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Thread: Forum idea.

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    Default Forum idea.

    I think we should create a "looking for" type of forum... You know, a place for people to post requests for links or bittorrents for manga/anime's theyre looking for.

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    Default Re: Forum idea.

    Quote Originally Posted by martyr3810
    I think we should create a "looking for" type of forum... You know, a place for people to post requests for links or bittorrents for manga/anime's theyre looking for.
    Good idea, I will be changing a few things on our next update, this will be one of them

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    Best idea ever!




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    i hav another forum idea. what about an "anime forum". i mean the misc section just becomes confusing when people are talking about the anime counter-parts of the manga.

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    I think most forums have problems with threads on same manga, so I was thinking that it might be a good idea to make sub-categories. i.g manga that starts with N, E, or G, then make stickie thread of the manga in each of the categories. That would decrease several of the thread problems

    EDIT: OK, I had to go in a hurry yesterday so my post was a bit short. The reason for why I suggest sub threads grouping is because there are currently 5-6 popular series that has their own "main" thread, Naruto, Bleach etc. which makes it really hard to find an appropriate thread to post in if there are questions concerning FMP, or other mangas.

    Making a main thread from #-F, and making a stickie thread for each of the mangas in that thread would help a lot on getting an overview of where you can post, and see whether your question hasn't already been answered.

    Only problem I see with this is that it might be a bit embarresing to post in a thread that hasn't been updated for ages.

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    That would be good. So, for each manga there'll be a thread on it's own. And not so many threads of the same manga in the misc area.
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