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    Default In the end, we never see Hiruma`s father face ..........

    Since this E21 mangaka seems want to end this manga quickly ( popularity drop perhaps ? ) Hiruma`s father is nowhere to be seen. We can only see his shadow ( before Christmas Bowl match ) .........

    Am I right ? Or am I missing something here ?
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    No you're absolutely right. The ending was a bit hasty imo
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    yeah.. not only that, we didn't get to see any rumoured relationship development..

    Murata & Ishigaki should be realized that fans around the world keep on asking about hiruma x mamori & sena x suzuka's actual development..

    & i was thinking why would sena want to return Japan after getting into NFL? wouldn't the reason if it is to compete with everybody is a bit too absurd?

    Many questions revolved around Eyeshield 21 doesn't really answered,though...
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    Don't really want to start a new topic (though this might need a new one, but it could directly lead to why the ending was so hastily done), but would things have been better after the Oujuo match if in one of the Deimon's last games they got out to a huge lead, similar to what was happening to them?

    I'm talking about how if they went into the Teikoku game and shocked the world and the score ended up something like 21-0 at the end of the 1st quarter, forcing Deimon to play with the lead against a top flight opponent. Something that they didn't do at all starting with the Poseidon game. Every single game starting with that one, Deimon had to scratch their way back into the game and then win on a last second score. But what if they did get up by a sizable margin, had to play when things started to go south and Teikoku takes something like a 2 point lead with 2 minutes to play, or even 30 seconds, and then the game ends exactly like it ended. Would that be more interesting then Deimon getting down big again and roaring back to steal a win?
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    that's very true, the mangaka never had deimon deal with trying to maintain a lead. part of the reason why it got pretty repetitive near the end

    i agree they should've shown hiruma's father near the end, but all in all i'm pretty happy with the ending. it was a nice wrap up.

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    i agree to you guys... its like it's being short cut just to finish it... read it >>> HERE




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