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    Default Suggestion: Organization (plx)

    We all know about he search feature (well not really but...) and boy is it great! We all know, but sadly no one uses it and it isn't as useful when most of the population on the internet do not know the special search tips such as adding a "+" or putting things in quotes. Since they don't know such things they get tons of threads that don't have anything in particular to do with what they are looking for. So I have a suggestion: get some organization that will help with all the "nubs" and "n00bs" alike.

    First off move all your rules and banable things and very helpful information into one thread and one section on the site. For instance put all of it in the "Announcements" section (Or make a new section entitled "Rules and Banable Things"). Don't spread it out to every little section that no one would check to look (or search for).

    Another great thing is to add some of those other great stickied posts by Martyr (like the "Links for MANGA Download Sites" thread) and Jyuu and such in that same section of threads on the board so that people can view them easier instead of having to do a search (which they choose not to acknowledge) making it a bit easier to look around for.

    To people like Kevin, Martyr and Jyuu: I love you guys, but I have to say you all are dicks (But thats what I love about you.) Anyways a neat thing to do to help stop the "nubbyness" of the users is to add links to such great sticked threads as Martyr's "Links for MANGA Download Sites" in your signature (Not to mention all the stickied rule threads). I know this will make things in your signature longer, clunky and ugly, but do you really want to go around deleting posts and threads and all that hassle? Probably not since you do have lives and jobs (Although I guess you can find it kind of fun tormenting "nubs", but I'm sure it can get old fast... to some at least). This is a very helpful method to help stop the "nub" traffic and I learned this neat trick from people at Solops2 (god I hate that site, but there are smart people on it).

    How about making another site consisting of just the manga to download, news, rules, Reasons to stop Tazmo and updates? Seperating the manga downloads from the forum will probably get you a lot less "nub" traffic.

    This will of course take a lot of effort on your part to get this done, but in the long run it will save you from a lot of tedious work. Right now I see this site as cluttered and filled with choas and hate, but I can see this site being something wonderful and very "nubfriendly".

    (Thanks CrazySamaritan for your generous effort and comments. I know where the rules are and such, but this was a suggestion to make the site a bit more "nubfriendly". It took you an hour to search for a rule (that's a problem) and it takes less than an hour for a "nub" to post something after giving up looking for a rule (or ignoring the stickies completely). I understand some unwritten rules of forums that apply to forums all over, but of course that is why they call them "nubs". They don't know those unwritten rules they are new to this kind of thing hence the word "nub" or newbie. It took you some time to figure out the rules of this forum (another problem) that is another reason I suggested this. Anyways thanks for your comment again I'm not sure if you were trying to help me with my point/suggestion or you were trying to help me find the rules, but thanks (one more time) again.)

    (Hah, yeah I saw that thread (since it was stickied) and I "loled" pretty hard after reading it.

    You are right, getting them to read is the part that is the main problem, but if you implement some of those suggestions I would say it is fair game to ban people (in some cases it already is hence that thread you pointed out, sheesh) for their lack of reading the rules (previous posts, searching etc.). Right now it is a little difficult to locate them in certain cases so they can have a little leeway when it comes down to being banned.

    I'm glad to hear that you have already thought of these suggestions and that you have thought they were good ideas and I totally understand that you are busy. I never expected them to be up right away because shit happens and there are more important things than dealing with "nubs".

    Anyways thank you for your kind response and good luck and with the new system, Kevin, and keep this in mind for a next minor patch.)
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    Written rules of the forum need to catch up to the enforced rules on the forums.

    From: (Global Rules?)
    1. Stay on topic.
    2. Warn before posting spoilers
    3. Don't curse and be polite
    4. Don't spam (you know what I mean)
    5. No nudity

    [Missing -No PMing the Mods (post in the appropriate forum), -Check the forum descriptions to make sure you post in the right place, -Use the Search function when possible, -Don't piss off the Mods (should be obvious, but should also be written)]

    Certain Forums also need some rule stickies, like the Help Section. Took me an hour to figure out that new threads are allowed, but only the OP or a mod is permitted to post in them. I thought my user account had been banned.

    Anytime I'm interested in applying for a forum, I always read the rules first, but apparently, I needed to do a bit of a study first on this one.

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    These are all great ideas, and I already planned on doing some of them, just a few things are keeping me busy as we are testing a new cookie/key based download system and reviewing chapter reviews.

    The only problem is people just don't read, allow me to point out this thread.

    If you have any idea how to make people read, let me know.




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