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    Default This site is forbidden in Malaysia???

    There are lotsa friends of mine who are complaining about the rejection of viewing this site...Supposedly, this site is for everybody right?? May I know what should my friends do to get access to this website?

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    It seems you have angered the Malaysian people. What will you do now, Kane?!?

    Nah, seriously though, if you have issues like that, it's always important to try it from different locations. Like go to a library computer or a school/college computer and try to access the site from there. That way you can be sure it isn't specific to either your computer or your ISP.
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    Default Re: This site is forbidden in Malaysia???

    Quote Originally Posted by soulslayer
    There are lotsa friends of mine who are complaining about the rejection of viewing this site...Supposedly, this site is for everybody right?? May I know what should my friends do to get access to this website?
    This site is for everyone, you are right.

    We were forced to block Malaysia, abuse reasons, people sucking our bandwidth, DOS flooding download pages, mass ads clicking (got our account closed). In the end we just decided to block Malaysia.

    We might unblock it in the next few months after we are sure everything is over.

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    oh gosh.. i really hope will unblock malaysia soon.. coz i'll be moving there to work.. please unblock it soon... thanks~~~

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    Wow i dont blame you for blocking them in the least i would of done the same.
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    I was forced to use an anonymous proxy just to read this thread.

    I do hope that there are other alternatives to solve this current situation, other than blocking the whole subset IP from Malaysia. I am sad to hear this, and further disappointed that certain quarters of my own people (presumably) has caused great pain on the admin's side.

    I like to point out that even before you've decided to block the whole lot of us, some of the manga links aren't already working - I believe that some of the manga servers have already blocked us before this forum. Still, this happens.

    If there's abuse in the usage of the forum, I think that blocking each individual's account is better than cursing the whole lot of us into the same punishment - even though I know that it'll be a whole load of works for the admins/mods.

    As for the mass ad-clicking, I'm not sure why it happened - maybe many Malaysians just want to contribute to the forum in that way? Nah, I can't imagine any other reasons. Please highlight me on that.

    As for the DOS attack, I don't think that any ordinary Joe or Jane have any benefit from that, and certainly not my ordinary countrymen. It must be that many of the attacks originated from someplace else, and that there's many computers and servers in Malaysia that are not properly configured, making them a zombie platform for such large-scale attack. This is not a delicate problem to be handled by the admins, I perfectly understand that.

    I hope that the admins do reconsider the action taken, given that we're already blocked for quite some time now. Honestly said, I miss some of the manga here because I couldn't find it somewhere else - but I never sucked your bandwith (unless one manga file per day warrant for the definition of "sucking"). If only there's other means of solving this issue, it'll be better then.

    Hey, we also have many Tazmo-basher here, and we're not bad people, really.... Being a third-world citizen doesn't mean that we're less good than the rest of the world. *sigh* I can only beg for your forgiveness for the whole lot of us. Now I can only wait, and wait, until I can read Death Note again...
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    U know if u really want to you could actually use BT .... since its not that complicated... if not u could try buying the manga .. as it is quite cheap in malaysia ...... i am a malaysian whose currnly in UK . to tell u the truth i do buy the manga back home or at least my lil bro buys them.... the reason i download them is because some of the chpaters are a few chapters ahead and i couldn't get back untill my break




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