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    Default Different label (colour) for dropped mangas.

    Stoptzamo has 4 different labels (colours) for the status of the mangas it hosts.
    • Red for new mangas
    • Green for updated mangas
    • Blue for completed mangas
    • Black for mangas that haven't been updated, and that are not new.

    There are some mangas that Stoptazmo hosts that have been dropped by the groups that used to scanlate them, or at least it seems that they have been dropped, since no new chapters have been released in a long time. Some of those mangas have been licensed. Examples for those would be: GetBackers, DearS, and Pita Ten.

    I also think that this label (for dropped mangas) may help to avoid new members asking why haven't those mangas been updated.

    I hope this suggestion may be useful for the site.

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    the problem with non updated or dropped mangas is that maybe one team has stopped doing that manga but another might have taken up the work of the old one... ( i've seen for naruto and bleach so many teams change even though these mangas are licensed in half the planet....)

    by reasoning like you do then it would be easier to say "since they are incomplete and have been dropped there is no point in hosting them" but i think that leaving as it is now is the best option for the moment...

    after all, the label is already in black but there and IMHO there is no need to explain the meaning of the black colour
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    Or to put it another way, all the current colors are statuses controlled by ST staff *bows toward Kane* or can be verified by a one-time check. A "dropped" status would have be continuously monitored by someone, to make sure no one has picked one up again. There's other, already-committed site maintenance tasks that aren't getting done as it is.

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    It's not that hard, though - obviously, colours aren't permanent, and if the series is updated then the colour can just be changed. I believe that new chapters are gained through #lurk, which doesn't distinguish when series were last updated, so would it really be difficult to change the colour if it has been dropped by the scanlating group(s) and change if it gets updated?

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    You could makeb a different colour when series isn't updated for, let's say... 2 months, or something like that.
    That's the theory anyway.

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    Maybe the problem is "How to make new member search for themselves ??". Some wouldn't even notice that red label is for newly added manga - those who already know that at least know how to post a thread in download request (first search, then write).

    Because, come on, we all know that it no one need to use lots of calories to write in mangaupdates or dailymanga the title of manga and find out if anyone is scanlating it - the problem is those people doesn't know those pages.

    The label could make even more post like "But you know, this project was already picked up by another group, didn't you knew about it ??" or "The Hunter x Hunter (legend ) is dropped out..I think..".




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