Great site you have here, even if it's just a example of how easy you should be able to get Manga without paying, keep up the good work.

Improvements? erm only petty ones, I'll use gantz as an example.

Gantz is a brilliant Manga, but could you perhaps put down the scanlation teams for each download if they are different?

Also, as another person mentioned, maybe a link to the forums from the manga links themselves?

I won't comment on other manga requests after reading the comphensive (and overally useful to my bookmark collection) list of sites that provide specific manga.

Keep up the good work!


P.S. I understand the hatred for after reading the forums, but I've always gone there just to find out the latest Naruto news, is there any good anime/manga news sites that are smart enough not to spoil (Being a naruto anime fan, Naruto manga spoilers are hell to avoid)