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Thread: Chats on IRC

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    Talking Chats on IRC


    just a suggestion to the site admins here. If it isn't already there, why don't we have an IRC channel for the members of the site here? Downloads could be handled by the IRC Bots. I was just browsing through the Tech forums and reading as to how ColdNite has written an excellent guide for IRC newbies, I thought to myself, wouldn't it be nice for StopTazmo to have its own IRC channel?
    Heck, even BitTorrent would be nice. (This way, it will be easier to your bandwidth usage) ^_^

    Just a food for thought.


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    We already have one, its caled HolySentinals, check the chit chat section for more details.

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    Well..... Holy Sentinels really isn't the official Stop Tazmo channel.....
    a). The only people on there are the members who have been on Stop Tazmo for at least a year, or the people who know IRC really well, and
    b). Cold-Nite made the thread initially for "anbu" members, not for Stop Tazmo members, so I wouldn't say that HS is really a Stop Tazmo-oriented channel.

    Although, it wouldn't be a bad idea to start loading all of the manga on there anyways....

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    No, CN made holysentinels with the idea of stop tazmo members going there.

    The Anbu people came in slowly.. but there is a different channel that they hang around in anyways.

    As for #holysenitnels, its basically a place that we can hang around and goof off. I doubt there will be enough bots to host all the manga the site hosts.

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    ...i can't believe nobody told the guy the server yet!

    there ya go.'s not for just members 1+yr. Look at me. i'm like what...7-8 months ish and i got an op! =D

    It was created for ST. Before the chit chat nuke was made, there was a group started by CN that was called HolySentinels, and everybody had sloganeers to show they were from that group. HolySentinel's original purpose was to act as an intermediate between forum members and mods [well, there were fewer mods made at the time] to get things done. We were gonna do other stuff to---something about making a database of anime/mangas...but that never happened.

    I still remember our first business: we helped Hanul unlock his "Is milk racist?" thread.

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    Wonder how you became an Op... Oh nevermind. I remember now.


    Anyway. Your certifiably insane if you come to the channel of your own free will.

    This is your nazi mod reminding you, Heil Martyr!

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    Holysentinels is not related to Stoptazmo anymore. It is just a channel where people talk about sex and weird things, just as X wanting to rape Y for Z reasons.

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    Jyuu's right... it's actually degenerated into that. Still, if you theoretically wished to talk about something else, you could. I've seen conversations about manga or computers happening, so...

    But yeah, I don't think that you can download manga from there.




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