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    Default Death Note Scanlations


    I've been enjoying this series for a while, but I've noticed the recent scanlations aren't... quite up to par. I'm not sure what happened to make this change, but I'd love to help out if possible -- I'm an ex-graphic design major with a love for typography.

    Anyway, let me know if you need any help, okay? ^__^

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    We do not scanlate any manga.

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    Quoted from my post on the Death Note thread:

    I am the one who has been scanlating the latest chapters (70-72). I do the entire scanlation process, except for translations, on my own. The credits for the translations go to to a user named Rei on the TOWNL forums. Other usernames I go by (on the NarutoFan, Shannaro, TOWNL, and my own forums) are MnK, Meijin no Kori, Ice-Master, and Ice Master Hitsugaya-Kun. The programs I use to scanlate are Paint Shop Pro 9 to clean and MS Paint to textset. I usually take no more than a day to finish my scanlations after the translations are released.
    I am new to scanlating, so I'm not the best. However, I am one of the fastest scanlators out there.
    If you start complaining about the quality of the chapters too much, then I will no longer allow StopTazmo to host my releases and possibly even quit scanlating altogether. If you want the latest chapters to be scanlated by me, then download them, but don't complain about my quality on message boards like these. I don't care if you complain about the quality to yourself in real life, but don't post complaints about the quality of the scanlations here. If you want HQ chapters, then wait for Shannaro to scanlate those chapters (TOWNL has stopped scanlating them again). My chapters are LQ speed scanlations. They are meant to hold people off until groups like Shannaro release their's. If you care so much about quality, then don't download mine and only download Shannaro's. However, if you're looking for something to hold you over until groups like Shannaro scanlate their's, then download mine to hold you over until they do release them. That's all I ask and it's a relitively easy request for you to follow, don't you think? Thank you for your time and allowing me to get this out of my system. - n&i

    P.S. I finished scanlating Page 73 about and hour ago.

    Mirror 1:
    Mirror 2:

    EDIT: Sorry if I sounded a little heated. I just got very upset when people started insulting my work. Anyways, those are among my first scanlations. That's why the quality is so bad. My latest chapters (including Page 73) are much better than my first scanlations (my first scanlation was Page 68, I think). I hope you are able to enjoy them. - n&i




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