You are supposed to be people who we can turn to for support. Your role on this forum is not to an people with a question,
    or people who point out the obvious to you.
    You people demand respect, yet you give us none. Respect begets respect, like violence begets violence. If you want us to respect you guys, then be nice to us. Don't insult us then kill the truth by banning it.
    So here's my proposition. Whoever chooses these so called 'mods,' please stop making them undertake a mandatory "Become an asshole in ten days" course.
    And to you existing mods, how about you take a tip from Math Murderer? Just so you know, he's a mod over on a site called GameFAQs. He is the nicest guy that I've ever met. He doesn't expect people to bow down
    to him when he enters a forum, he talks to us like he's one of us. Not like you blixems who think that you're all gods. And you know how we treat him? With respect. He is kind to us, sure he bans people, but it's when they
    break their rules. This is called leadership. banning me for "Not Reading" is not leadership. It's ruling. There is a difference. If "Not Reading" is a rule, then post it up in the rulebook.

    Heh heh... And to all my readers, This is probably going to be the last time I post. These mods here are probably going to permanently get rid of me, and it'll be for some absurd reason like
    "Spoke his mind." Oh, wait. That's what dictators do, isn't it?
    Mods, you can ban me if you like. In actual fact, this is probably going to be permanent. But I don't care. I'm not actually planning on returning to this site.
    If it's controlled by people like Kevin here, then I have no reason to come back.
    What's that? You'll somehow prohibit me accessing this site? Ooh, I've been exiled. You know, Hitler did that to people.
    Okay, that was a little harsh.

    Sayonara folks, it was a blast. I enjoyed talking to most of you.
    And to mods...
    Sit and spin.
    Last edited by Kevin Shiel; 02-24-2006 at 08:35 AM.
    Niccolo Salomanos
    the only person banned for "Not Reading."

    See you in Hell.

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    You Know what?

    Kevin Shiel is not a moderator.

    He is the OWNER of this site.

    (People like me are the moderators =D )

    And sorry, there's absolutely nothing Stoptazmo can do for you if you're looking for a missing chapter. Stoptazmo does not translate, scanlate, edit, ect. All Stoptazmo does is host manga. That's it. We do not have the skills/time to do the work of a scanlation team.

    By the way...which manga is this we're talking about? (If it's Prince of Tennis... me and you are going to have problems)

    EDIT: Ah, you're having a DN Angel problem...

    okay, well just to tell you that the team who scanlates DN Angel dropped the project a long time ago. In other words, they're not going to be giving any releases, fix the problems, ect. mostly because they are either tired/don't care/preoccupied/ect. And you see, scanlation teams are all volunteer work... so you can't get on their case to fix so and so chapter. [I'm part of a different scanlation team--Illuminati-manga---so I know how they work and function]

    And like I said before, Stoptazmo does not do any scanlations. So they cannot help you.

    You are stuck in a pickle. Sorry.

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    First off I am not going to lie to anyone. I know I am a jerk but at least I have my reasons.

    The moderators did not ban you; it was me the administrator of this site so leave them out of it.

    My problem is that I spent hours on this site, I fork out hundreds of dollars to pay for servers since we do not reach our goal, and then I have to deal with people who cannot take one second to read.

    There are plenty of people who criticize me who are still on this forum, once again proving my point you lack reading comprehension, or at the least basic research skills whichever you prefer.

    I think it’s very amusing that you took all that time to draw that middle finger and then wonder why you get banned, it shows a great deal of maturity on you part. If only you spent that time reading you would not have gotten banned.

    We the dictators on this forum have only 39 currently banned members, not bad for forum with 99,143 members and in a few days we will be down to about 20.

    As I have previously told you, you need to contact the translators if you have problems with chapters we are not responsible.

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    Funny post.
    Let me tell you what the truth is:
    Moderators are not the ones who are "to be role models in this forum" since they are here to see that the rules are respected and solve the problems that concern the well-being of the forum, not the problems of some whiny 12 year old kid who bitches and whines about manga.
    Also, you talked about GameFAQs. That's a HORRIBLE example. The GameFAQs has the highest percentage of forum trolls than anywhere on the internet, even more than on the IGN boards, or even the fanboy-filled Steampowered User Forums (SPUF).
    I am the super moderator here, a fansubber and the co-founder of a scanlation group. If you have a problem with OUR releases, you come to us since feedback is always welcome. Don't be a pain in the ass here at Stoptazmo because Stoptazmo is just a distro.

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    well, my opinion is probably not requested here, but if I'm allowed to give it even though I'm new to this forum. All I can really say is that we should be grateful stoptazmo is hosting this material, and maybe, just to avoid future misunderstanding from us users, it would be great if there was a disclaimer of some sort at the front page saying that stoptazmo is only hosting this stuff and not actually managing what's posted, because I'm sure more people might not be aware of that. I know mods are not very wordy or blunt sometimes, but hey, they have to read like a ton of these messages every day. Just try to be nice, both users and mods. Ok, I'll stop my comment here, sorry.

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    I don't know how many times its mentioned in this site.. no disclaimer should be needed.. When you have a problem the first step is to use the search function, if the solution isn't found with that then you go and post.

    If everyone did this then there would be no need for all these mods

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    wow no real flaming...Babbo is proud of you all

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    Heh we try sometimes..

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    I just couldn't be bothered, I've already wasted too much time flaming n00bs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 98abaile
    I just couldn't be bothered, I've already wasted too much time flaming n00bs.
    and how has that stopped you in the past? felt like baing nice this time


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