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    In your pants. OO BOY


    Hmm i didnt ment to offend or anything.
    Just that instead of arguing you could help the mods and PM about thsse things nothing else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dascu
    No, I didn't PM him.
    He apparently has a full inbox anyway, or so he claims.

    So, what I asked was right?
    This forum actually allows this behaviour of members?
    I'm pretty surprised at that.
    Just a few more active mods per section, and you could easily handle it.
    PM-ing him should have been your first course of action instead of filing a complaint.

    I said I endorse flaming, of course at the right time and with a good cause. I did not say that the site itself endorses it.

    I already told you. New mods are being assigned there. Just wait. You should have pm-ed first and posted later.

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    Default Re: Better moderation

    Quote Originally Posted by Dascu
    This forum seriously needs more active and better mods.
    I see far too many rudeness and flamewars erupting, without any punishments from the staff.
    I agree 100%. I do have a few people I need to contact to ask if they want to be mods here. I am behind in everything though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dascu
    Alright, I didn't mean the forum in general.
    Still, lbosquet isn't the only one.

    Maybe it's because I just started visiting recently and I'm used to other, stricter forums, but I really find this forum to be very rude and flamey.
    Of course, I'm not asking you to completly reorganise everything, but, is this really how the forum works, or are they isolated incidents?
    Seems to me moderation is just very lax here.

    Also, about lbosquet;
    "his methods"?
    He basically starts flaming everyone that asks a relativly obvious question or posts something that has been asked before. Of course this shouldn't be encouraged, but there are other ways to handle it, other than flaming.
    More strict and better moderation would lock and deal with these topics before they erupt into a barbaric flame war.
    This is what happens when you do not have enough mods. It's not that we promote flaming and rude comments (besides in the help section), it's a lack of moderation and enforcement of the rules.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dascu
    Really, I'm not trying to seem like a badguy here.
    It's just, if the moderators, like Jyuu, would take more time for it (Jyuu has stated himself he's very busy), stuff like Ibosquet's flaming wouldn't even happen.

    I mean, I hardly think it's necessary for him to flame everyone that does something stupid.
    I don't care who, but having another active mod to deal with the double posts and spam, would prevent the need to flame. =\

    And sure, you don't have to listen to me, and I wouldn't personally see this as a "big complaint on the staff", but this is the Feedback Section.
    It'd be great if my comment could be taken into consideration.

    Btw, how does this post keep the moderators from doing their job?
    I will look into this user, Jyuu and I are both very busy. The more feedback we get from our members the better.

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    Thanks for your concern. :P
    1cor1, yes, I know, I should've PMed him first.


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