Hey there!

I've been a regular to the Naruto forum for quite a while but I never really came out here for sugestions or criticism. Until now.

It's something really simple but it just occurred to me a second ago.

How abut adding direct links on the manga download pages to their respective forums, when available (at least, for naruto, bleach, shaman king, one piece etc)? I've come up with this because I've been downloading Bleach manga from Stoptazmo since last year but I just discovered the forums a few months ago (it's because I got the 'http://www.stoptazmo.com/bleach' link from another forum and never got the curiosity to peep on the root page). If there was any link in the bleach manga download page pointing directly to the forums, I'd have discovered them much earlier.

If there were such links, it would be easier for the manga downloaders to enter the forums. And it ain't even anything that hard to do.

It's just my opinion, though!