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    Cool Rep system

    I think there should be a Reputation system something for when someone gives a good comment or just for little things like a good Avatar or Sig, I think something like this will get more people talking in threads knowing that they might get a rep out of it.

    If there to get a rep it should be something like a Star (x) after a certain number of reps like 25 the star gets brighter once you get 100 reps the star turns blue (to keep the colour theme going with the site), once you get 5 stars (500 reps) your first star turns silver, then every 100 reps after that the next one turns silver until you get to a 1000 then the first star stays silver but gets bigger.

    Rep System chart

    x 1 (after every 25 reps brighter)
    x 100 (turns blue)
    xx 200
    xxx 300
    xxxx 400
    xxxxx 500 (first star turns silver then every 100 reps the next turns silver)

    Xxxxx (at 1000 reps the first stays the same colour but gets bigger)
    XXxxx 2000
    XXXxx 3000
    XXXxx 4000
    XXXXX 5000

    I don't know what happens after 5000 reps but I don't think anyone will be getting to that number anytime soon, actually I don't think anyone will get to 500 that soon .

    When you go to a users CP you can see the reason they got the rep (person who gives rep must leave comment even if it's just a ) and the Thread and Forum in which they got it in.

    What do you guys think about this.

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    Generally, it's good enough.. but does the reputation has any effect on the account?

    I mean such as if your post hasn't reach 500 then u can't see some of the link posted?

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    I have seen this in other forums but I am not sure I like it. On the other hand, I don't really dislike it much. So would there be any rewards connected with reps?

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    I kinda like this idea... although whats to stop people from abusing it, maybe a moderating system which someone has to approve the +Rep and is directed to the post which is being lauded?

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    I completely forgot that I made this lol, we should move this to the mod forum.

    Having someone mod every +Rep would be a little hard, it might work out a little better like this.

    1.You can only give a rep to the same post once.
    2.There should be a time limit on when you can give your next rep.
    3.If it is a -Rep you must leave a comment, you cant just take away a rep without a reason.
    4.No asking for a +Rep or you will be given a -Rep by a mod, same goes for asking others to give someones post a -Rep.
    5.If your given a 3 day Ban, 10 -Reps will be given.

    How does that sound.

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    I think that's good enough already.

    How about:
    You can only give a Rep 4 hours after the first one.
    Customizable title at 5000+ posts

    Free iced-tea at your 1Millionth post! XD




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