I haven't been to this forum in AGES... back when NarutoTalk was still alive. I was just wondering how much stopping this place has really done?

I'm not hatin' or anything but I was wondering if people here have already forgotten about it... ya know... since its been so long now.

I don't know if all the Statements made against Tazmo are true or not, there are a few members in NF I remember I did not get along with (mainly the moderators). But that was a really long time ago, I rejoined and I don't even recognize the old members on there, I don't even know if they are still there. Even if they did or didn't change their name its still different.

Either way, I just thought i'd come back to this place, I didn't even know it was still running till my friend Brian stumbled upon it when he was looking for Manga's. When he told me "StopTazmo.com" I was like... "WtF?"

Anyway yeah...