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Are the summaries supposed to be self generated or are they supposed to be taken from other sites?

I doubt that there'll be enough volunteers to write a summary for every series, even if allowances are made to allow people to read and figure out the series.
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Yeah, I was just about to say, why write completely new summaries, why not just reword some from ANN and mangaupdates, or why not just use the scanlators summary (although you would probably have to ask permission first.
maybe. copy and paste is probably not the best idea and ANN/MU doesn't have the summaries to all the series we have here. there will be plenty of ways to get the summaries written and they wont be long, but if im gonna be heading this up i do want them to be detailed. like the Naruto summary

Twelve years ago, Kyuubi, the legendary nine-tailed demon fox, attacked the Village of the Hidden Leaf, Konohamaru. Valiantly, the Fourth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf ninja village sealed the demon into the bellybutton of a newly born baby at the cost of his own. Now twelve years old, Uzumaki Naruto is a born troublemaker, desperate to get any attention he can. When he finds out that he is the one whom the Kyuubi was sealed inside of, his hopes and dreams of becoming Hokage of the Hidden Leaf village doesn't seem so distant. With his dead-pan teacher Hatake Kakashi, and partners Haruno Sakura, who is always in two minds, and Uchiha Sasuke, the sole survivor of the massacre that destroyed his clan, Naruto is out to become the very best ninja that he can. But dark forces are at work in the land, through the hands of the snake-tongued Orochimaru and the secret plots of the Akatsuki organization. As Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura are drawn into a world of battle and upheaval, their destines become bound together with many other young ninjas, as they struggle to prevail against the oncoming darkness.