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    Default Frequent manga release vs. random releases

    There are mangas more mainstream than others, and then there are those that are being released because the scanlation groups find them interesting, or because the translator wants it to be released. However I am not sure if it's beneficial to the site that it's plastered on the first page for everyone to see.

    Many of the new scanlations of new/old manga still needs to grab hold before they gain a dedicated fanbase. One could argue that by putting them on the first page you give them a chance to gain foothold or find their niche, but there should be a treshold on how many chapters a manga must have released before it's on the first page or pages since there is a difference in how many pages there are in a chapter. 18 to 50 etc. Also I've run into a few manga where the chapters released (or downloadable from here) starts in the middle of the whole charade, that's not very productive, I don't think there are anyone who wants to start reading a manga from chapter 13, when the introduction of the main hero/heroine is in chapter 1-2.

    Basically what I want to promote is some treshold before the manga is put on the first page, and people can always look it up under the letter C or D etc.

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    Hmm. It is a thought. Personally, I prefer the current system where it appears on first page if it's been updated in the last month (after which it drops off), as it lets me know what, of series I'm following, has chapters to grab. But I can see your point.
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    Another thing is the impression I get from the thread about completed manga,

    random member, "This <manga> is complete",

    *admin goes and turns it blue*,

    Admin, "marked blue".

    Isn't it tedious ? for instance who is checking if the manga is complete at all. AND are all the chapters of that particular manga even in this forum ?

    First of all, the idea with hiding all the manga that are inactive are very important, times change and people lose interest. Look at old manga like Shin Kotaro Makaritoru. No new chapters in years.

    Hide them, compile them into volumes, but don't let it stay out in the open like a spam. if you are honest about it, the whole front page with all the manga doesn't look good. It's a stress factor.

    If people are really looking for a new manga to read, they would use their head and go up where the manga are sorted alphabetically. Of course once they find something that sounds interesting they'll run into something like onikirisama_no_hakoirimusume that start at chapter 15 and up to chapter 19...

    I don't know who is behind the brilliant idea of uploading manga some 14 chapters in the story...




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