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    Default THIS SITE IS GREAT!!!!!! but...

    i love this site. i would donate if i could but im too young and dont have paypal.
    one complaint is that when ever i don't log in and i d/l a few chapters, the download speed is normally above 200kb/s. but when i log in it drops to 5kb/s. so i normally dont log in except when i want to download from members-only mirror or to post something.
    another complaint is that my d/ls sometimes stop halfway and says it is complete. this also happens when i log in.

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    The problem is not logging in or not... The issue is the speeds of the mirrors.

    There's really nothing you can do about it. Just live with it.

    On the incomplete downloads, you might want to look into a resumable download tool. Or just live with it, again.

    Remember, you are getting it all for free.
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    yeah men the issue here the number of downloads in these site
    it is like economics the law of supply and demand

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    Use firefox for resumable downloads, it's a browser and has a resume option :)

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    Default just joined recently, love the site, keep up the good work

    But if at all possible, i know im a newbie and all and i know alot of people are gonna be like well if u like it go download somewhere else. Well i like this site and waht they are doing for the comunity, however i just have one problem with the site, would be the fact that my downloads are at under 5kbs? i know alot of ppl mention like 100 or 50 at not peak hours but im at like 5 or less all the time. lol at 3 am im at 5. C my dillema, lol i know one of u guys said that they were gettin 10 and not celebratin bout it, i would if i was gettin ten. I mean i have broadband so i just dont get it, if anyone would help me out or give me some pointers on any programs that this site does allow, i know bittorent or any speed accelarators are not allowd, but anythin that will get me a lil faster would be great if not o well not worth complainin since its free. But i wouldnt mind donatin and or see this site go to a system that narutochaos has where we have like a certain amount we can get and then just hae the members do what they can to get us more servers and bandwidth. This is the only flaw that i see with the site but if everyones downloads are this slow then i apollogize for bitchin bout mine.

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    Chances are that the files you are downloading are on mirror 1 which seems to be getting a lot of traffic lately. Thems the breaks. Try looking to the scanlators or alternate sites for the scans you want.

    try here:

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