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Thread: Team captains?

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    Default Team captains?

    This is something that's been bugging me for a while now- who are the team captains? We actually don't know that many of them for certain. Some are obvious (Deimon-Hiruma, Zokugaku-Habashira) but a lot of the others aren't quite so clear-cut.

    For example, the captain of Seibu wasn't Kid but was actually the center, Buffalo Ushijima- pretty odd given that he's basically a throwaway character. Also I suspect that, prior to Shin being made captain at the end of their match with Deimon, Oujo's captain was actually Otowara, based on the fact that he led the team in their pre-battle psyche-up cheer at the start of their FIRST match with Deimon way back in volume 2. Given that he called most of the shots, I suspect the captain of Shinryuuji was actually Unsui. And then there's a lot that I just don't know- who actually was the captain of Taiyo- Harao or Banba? The team captain is usually the quarterback or, apparently, the center but this isn't necessarily a given.

    We should try to make a list. This issue is bugging me.
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    Captain != the important characters. Plus kid refrains from drawing attention to himself and exerting himself.

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    *Blink* There is no possible way that Otawara would have made Oujou's team captain. That's like saying Taki would become captain. *shudder* They're both too idiotic for the job. The purpose of the captain is to hold the team together and inspire them, and represent them. Actually, I thought Takami was captain.

    As for Shinryuuji... Yamabushi seemed to take more of a leadership role. I mean, he's always the one that's praising or punishing Ikkyu.

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    now,now,now...lets guess who'll be Team Japan's captain??
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